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 Hamstring injury help?
while sparing in grappling training today. I suddenly felt this sharp pain in my hamstring, half way between my the back of my knee and my butt. It didn't feel very painful so I carried on the ...

 How did you break your arm?
I broke my arm cause i fell out of a tree yesterday and got the cast then and its all blue
Anyway how do u guys break your ...

 i was hit in the temple at close range?
my kid threw a plastic hanger at close range and the corner hit my temple....hard.....it still hurts considerably bad....he did this 3 hours ago...he is only two, but he is really strong....anyway, ...

 Workers Comp got canceled. I'm still injured and in a great deal of pain?
Was bitten by Brown Recluse on the foot while over the road, (Truck Driver). They took away insurance as well. I can't afford to go to the doctor to continue any treatments that I was going ...

 Whats wrong with me thumb?
i just got done with my last jv fball game. unfortunately we lost. at the end of the game my thumb got recked, it was bleeding by the nail because of a cut and its really bruised and stiff. i didnt ...

 What should I do with my broken toe?
Well one day I hit my toe off the Stereo. When we went to the doctor he confirmed it was broken and said theres nothing you can so ecept strap the toe its my baby toe and i have very good stress ...

 what will my doctor do for me because iam a self injury ?
what will my doctor do for me becausee iam aselff ...

 I think I pulled my Thoracolumbar Fascia muscle?
I was lifting too much weight on a hamstring curl gym ...

 invasive intervention for fallen arches?
My spouse has an extreme fallen arch and is now not getting relief from arch supports. SInce it is an extremity that is hurting his quality of life, surgery may be needed. We don't just want ...

 i was recently injured my back at work lifting a heavy box and was off work for two weeks. my problem is that?
i was recently injured my back at work lifting a heavy box and was off work for two weeks. my problem is that this happend after i had given my employers a note from my doctor stating i have a ...

 I have a somewhat bad pain in my hip after hearing it pop while playing soccer. How can I treat this?
When i was playing soccer I kicked the ball, and it popped. I feel to the floor, but then in under a minute or so stood up and walked on it. It was a throbbing pain and then it popped as i walked. T...

 Is my bruise permanent, and are there ways to heal it faster is not?
hi, i really need anyone's help I can get. I got this bruise after I got hurt on my face, and it was a scab, and it just fell off. my skin grew back after that, and everything was fine, (by ...

 if you buy somthing and the store claims that its put together and it falls apart can you sew read details?
i bought a bike from a store and they claimed that it was put together right and i rode it one time and it fell apart and i got hurt am i able to sew them for pain and suffering and/or for it falling ...

 So I burned myself on the space heater......?
Last night, I slipped and I burned my leg on the space heater. Now, I have the imprint of the wire on my leg. That thing gives me the heebie jeebies... ugh! So my question is, will it leave a scar ...

 Is it possible to get an infection without having a flesh wound from a cut?
I've been having leg pains for awhile and i remember geting my pant leg cut, it didn't hit my skin, but i'm thinking it may have been from the cut. There is no mark, no blood, but i ...

 Back of my mouth hurts! HELP!?
Okay, im 13. Never done drugs or smoke or whatever. My eye is infected and well, its been clearing up. But my mouth has been hurting lately. Of couse, i thought it was strep throat or something like ...

 will my ankle heal before school?
its not a terrible sprain. just a bit swollen, and i could walk on the side of my foot[putting more pressure on the end side of my foot] but it doesnt hurt walking like that at all. but i want it to ...

 what does it involved having a bone graft?
badly broken my weight bearing bone 5 months and still no healing they are now talking about having a bone graft im still in alot of pain due to the plate i have ...

 Ringing in ear/infection?
I accidentally scraped the top of my ear canal with a cheap cotton swab about 3 months ago. Initially I had no pain or loss of hearing, just constant ear drainage. A few weeks after the incident, the ...

 what should i do while i have my neck brace 2 casts and sling?
I recently got in an accident and i received these injuries:

Neck Damage- soft collar for two months
broken right thumb- cast for 6 weeks
pulled ligaments in left elbow - sling ...

does medical/health insurance cover if your teeth is damaged when you fell down ?
does medical/health insurance cover if your teeth is damaged when you fell down ? Or you need Dental insurance to get your broken teeth repaired?


You can pay out of pocket, but if you don't feel like paying out the wazoo, you need dental insurance. Regular Health insurance doesn't cover it, unfortunately. If you are looking for a great insurance for really cheap, I have a huge promotion thing going on at my work: http://www.asihealthcare.com/pages/welcome.htm

hello joe!

I think they do.

You will need dental insurance.

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