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 My Ankles are hurting from football wat can i do?
Whenever i run during football practice or in football games
both my ankles or my feet start to hurt what do you think is wrong?...

 I got my ears pierced 3 weeks ago, yesterday It started swelling up and now its huge and and it hurts?
What should I do ? continu cleaning with the thing they gave me at the piercing place or any other solution like removing it?...

 Please Help! = D?
I separated my AC joint in my shoulder! I know terrible right!? Well I need to know how long it will be until I can play baseball again and is there any way I can injure it more? Thank ...

 I have a pin in my toe, how are they going to get it out?
I had surgery on a severely broken pinky toe a few days ago, and they put a pin in it to help the bone heal straight. (ew and its like sticking out of the toe) They said they were going to take it ...

 Is it bad for your joints to use ankle weights while walking?

 Is it possible to break your tailbone in a car accident even with your seatbelt on?
I was rear ended pretty bad. I was parked and a kid smoked me. He totaled both cars. I was wearing my seatbelt, but I was jolted hard. Could that jolt break a tailbone? Mines broke and I don't ...

 Cracking Sensation behind the neck.?
Does anyone know why you hear a cracking sensation on the base of the skull, shoulder or behind the neck when we stretch? I almsot hear this all the time I do it. Does it have anything to do with ...

 are skin staples or sutures better for a cut to my elbow? How to I prevent scarring?
I cut my elbow on broken glass at work and the ER Doctor used staples; shes said that it promotes lesss scarring, but I see a large raised scar forming. will this disappear after staples are removed?...

 What is the best exercises to rehab a severely strained knee joint?
I fell at home down stairs but did not sever the ACL, MCL, or PCL. I am taking injectios into the knee of chicken collegen to rebuild the shock absorbing qualities of the knee. Yet I lack strength in ...

 how long for my achilles tendant to heal?
ok so i have had a cast on my leg for an achilles swolen tendant since oct. 27th. i get it looked at on friday the 24th of nov. how long does it take to heal?
is it a high chance ill be getting ...

 I get patella tendonitis when I run.?
Walking doesn't hurt, but after a mile of running the pain is severe.
Any suggestions for treating it? I am taking ALLEVE, but it doesn't seem to help....

 Stress fracture foot is cold, other foot is not, is that OK?
I've had a stress fracture for around 11 weeks. Constant reinjury is making my foot heal really slowly. However, I have finally gained insight and am doing all I can to make it better. Walking ...

 punched in the face, odd sensation when applying pressure to area near infraorbital foramen?
I got punched in the face, right hand side, 5 days ago, and I've noticed today that when I apply pressure to the area between my cheekbone and nose (basically at the infraorbital foramen), I ...

how do you tell the difference between a blood clot and a pulled calf muscle?
there is pain and tenderness, seems warm to touch at times. Have tried to put a heel lift in to prevent some of the full stretch of my calf, is some better, but still somewhat painful and tender to touch

You don't. You go to the doctor who will know how to tell the difference.

John W
Please take the advice of bmac. He is correct for the treatment of pulled muscles. If your calf is swollen and red, see a Doctor. It could be Phlebitis. That is a blood clot and is worth taking seriousely. I endured several weeks with the pain and suffering, before I went to my Doctor's office. I couldn't walk for the entire time.

If it's a blood clot, there would also be alot of swelling. Either way, you should consult your doctor. Blood clots can be DEADLY!!!

You'd have redness and a lot of swelling with a blood clot. And the pain is acute. Trust me--you would know it wasn't a pulled muscle. Just use a heating pad and take Aleve or Ibuprofen. Stretch it only when it's nice and warm.

LOL first don't listen to the guy talking about phlebitis as a blood clot, it is not a blood clot, phlebitis is inflamation of a vein. He can be forgiven however, as he is probably thinking of thrombophlebitis.

Secondly, you'd know if it was a blood clot because of the severe swelling of the limb, a shooting pain, and a general feeling of numbness of the leg as the tissue beyond the clot starts to die off from lack of adequate blood flow.

First put an ice pack on the muscle, to reduce the swelling...then put a heating pad as it helps to faciliate the immune response. As mentioned above, you can take aleve or ibuprofen, but NOT tylenol as it does jack for the inflammation. You'll want to keep the leg elevated.

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