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 who has been tazed before?
who here has been tazed with a tazer dart before

tell me on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad it hurts

i've been tazed before and I'm a bodybuilder

the more ...

 twelve years boy has been hit by a truck possible surgery to recover his leg?
he lives in qatar doctor says that his one leg and lower abdomen got badly smashed in an accident though he is alive but doctor says that he might lost his leg bcoz the vein that connect his leg ...

 How to make my knee stronger.?
Ive always had weak knees. The other day, my left knee busted again for the second time this year. After it heals, is there any way to strengthen them past how weak they are right now? I'm a ...

 is it best to get a note from doctor to get out of work?
i have a major problem in my wall of my uterus and was in the emergency room all day doing tests
and i cant be standing for long periods of time

so is it best to get a note for work?...

 Why do i feel tingling on my left hand?
I've been feeling tingling in my left hand and fingers for at least 5 consecutive days. It's weird, i massage it to help blood circulation and it still feels like my left hand is "...

 How do i stop my ear from hurting?
My ear would sometimes not all the time but most of the time bug me i mean it would tickle me i like have to poke my finger in there and my tongue has to like rub the top of my mouth inside i have to ...

 i have a bruise on my finger joint and ut hurts what can i do?
i was playing basket ball and i was about to grab the ball wen someone pulled me back and my hands were still ready to catch it and insted the ball bent back my fingers and than hit me on the head. ...

 Bone figure displacement in the ankle joint?
Can a really severe ankle sprain or slight bone fracture cause bone displacement in the ankle joint. And thus limit mobility?...

 knee hurts all of the sudden?
i am 13, and i skateboard. and for some weird reason, i just wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink, and when i bend my leg the muscles start to hurt and my knee starts to pop. its been ...

 told that I need to have the plica removed from knee. wanting to know if anyone knows how long on crutches?
how long on the crutches after the surgery?...

 Is it safe to drink alcohol with a concussion?

 Do ligaments strengthen after surgery?!?
I had a ligament in my wrist repaired a couple of months ago but the operation failed and the ligament didn't heal properly. Now the ligament if too fragile to re operate on so i'm just to ...

 To anyone who has ever had their toenail removed to get rid of chronic ingrown toenails?
So I had ingrown toenail surgery the other day and what the doctor suggested was a procedure where they remove the whole nail and then it grows back a lot less wider, so that you're much less ...

 If you fracture a bone, is it technically 'broken'?
I fractured my skull.. [Car accident.] But I've never broken any other bones in my body.. I had a traumatic brain injury, so I surgery was performed on my head. Due to the fact that the surgery ...

 Does getting stiches out really hurt and?
Yea, so i had to get this like this reaction to a insect bite thing off the back of my shoulder on Thursday and it was small like, but its really sore, ANYWAY i was wondering cause in like two weeks ...

 I think my girlfriend tore her knees out? Points awarded to the best help!!!?
Ok so I got a call this afternoon from my girlfriend. She didn't sound like she was in much pain but she explained what happened. She has been complaining about her knees for months now, ever ...

 My toe fell off, should i staple it back on?
or superglue it?...

 I have a question about knee sprains...?
So, I went to the ER several days ago because of an injury on my right knee. I was diagnosed with an "acute knee sprain." First of all, what does this mean? Also, does anyone think this ...

 How long after a complete MCL tear before I can do heavy lifting?
I slipped and sprained my ankle and dislocated my knee about three weeks ago. I had horrible bruising but the ankle is better. I am follwing the R.I.C.E. method, but the knee is still swollen, sore, ...

 should you excerise with a torn acl?

how long does it take for finger numbness to go away after wrist fracture?
I had a distal radius fracture 3 weeks back. I am in a cast but my fingers feel numb and tingly.

I would advice you see health care professional right away. Here's why:

One serious complication from a cast is called "compartment syndrome". It occurs when your cast is too tight and creates excess pressure on your limb. This can be a dangerous condition because it can cause permanent nerve damage and you can lose function of your hand.

I am not trying to be sensationalist; your symptoms may turn out to be transient, with nothing more sinister going on. HOWEVER, we tell all our patients to come back if they experience any of the following symptoms: tingling, numbess, loss of color in digits, difficulty moving digits or pain.

In the first 48 hours after the cast is applied, you may get some normal mild discoloration and mild difficulty moving the digits or pain due to initial swelling. However, when these symptoms persist, it is usually a bad sign.

It is also a bad sign if these symptoms have been getting progressively worse; this is usually a sign your cast is too tight and hurting you. Even if it turns out to be nothing, I would DEFINITELY err on the side of caution and see a health care professional right away!

Until you can get to one, keep that arm elevated (use a sling) and move those fingers as much as possible. However, don't try to remove the cast yourself. Please see a physician or nurse about this.

To read more about compartment syndrome, see: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/cast_care/page7_em.htm

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