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 Are doctors today as knowlegeable as they were 10 years ago?
Doctors, it seems to me listen to your symptoms and never diagnose the problem. Their usual response is (1) must have some tests done or (2) Try these pills or (3) refer to someone else. What do ...

 I'm getting a bone scan tomorrow?
Tomorrow I'm getting a bone scan for a possible stress fracture in my foot. My question is, is the injection like a normal shot? does it hurt more? where do you get it (specifically) and how ...

 How can I hurt myself? To go to the hospital? But not like I did it!!!?

 my 12 year old daughter & i were hit by a chevy suburban, i drive a honda civic,little or no injuries do i sue
the truck admitts fault and they do have insurance,my car will be fix today,my daughter went to eme. room she was treated and release with pain med. do i sue their insurance co. for my daughter?...

 I just hit my head. No lump. No headache. No pain. Can I go to sleep?
So I'm kinda a hypercondriac Im sure I spelled that wrong. Anyways earlier today my sister accidently slammed the trunk on my head as she was closing it. No biggie. I was fine no confusion or ...

 can you do sport with a bruised rib cage?

 My ToeNail Is Failling Off?
what should i do, should i leave it and let it fall off on its on, or should i put something to help it fall off, or just pull it out.

i recently had an accident and the Doctor said, that ...

 Can you really die from falling down the stairs?
I thought the human body was stronger than that......

 question about my knee?
there is no swelling or bruses
Additional Details
last tuesday night (today is sunday) i fell of my bike going down my hill and scarped my two knees hands and elbows. Today my hands and ...

basically i broke my leg in six different places on my right leg and i cant use crutches because i have a broken toe on my left foot so im in a wheelchair and my leg is put out straight and everyone ...

 sore ankle?
i went over on my ankle a few weeks ago, and it was very sore and swollen, but took pain killers and brufen and it seem to be ok, nowit hurting again same place but i havnt done anything, and it seem ...

 I want to sprain my ankle, but how?
I want to sprain my ankle, but how? And with as little pain as possible!

Please no scolding!...

 I have lost over 20lbs in the last 2 months, I have been bruising very easily and I'm tired all the time?
Please let me know if you may have an idea of what could be wrong with me. I have gone to the doctor and had blood tests but they said everything came back fine. This really concerns me, I had an ...

 What should you put on a cut to make it heal quickly?

 How Can I Cover Up Wrist Cuts?
Don't lecture me, I'm not in the mood. I cut my wrists yesterday and I was just informed that tomorrow we have a Christmas concert.

I sit in the front row, we are wearing short-...

 Should I go to class tonight?
I haven't gone to my math class this week cuz I've been sick and feeling pretty sh***y. I have this thing where if I get sick easy, it goes straight to pneumonia, so I dunno if I should ...

 How can you break your leg?
just ...

 I got my tounge peirced yesterday and It is really bothering me. Can I take it out and it still heal correctly

 Sometimes when I shower, I'll clean up really good, but my buttocks will still have a scent.?
I shower everyday and sometimes I clean it until it hurts. Should I continue until the scent subsides?...

 which is the bset method to avoid RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury?

how hard do you have to hit your head to get brain injury or bleeding?
could wacking your head (right side by temple)on a sharp corner do it?

if you get hit in the temple you could die

the fall

Kevin S
maybe witha hard rock to the temple, thats how Montezuma died anyway

bruising is a sign of internal bleeding, so have that checked right away. if you don't have bruising, still get it looked at if you have headaches afterward or other symptoms. your skull is pretty protective but don't fool around too much with head injuries. a simple exam will tell for sure

a_a girl
well, girl, hope you are not asking this question because you have to do that. but from my experience, when i was like 13 years old, i was running to the stairs and falled down and hit my head at the edge of the stair!

it was so hard that i couldn't even feel that it hurted..and when i stood up, my all friends in front me screamed and took me to the hospital because the wound was so much bleeding!

take care.

Thera 9
Depends on how sharp and the forces at play.

When in doubt, go to the doctor.

The mildest form of brain injury is a concussion - and that can happen with something as simple as hitting your head on a cabinet door. The levels of concussion can be from mild to severe with symptoms lasting just a few days to months and months. If you whacked your head with a sharp corner the best thing to do is put an ice pack on it. Do not take any aspirin as it could thin the blood and that's not a good thing to do with a head injury. If there are any symptoms like fainting, blurry vision, nausea, vomiting or blacking out, then medical attention should be received. Our bodies are pretty tough and generally can withstand a whack on the head. I once got hit with a line drive from a softball, and it hit me in the temple. I fell down hard and was treated with ice packs but wasn't taken to the hospital. It's just a matter of getting more symptoms. If there aren't any it should be okay, but if symptoms or pain increase then medical attention is urgent.

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