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 What mean if my daughterpassed out,bump'd her head, side her neck & the topof her nose it is so hot ?

 How long does it take a bruised bone to heal?
I am 15 and about 2 years ago i fell out of a loft and have had back pain ever since, i had an MRI scan and today i got the results; the lower part of my spine is bruised.
The consultant said ...

 How are you supposed to feel the day after getting intoxicated?
I got drunk last night. I dont normally drink so I have a very low tolerance. This is the first time I have been drunk. I have been buzzed before but stop drinking so I experience no side affects. B...

 i fell asleep on my arm drunk and it has been 2 weeks and still not better how can i wake it up.?

 How often do people get their fingers trapped in doors?
And does this often lead to serious injury?

My friend told how close he came to crushing his daughter's fingers by accident. It struck me that you could get some very serious injuries ...

 I've fallen down the stairs?
I fell down the stairs and now I can't feel any sensation from the shoulders down. I got my girlfriend to carry me to ask.com to find out if I've broken my neck?...

 its my upper arm and shoulder?
All of a sudden my arm, mainly my shoulder and upper arm, hurt when i move it, it doesn't hurt much but its starting to annoy me, i hear a crack, and early i just let my arm dangle ...

 What is trigger finger, and how do you treat it?

 Broken finger...uh oh?
Okay i broke my finger playing basketball, yes i know its broke. I snapped my finger back into place. my pinky snapped straight up:-(

Anyways i was wondering what i should do besides make ...

 plz help? 12 pts!?
i just got back from school today and my left ear felt weird. when i touched it, i felt a bump on it but it's not red or anything. but when you touch it, you can definately feel like something�...

 Very bad back problem! anyone good with this stuff?
I was pitching this past thursday and i hurt my back. my mom thought i just pulled a muscle so did my dad. then i had to go to a tournament this past weekend. i could barely move [on saturday] i ...

 what to do while a bee stings you?
when a bee stings you should you let it move in circles until it dislodges itself or knock it off. i got stung my third time but none of the other times has the stinger gone this deep, but i let the ...

 Is it true that if you pierce they wrong part of cartilage in your ear you can become paralyzed?
I'm wondering because I am thinking about getting my cartilage pierced and I don't want to become paralyzed. D=...

 help I have a really swollen thumb and theres pus on the right hand side!?
3 days ago my thumb started hurting. Now its really swollen and theres a lot of pus. my doctor gave my an antibiotic cream and Ive been using salt and water, its agony and I cant bend my thumb. ...

 left toe is numb?
the top of my left toe is allways numb i have had an ingrown nail on that toe befour but it got fixed it dost feel painfull so i dont think its another ingrown toenail also i have lower back problems ...

 I have a deep cut in my arm and I'm pretty sure it's infected...?
Is there ANYTHING I can do about that without seeing a doctor? I honestly don't want it to get worse but... I really don't want to see a doctor unless it is 150% necesary. Anyway, it's ...

 Mom Hit Head..lots of swelling what to do?
My was fixing the sink, when the pipewrench fell out of her hand and hit her in the head. The pipewrench hit her just above her eyebrow. She has alot of swelling more than gofball size, and a small ...

 wen someone gets taken off by a helicopter for a medical injury....what's the called?!?!?
my friend got taken off by a helicopter because he got hurt. whats that called?...

 What do i do to stop the blood after cutting my thumb with a big piece of glass?
I was washing a glass cup and it fell on my thumb. It cut me deeply but i thought the blood would stop after a while. Today is my second day with my cut and it is still bleeding badly een through the ...

 How long does it take to heal a small open wound?
I accidentally cut myself on some corroded wires.
It bled and was quite deep.
How long does it take for such a wound to heal?
It's been a week, and the wound didn't close ...

how deep would the cut have to been on your throat until you died?
if you cut your throat and it was a scratch and it just bled would you die?
how deep does it have to been until you died?
Additional Details
where wud u cut if u didnt wanna die?

