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 Does smelling apples or bananas help you lose weight?
I read that on the back of a snapple cap.
Why would the scent of apples or bananas help you lose weight?
does anyone have a real scientific answer to this?
I'm just really curious....

 Since I have lost a little weight, I have more energy & my lambada has increased. Is this a normal reaction?

 What is the easiest way to burn fat?
Basically I want to know an easy way to burn fat, with excersising and maybe healthy foods?
Are there any foods that burn fat or help you burn fat?
And what is the most effective way to ...

 Do you burn calories when you fart?

 can someone explain the relationship between glycogen and bodyfat?
when do carbs stop being glycogen and start being fat?...

 how do you stop junk food cravings?
i am trying to loose a little weight but cant seem to stop eating junk food...i havent got any willpower...
is there anything i can do to stop these, i eat alot of fruit and ...

 Is eating your own head bad for your digestive system?

 Getting motivated to work out?
I am having trouble getting motivated to work out, I go on my treadmill in the morning with my ipod and i'm fine, I want to build some muscle also so am lifting weights but I find it really ...

 bad part of losing weight fast?
Is it true; the faster you lose weight, the faster you put it back on?

I'm on a very low calorie diet, and when i have lost the weight i want to lose, do i have to continue eating ...

 Is yogurt been proven to lose belly fat?
I was told by my friends and colleagues, yogurt is better to lose fat or weight. One of my colleague, he's been eating low-fat yogurt, and I dunno if he's really losing weight or not. He ...

 Alright What is Truly better Water or Gatorade?

 does a cup of coffee in the morning count as one of my 8 glasses of water a day?
they say you should drink 8 glasses of water a day. since coffee is pretty much just water, does that count as one of the glasses?...

 Does anyone have any personal experience using Garlique to reduce cholesterol? How many points did it drop?
If you could provide starting and ending total cholesterol, HLD and LDL that would be very helpful. And how long it took you to see results?Thanks!...

 how do I get my friend to lose 100 pounds?
well my best friend weights 230 pounds
at the age of 13. I mean He eats way too much and I'm really concerned about him he needs to loose at least 100 pounds to be healthy. How do I ...

 Am I fat, normal?
I am 12 years old. April anyway. 4' 10-11'' and 4st 11 lbs, or 67 lbs. or just over 30 kgs. Answering this would help me alot. How much weight do I have to lose to get rid of the fat ...

 What is most beneficial for your well being?
For me it is excercise,and eating right.
Is it great for you as well?...

 does anybody now how can i get more taller?
is there any food type should i have to eat or some exercises should i have to do
i gots to ...

 How many calories are in 50 sprays of Spray Butter?

Additional Details
I use the brand O...

What is most important to cut out of your diet if your trying to lower you triglycerides? Fat or Carbs? If anyone has had this similiar problem, any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance....

 How can we stop MSG being put in our food?
Food additive MSG (MonoSodium Glutamate) is a slow poison. MSG hides behind 25 or more names, such as "Natural Flavoring."
MSG is even in your favorite coffee from Tim Horton's ...

Does anyone weigh themselves before and after a bowel movement??
I did today on a digital scale and according to that, I pooped one full pound..172.2 before 171.2 after. Anyone can you top that????

Get Er' Done
Your disgusting...

I have better things to do than to weigh crap!

ew. why would you want to..

Jaydens dads dominatrix
Someone informed me that our beloved Special Sock Puppet does this before and after every laundering. He averages losing a whole 1/4 lb. of lint per wash. I would check out my cats, but can't get them to stand still on the scale. Anyhow I don't care to hang out near their litter box.

hmmm possibly a new hobby sweetie ??????

Jolie W
u need a therapist...

haha wow, I know someone who does that

Gautam Vora
Never tried but sounds interesting .......would try that ....

wow! thats pretty gross but i have to admit it friggen made me laugh HARD! hahahaha! XD


Always poop first. Lower is better.

Damn Laid Back

And amazingly I had "gained" weight after the bowel movement...

(How is that even possible?!?)

Doo Wah! Doo Wah!

No i always forget otherwise i would if I'd remember.

I never have....
if I ever get a scale, I will.

I was sure that somewhere someone would be doing that..

Ha... a guy I used to work with did that... he was on a major diet... so he weighed himself all the time. He tried that once, and then started doing it all the time... kinda weird, but funny.

yes when i had a eating problem i would do it all the time i would take senna laxitives at night get up in the mornng in total pain poop my brains out than jump on the scale the most i dropped in one day way3 and a half pounds i know it was sad


Debby W
my little boy was on dialysis for over 3 years, dialysis patients are weighed before and after dialysis, if they have a bowel movement after being weighed, they have to be weighed again, and most of the time it is over a pound difference.

That made me laugh for at least a minute straight.
They do say humans can hold up to five or seven pounds of feces in their self at one time.
Gross, I know.

OMG LMAO This should be the question of the day that was hilarious!

Nate M
ha! When I went to camp, I didn't do #2 for a week! I weighed before and after and i pooped 1.7 pounds! lol

>Sure, if you're on a diet it's instant gratification followed by instant gratification.<

Ah, you're great. Love to see people who ask questions that really make you wonder if it's a question that should be answered or not.

oh really?
oh my god i cant believe how many negative comments you got at the start - lmao...i say they all have and are just too embarrassed to say, lol!!!!! ye i did...after i saw a question about it before....went down by lyk a pound, HA!!

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