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 Bad Backs????
How many people out there have had any sort of spinal fusion?? What was fussed? How long ago? And did it help????...

ok, well i have really straight hair and my friend wanted to curl it. So we were sitting down on the floor while she curled my hair with a curling iron. She put it down to use the bathroom behind me. ...

 Question for lawyer?
I was injured on 12-18-2006, misdiagnosed as only having a shoulder strain for months,then due to constant pain went to pt,then finally doc sends me for MRI,turns out to be the wrong MRI,then sent by ...

 How To Get Rid Of Muscle Sores?
I want to continue working out, but I have muscle sores that cannot be resolved with regular stretching. How do I relieve them because I want to remain focus and can't take a day off. They aren&#...

 I was told by a chiropractor in 2006 that I was showing signs of carpal tunnel....?
I am a data entry operator and work four 10-hour days. It's a lot of keying. My wrist started hurting me really bad today and at the base of my thumb started swelling just a little bit and ...

 i was hit in the timple really hard and it is very sore. it didnt swell any should i have it checked out?
it was hit with a rock from a lawnmower right in the timple and it hurt bad. it didnt swell any did bleed just a little. it has pressure on it right now. should i have it looked at and if i did have ...

 I've Burnt my hand and have it in a bag!
last night i burnt my hand on curling tongs (i picked them up the hot end!) this was at about 8 o clock. it didn't hurt that much so i just ran my hand under cold water for a bit and it was fine....

 cut my arm too deep please help?
i cut my arm too deep it spread and i fully cut the skin, alot of blood.. i would need stitches but im scared to tell my mom, i put some pressure on it i dont know what to do,please help

 KNEEE PROBLEMS, any advice???
so im 15 years old and i just sat on my knee, and for some reason it hurt really bad, so bad i flipped over and when i flipped over it had this weird pain and i bent up my knee but then i couldnt ...

 how long does it take to recover from mild con cushion?

 What can I do about a blister on the back of my ankle?
I got it from wearing sneakers at the gym. I was on the treadmill and my sock kept coming down and the sneaker rubbed against my skin causing a blister. I popped it but it REALLY hurts when I touch ...

 can i ask any doc a question?
I injured my knee in june this year.Had xrays and an mri but both showed nothing.I have contant pain in both knees around the quad and lcl areas.My doc has been using electrical muscle stimulation on ...

 can i play basketball with stitches?
i just got 5 stitches over my eye yesterday and i feel fine and i was wondering if i can play basketball or do i jus need to avoid getting hit or anything?...

 did i cut my cast off too early?
okay so..i broke my wrist on the thumb side 10 weeks ago. i got it casted on st. patricks day and the doctor told me that the normal time for a cast was 6 to 8 weeks but i would have to leave mine on ...

 I had ORIF 7 weeks ago and I am now in a boot walking with a crutch. Is this too soon? HELP?
I have one pin in my fibula and a plate with eight screws in my tibila. I had surgery on 2/8/08 and was put in a walking boot 3/26/08 it was seven weeks post op. I have been walking with one ...

 both my hands are numb for a while becuz of too much work at the pc.are there any drugs or relief from this?

 What's wrong with me?!?
ok so i was playing soccer and the ball hit me in the eye... shortly afterwards i lost my sight in the eye? what's wrong?! am i blind in that eye?! please please please someone help me.

 how can i get rid of 'tennis elbow'??

 Swollen, painful thumb; what to do?
About a week ago, I bit off a hangnail and now I think my thumb has gotten infected. It's swollen and too painful to move. I've been putting hydrocortisone cream on it and now I can see pus ...

 I need some advice on rehabing a partially torn minescus!!!?
Ok i tore hyper extended my knee 2 yrs ago in a bball game and then i was playing again and then it popped out the joint. Went to the doc and she said its partially torn to jus rehab it and it'...

a peep
my finger is swollen,its all black and blue underneath and i cant bend it i need something to do?
my mom says i dont need to go to a doctor
Additional Details
she thinks it well take a couple days, its already has ben 1 but it seems to be getting worse my friend realy just thinks jammed it but i dont think so it really hurts i neeeedddddd help!!!!!! i hurt it playing basketball

go see a doctor, ur mom is wrong

Rachel K
if ur mom won't take u to the drs. use the term RICE Rest Ice Compression Elevation. my mom does the same thing but only 4 a few days after the injury if it doesen't get better she'll take u to the drs, mayb u should make the same deal with ur mom. just tell her that u wil make a deal with her that if ur finger doesen't get better in 3-7 days that she'll take u

Your mom is wrong, go see a doctor. If your mom won't take you, ask another adult that you can trust.

depends on what you did because if you hit it against something it could be jammed. i would give it a couple more days. From experience: at a party and my friend came running through and ran into my thumb and the pressure of the hit jammed my finger back so much that it cracked my thumb into my wrist and into my arm all along the side......so,,,if its not better get it checked out. Hope you feel much better!

Jason Maveric

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