Sarah M
Your questions concern me. Cutting yourself is not a phase hun, it's a psychiatric disorder-You need to stop an dif you can't (b.c It's an addiction) seek immidiate help from an authority figure (parents). Your life is not a joke, it's not a game, you only get ONE chance to get things right. Grow up proud of what you accomplished and do things that you will be abl eto discuss with other people in pride not in shame or pity. Your body is the temple of your soul, respect that. If you're trying to find a way to cut your neck and not die you are beyond foolish. Think of the murder that just occured! What that young man on the greyhound would do for his life back! His neck was severely hacked apart-It's not a movie! It's real! He can't come back!
You can't come back either.
You said in one question that you are mature for your age. I can assure you-you are not unless you rise above this. Emo's are not cutters. Learn your facts. Cutters are mentally ill individuals-People that are abused do this to drown the pain. You're a child!
I know plenty of people your age who really are mature for their age-They have respect for their bodies and others.

I'm not saying this to bug you. I'm saying it b.c I care and I feel you're going to be a lost soul very soon if you don't find your own spirituality soon. This isn't about religion-it's above that-towards the love of your creator and your angels, and your spiritual guides. You can talk to them anytime you feel hurt. Having abilities that are psychic are MUCH more helpful than having a mutilated body. You cannot hone or work with your intuition on a high level or any level at all while u hurt yourself. You must stop to work with your spirit guide. This is b.c the body and soul are connected.
As a medium I have made a lot of sacrifices to give ppl closure and love back from spirit- To connect better I do not eat meat, hurt my body, drink alcohol, etc..You only have to stop destroying what you have. Love yourself. Emo's a phase-cuttings a disorder.
Trust me little one. when you look back on yourself in ten years-you will be very embarrassed to mention this 'phase'...do yourself a favour and leave it now.

If you promise to stop mutilating yourself, cutting yourself, watching anything to do with it- I can give you a spiritual psychic reading FREE through Pm's or emails to help you find your path again and guide you.
I am a professional medium (my reading snormally go for 40 dollars)..the spirits lead me to you...I understand you-I am young and remember being 'almost 13'.

Think about it...
you'll never get this offer again.

A cut just anywhere on your throat isn't any more dangerous than a cut on your arm or leg. It has to be almost an inch deep, in that groove on either side of your windpipe. That's where it will cut the carotid artery, causing rapid massive blood loss. It's hard to do...there's a ridge of muscle and tendons. But don't let anyone try it!

Mike H.
Is it dark red and dripping, or bright red and spurting? Dripping is the Jugular Vein, and spurting is the Cartoid Artery. Both would be fatal within 30 seconds. If you don't want to die, cartilage is the way to go, because of the low blood supply. Ears and nose. Fatty sections are a good choice too, like the lower abdoment, and midsection.

Unless you sever a head completely the only way I know of death from a neck injury is by striking the carotid artery in the neck (the jugular).

Mom of Twins
Getting a cut in your throat isn't always fatal, but it's never good.

If your throat, i.e. your windpipe was cut, you could certainly die if the wound is not made to stop bleeding, or die from an infection from the cut.

If you're talking about a major blood vessel, then the cut wouldn't have to be that deep (my guess would be less than an inch deep), and this type of wound is almost always fatal.

Jeremy A
A cut to the throat typically does several things that 'kill' the person- it severs main arteries that enable blood to flow from your heart to the brain. Obviously, without that blood in your brain, you'd die. Sometimes, it also cuts the tube that allows you to breath; without the pressure on those tubes, you wouldn't be able to breath, and thus you'd die that way as well.

As for how 'deep' the cut would be, I'm not entirely sure. Merely enough to cause a few drops of blood wouldn't kill you; it would have to do the things described above to really have an effect. I think an inch deep cut would be problematic, but perhaps survivable if you were truly lucky. Anything deeper I feel would be fatal.

I'm pretty sure that you would not die from a cut on your throat unless you have cut the carotid artery, in which case you would bleed to death without immediate medical attention.

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