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 Back pain?
I was playing volleyball today and I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but my back started hurting. It's on the left lower/middle side, and hurts when I bend left and forward. It feels ...

 I might have a fracture? but it's not swollen?
I fell of a scooter on to my wrist (face forward) it swelled up Very little and went down when i put ice on it for like 5 min. It still hurts bad and when i turn or move it it hurts worse i have, ...

 have you ever broken a bone?
if so how? how old were you? which bone was it?...

 How to tell the difference between a bruised and broken toe?
Today I washed my son's interlocking foam puzzle pieces in our upstairs bathroom. While carrying them downstairs I dropped one and then proceeded to slip on it(it was still a bit damp) and then ...

 my is hurting what can it be?
it hurts ...

 do i have scoliosis?
my back is crooket and it hirts to walk more than 30 min ?...

 My child (16) might have minor concussion...?
what do i do?

it happened this morning at about 830 and its 1030 pm so doctors office is closed. she has a dull headache but seems to be alert.
Additional Details
she got hit ...

 My thumbs been bleeding for 1 hour 45 mins, should i be worried ?

 My friend just fell off a house, what should i do?!?
Hes not breathing and i sorta just kicked him and he didnt do anything...im 7 and not sure can you help me?...

 Suddenly, I can't see anymore with my eye? started with numbness...then complete dark,what is it???
i am 55 years old, suddenly i felt numbness in my eye, 10 minutes, i couldnt see well, then suddenly, it turned blind! I cant see at all, nothing shows on my eye from the outside, but I am 100% lind ...

 i have been typing with my index finger since i started work. now it's sore. quick remidies please?

 how can i prevent from being so sore the day after i jog?
every time i run, the next day i get bad cramps and become very sore, especially around my shins and need to rest a day or two until i can run again. i usually run between 2-4 miles. is there ...

 Help!! Whats wrong? What will the treatment be?
My left hip hurts all the time even when im just resting it. When i move my leg it feels like something is grinding inside and the rest of my leg feels numb. It started off a couple of months ago ...

 I hurt my tailbone really badly. Please help!?
I fell on it today in figure skating camp really hard. It would hurt when i would do jumps or spins. Now it hurts alot. I know it cant heal overnight, but any tips please to help it heal faster? It ...

 do i have a sprained wrist or arm?
I went ice skating and then i fell with my wrist on the ground but i didn't fall in it and now it hurts when i flex or hold something
Additional Details
okay everyone im am fine now ...

 i burnt my hand on the stove, what do?
i have it in a cup full of cold water and it stings, a lot. its only bearable when its in the cup of water, but it still stings then. its really only my middle finger and my ring finger that are ...

 is it true if you have your head cut off with a gilatene you will see your head roll on the floor?

Additional Details
Ok the the body and the ...

 Walking on a minor ankle fracture?
5 days ago I had a minor fracture on my fibula(i think it is) I am capable of walking or limping around no problem. Its a bit swollen and it hurts a bit but no more then a sprained ankle. The doctor ...

 What would happen if you broken your collar bone and never told anybody for a very long time?
I have a broken collar bone and I was wondering what would happen if you never told anybody about it...So what would happen?...

 HELP! Ive fallen and i cant get up!!!!!?

how much time would you get for shooting a person in the leg?

*Mrs. Lazarus*
i would imagine you would get an attempted murder charge... depending on the situation and where you live and stuff..

If you hit the the femoral artery, which if severed can kill a person as quickly as shooting them in the chest. And then you get murder charge. In your country i don't know how many time you get, on my country 25 years max for murder of course.

Depends on if you are charged with aggravated batter with a weapon or attempted murder.

Go and ask a Police officer and then your anger management coach.

music mends
it depends. on where you live, and what happens. you may get convicted of attempted murder, even if you only get them in the leg. so i wouldn't suggest this.

agravated assualt... about 5 years
if they die... it's more

not much, I had a friend who grew up in Chicago across from an empty parking lot that gang wars would take place at, they would wear all sorts of metal and other army on their lower bodies but not much elsewheres, the reason being that the cops didn't care much if someone were just injured and you don't serve much time in jail or prison when wounding someone rather than trying to kill them, that is also why a lot of gang members tended to end up in wheel chairs or with limps

Keep Asking
I don't think this is a health question- its a legal question so you might be in the wrong category? But i will try my best to answer for you anyway. You need to realize that its a dumb question to ask just like its a dumb action to consider. Sorry but I don't mean to insult you but keep you from getting into trouble is my goal. It may be a felony which means its a federal crime which usually mean serious jail time so do yourself a favor... don't do it. Not worth it man! I can only see you doing it if you were doing it in 100% self defense. But then you would have to prove to the police that it was self defense but they probably would not believe you which means you would have to spend 10-20 thousand dollars on a defense attorney and there would be added court legal fees. But what if the person you are about to do it to may also have a gun and think you are going to kill him and he may try to kill you to defend himself. So don't even think of doing it! Its a total no win situation. Is there anyone you can talk to about this person ? You may even want to go to the police deparment and tell them why this person is bothering you and ask them what you can do about it. That is what I would do. Talk first is always the best policy. Even talk to the guy is better than violence like that.

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