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 Why do some black and blue marks turn yellow?
like in this picture:


 i twisted my ankle while running if im go to the hospital will they give me crutches im based in London?

 My Ankles keep swelling?
Two years ago i was in a atv accident and injured both ankles one was severly sprain and brused the other on. Everyday my ankle swells up it leaves sock imprint eventhought there not very tight. I ...

 Last night I fell into a thorn bush?
There were about 17 little splinters in my hand. I pulled out all but 3-4 of them. Now all of the spots that splinters went in are red and slightly swollen. Some that still have the splinters in are ...

 Is My Brother Gonna Go Blind?!?
Please no joking and dont lie. I'm really scared and i cant sleep. Today, i spilt a bit of alcohol (theone used for cuts and ear infection and stuff) in my little brothers eye and he started ...

 absolutely TERRIFIED of needles. how do i get over it since ive gotta take a blood test tomorrow?
the doctor thinks i have anemia and wants me to take a blood test as soon as possible. the thing is whenever the doctor mentions a vaccine or blood test i break down crying. i am so scared. i dont ...

 sprained ankle.wont go away?
i sprained my ankle in practice about a week and a day ago.
i sat out on 2 games and one scrimmage.my ankle is bruised up and hurts whenever i stand up after i sit. i ice it every night but it ...

 does anybody know, what can possibly be wrong with my back?
my back has been hurting for a while now, it really hurts on the lower left side going into the lower middle of my back. when ever i turn to the left it hurts a lot. when i'm sleeping i have to ...

 Who's liable for my sons medical bills?
My 19 yr old son had a job threw a temp agency,
a co worker and my son were carrying a heavy pipe, the coworker droped it and my son;s middle finger bone was spilt.
the temp service paid ...

 Any tips on how to stop cutting myself?????
I'v tried the thing were you slash on your arm with a red marker instead of a blade and the elasctic band thing but that dosen't do it for me i still end up cutting my wrists, arms and my ...

 when you get burned do you bleed (like scalded with water)?
do you bleed blood when you get badly scalded (with boiling water)? i always thought it would just be like watery stuuff but my frind syas she thinks you bleed like this pinkish blood lol.
this ...

 What are the affects of a huge, black, bee sting?
I stepped on a nest and got stung 2 really bad spots and a ton of not so bad ones. My leg swelled up and it itches like crazy! Have you ever had a huge black bee sting you? What was it like? Is ...

 What happens if you bleed from the ears?
i see it all the time in movies and stuff. what happens if you start to bleed from your ears?...

 how long does it take the eye to heal?
i was pulling out my contact,and scratched the bottom of my eye.....

 how deep would the cut have to been on your throat until you died?
if you cut your throat and it was a scratch and it just bled would you die?
how deep does it have to been until you died?
Additional Details
where wud u cut if u didnt wanna die?...

 how do you know if you sprained or broke your wrist?
how long do sprains last? im wearing a splint is that enough? what do i do?...

 is there such a thing as a massage back pack?

 My shoulder hurts - What's wrong?
I cannot lift my arm straight up and behind my head without it hurting or my hearing a sound like something (tissue? muscle?) is stretching inside. I play volleyball and I'm sure this has got to ...

 Is it normal for your leg to be swollen...?
after you crash your best friend's jeep? It happened last night and I wasn't buckled up and my leg hit the dash, it's swollen, should I go to the doctor, or jsut put an ice bag on it?...

 Do i have a fractured tib/fib??...ankle?? PLEASE HELP I'M CRYING!!!?
So on the 2nd i was in a car accident and got pretty banged up. Yesterday i went to get my shin area x-rayed because it's still pretty sore and i thought i had a hairline fracture.... they ...

is it possible to break a bone in your foot and?
not know it when you did it? my left foot has, what looks like, a bone out of place. it kind of protrudes and looks like a second ankle bone below my ankle bone. it hurts but more of an ache and it hurts when i walk on my foot. it doesn't feel like i would think a broken bone feels like but i've never broken anything else so i don't really know what that would feel like. and i didn't do anything noteworthy to it that i can imagine would have caused it to break. how hard is it to break a bone in your foot?

Classy Lady
It's possible, but I would have it checked out by a Dr.

music is pain
ya it is i broke a bone and i didnt no until later

my son recently broke a bone in his foot by jumping off the couch. we're talking a two foot jump so obviously it doesn't take much. i've also never broken my foot so i don't know what it feels like but i can tell you that all he did was refuse to walk on it. so if you feel like you can't or shouldn't walk on the foot, maybe you should go have an x-ray. at the very least, it could be a crack or small fracture.

It doesn't sound like a broken bone. You probably pronate very badly when you walk because you have flat feet. If you don't want it to hurt, wear supportive shoes all of the time, no sandals or flip flops. See a podiatrist to get a professional opinion.

-Sounds like you need to go see a Podiatrist (foot doctor). Podiatrist usually take an x-ray of your ankle, in the office. It's very simple to do. I used work for a podiatrist. good luck....

it;s best to get that checked out as once that happens it can be costly. the earlier you catch it the better.

Kurt B
It's possible, and by the way, it would depend what type and size of pressure your puttting your foot under.

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