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 How can I stop cracking my Knuckles!?
So it's 6:30 in the morning and I was just lying in bed when I realized I've been cracking my knuckles very regularly for probably the last 2 years. I don't even realize I'm doing ...

 I cut the nerve and the artery at the base of my pinky on the inside . The ER just sowed it up will it heal.?

 What is a stress fracture? how would one know when they have a stress fracture?
how would one know if they have a stress fracture in their foot?...

 Sprained finger from basketball?
My boyfriend sprained his finger while playing basketball about 2 months ago. It bent really far back. He started using a finger thing to help heal it. It's been two months and it still hurts ...

 22 month old suddenly won't put weight on his right leg?
My son is 22 months old and very, very active. Yesterday he went to daycare, I picked him up, he came home and played for a good couple of hours then his father carried him out to the mail box to get ...

 "Delayed" ankle pain. Is it normal to be sore 1.5 days later?
I woke up at 3am Friday morning with throbbing pain in my right ankle. I didn't injure - twist, fall on, drop something on, my ankle, so I didn't know what was causing the pain at first. T...

 i have a small cut below my tooth... what can i do to heal it or calm down the pain?
its not bleeding, just ...

 Which accident helpline is the best to use when claiming compensation?
I had a accident at work where i tripped over boxes and fell onto a sharp unprotected hook that was used to hang stuff (similar to the ones in b&q with the red plastic cap - but this one didn'...

 I have this cut please help me its really painful!?
Ok so I was playing monkey in the middle with my 2 friends and than i was running and than tripped over this log thing and now i have this 2cm cut it hurts but ive been through worse but how do i ...

 can people with amnesia remember the languages they acquired?
like second language and ...

 exercise to do not involving knees?
I tore my acl and meniscus about three months ago, and am waiting to undergo surgery in about a month and a half.
I can walk pretty normally, but any running, bending or kneeling is completely ...

 when a charlie horse goes on for 6 hrs, is it not a charlie horse?
This follows a very stupid injury. The pain is exactly like charlie horse pain, but I've never had one that lasted more than a minute. Can it last for hours?...

 How many mg of percocets will kill you?

 last night i hit my head on a weight bench rod when i woke up this mornin i was out of it is this a concussion
i didnt really have enough room up there to explain but i wass lifting and when i was standing up i hit my head on one of the metal bench rod things. when i woke up this morning i had a bad head ache ...

 Part of the bottom of my tongue is cut. What is it?
My tongue has been sore all week. (about since Monday) Today I noticed that there are little red bumps on my tongue, and there was like a rigged tear down one side of my tongue and it had sort of ...

 I need to find out how to break my leg?
I don't want to die without ever breaking a bone so I need to know a sor of painless way to break my leg....

 Did you have a worst afternoon than me yesturday ?
I went home from work , i was cutting some plywood , got a call from my grandmother to go and fix a water pipe in her house , before I reach halfway my wife calls me back because she is bleeding ...

 should i get my knee drained?
had surgery june 4th did therapy up until dec my knee never went down it has gotn worse do i nd it ...

 Does my ankle seem like its healing?
it is not swollen anymore and it doesn't have any bruise..i sprained it a week and a couple days ago...it still kind of hurts but i cant step on it im still on crutches when do you think ill be ...

 I dislocated knee 2 days ago and it was pushed back in but my leg is swollen; how long will it be swollen for?
Dislocated my right knee but my leg is still swollen and nurse told me not to bend it for about 5 days. How long should i expect it to be swollen and when should i be able to walk on it freely?...

sudden sharp hip pain while running?
Sudden sharp hip pain while running?
3 miles into my 6 mile run I developed a sharp pain in my left hip. I was forced to stop running cause of the pain and limped the 3 miles back home. The pain is unbearable when I walk or run. I have had it for 2 days now. I can't stand on my left leg alone due to the pain. Does anybody have any idea what it might be? I'm 29 years old in good shape and run frequently.

Thanks for the help

pulled ligament

i ‚ô• hershey ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•
are you on birth control ? Could be a blood clot from the birth control if you are taking any~go get yourself checked out professionally‚ô¶

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