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 why am i hurting here! please help?
i dont what part of my body it is its right below my chest like right in the middle. my sis said its my lungs but i dont know if its true. but whatever it is, its hurts really bad exspecially is i ...

 can hitting my head cause permenant damage?
while playing online games and dieing on them i get little frustated and it my head usually and quick hard thump to the top or side can this cause permenant damage, eg internal bleeding?<...

 ive been bitten by two very large fang marks...spider?
yes crazy but true two large fanglike puncture marks with bruisng now around it - not painful...if i dont touch -otherwise a bit bruisey but nothng to boohoo about-i have just been diagnosed with ...

 How to break your arm?
How would you break your arm or realy any part from the finger tips to the elbow

Dont answer if you are going to tell me dont do it or call me name

Thanks A...

 how to sprain your ankle on purpose?
I've always wanted to sprain my ankle. I know it's foolish but i do. I've always wanted to use crutches .I' ve tried to do anything but it never seems to work. Help!!!...

 How can i heal my ankle?
I play a brutal game of soccer( by the rules)
There was a game on Tuesday and i ended up rolling it or so i thought.
I went to the trainer and she said that i sprang it. Do you have any ...

 my husband hit me in the forehead with his fist and now i have a big lump there. will i wake up in the morning?
my vision is fine but the lump hurts very badly and is turning purple.
Additional Details
and it's not anymore of a stupid question than some of the other things people ask here, do ...

 Should I just leave my wound open ?
I have an abrasion on the knee and I've been wearing bandages and gauze for 4 days. Everyday when I clean my wound, it would stick to the bandage and makes it very painful to remove, yet the ...

 does anyone know what is wrong with my wrist?
a few months ago i fell on my wrist and sprained it pretty bad. it took about a month until the pain went away but it clicks permenately now. just recently i hit it again but not that hard and it ...

 ok ,so i got this burn (second degree) and i was wondering if it was going to leave a scar.
do they normally leave a scar and if they do, what do they look like? are they the white spots?. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO TO HELP PREVENT THE SCARE OR AT LEAST MAKE IT LESS VISIBLE? PLEASE HELP...

 I think I've broken a rib, advice?
it is really hurts to breath deeply and it feels tender slightly below my armpit. It feels all funny and lumpy there.

Should I go to the doctor?

I was out drinking last night... ...

 I broke this kids very expensive glasses...?
OK, I was in the locker room after Gym, and This kid took my friends shoe and locked it in his locked trying to be funny. So I took his glasses off his head and gave it to my friend. Then the kid ...

 How to get over fear of needles QUICK PLEASE?
SO im about to go to the hospital to get some surgery done on my hand. Im not so much afraid about the surgery, but the shot that makes me go to sleep. Im trying to be brave but its always been my ...

 I just broke my leg now i'm using crutches what should i do!?

 Did my brother have a concussion?
my brother fell during his basketball game and hit his chin which resulted in a little bit bigger than a minor gash, as he tried to raise his head another player came down on him and he hit the side ...

 Is it harmful to break a finger and not go to the doctor? I don't have medical insurance.?
If I'm careful and don't hurt it worse and put ice on it, will there be future problems?...

 Based on Bat man, can you get H.I.V. from a previously used knife getting put into your mouth?
My friend claimed that the Joker only rinses his knives and if a previous vicyim had H.I.V. could the next victim get it from having the knife in their mouth, after it's been rinsed?...

 When I Wake Up I Have Scratches?
today i realized i had 3 big scraches by my foot, when i feel asleep before, they werent there, someone i know says it happens to them. is it because maybe when im asleep and i have a itch i just ...

 Have i broke my ankle? ?
i slipped on a wet floor last night and immediately could not stand or put any pressure on my foot/ankle. it has been a constant pain but even more painful when i try to move it which is proving ...

 my tailbone hurts from jumping off a tree?
a couple of weeks ago i jumped from a tree and i think i landed wrong because my tail bone just started to hurt when i sit down especially on hard surfaces also it hurts when i stand up from sitting<...

Why hasn't my ankle healed its been a year?
I participated in a parade from our dance team it was a four mile march that consisted of marching mostly on my right leg...i had no idea i had injured my ankle until two days later when it was swollen and in pain..

its been a year since then i quit the dance team, i also stopped hiking and speed walking my ankle wont handle the pressure..i didn't sprain or twist it i was fine..

i mostly just wrap it,t by the end of the day or even before it bothers me...i cant so much anymore :(

has anyone had this problem? how did you take care of it?
Additional Details
Sil i'll be there in a minute :)

Misty Blue
Do what they do with horses.Find a nice beach and let the salty sea water heal it.

jessica s
ice it and wrap it and keep it elevated

blue knight
Use your insurance Lulu . We pay good money and you should go and get different opinions until they find out whats wrong .
Go to your local "Curandera" (witch-doc) , all latino neighborhoods have one , and have her kill a chicken , burn some weeds , lite some candles and your ready to go break dancing .

â„¢ Falcon Punch! â„¢
I spranged my ankle during b ball season once it took me 2 weeks to get healed I messed like 8 games...
I had to earn back my starting position a small forward or 3 guard

elevate it and keep it warm....
and also put ice on it

Kev ~ Now with added moobs
Aww, poor ol' Lulu. :(
I'll ask my Betty to bake you some cookies to make you feel a little better.

Come to NY I will heal it with TLC!

Come on we gotta figure this out or I'm gonna carry you up that Statue of Liberty!

Maybe so Lu but it would be fun to try!

James Bond
I think you should have it checked out. It's funny how those injuries can linger for long periods of time if they are not dealt with by a doctor. I pulled my left hamstring over 12 years ago and I'm just finding it a pain in the azz now. I'm to the point where if I go for a run it cramps and I'm rolling on the floor LOL. Don't mess around Lulu, maybe there is some therapy or even a visit to a specialist to get you on the right path. Good luck!

Hi Lulu it has not healed because it has micro tears in the ligaments. Those tears require dedicated routine of physio in order to mend properly. I have had injuries that have taken 3 and 4 years to heal completely because I keep using the afflicted area. Ice it constantly.

ok if tim ever tries to carr you up anywhere, I NEED to be there. How else am I going to video tape the ensuing fall, die lauging, and then post it on youtube for everyone else to enjoy???

yeah yeah, I will call 911 for you after you fall...

it's gonna take a while for me to stop laughing though!!!

Hi, Lulu.. as you know, I have complete sympathy for your ankle.. how many times do people jump out of bed in the morning and say "Thank God, my foot works!" LOL..

When I was 7, I was run over by a car.. with all the damage, they missed that my ankle was crushed.. guess they were to concerned with that whole turning blue and going blind stuff... (head trauma).. anyway, from the other damage done to that leg, I was in various casts for about a year and a half.. yes, they did have to go in at one point and rebreak my leg because it wasn't healing right (yep, state of the art hospital in Chicago.. they rebrake a 8 year old's leg with a hammer and a board.. seriously! no pain killers.. ) .. so, finally I thought it was ok.. fast forward oh, 12 years.. one night my ankle hurt, I started to rub it, and had the wierdest sensation.. it was like the princess and the pea story.. I could feel "something" in it.. 3 weeks of doctors thinking I had tendonitis, sprain, etc.. and I kept saying "There's something in there!" Even had a quack - first one to take an x-ray - thought I had leukemia, told me he wanted to life-fly me to a local Medical School to have my ankle possibly amputated.. UGH! That scared me, and so I saw another specialist who basically told me that it was nothing..

Because I didn't have medical insurance, and hoped / prayed it would just disappear.. I ignored the issue.. in the meantime, unknown to me, a bone tumor was eating through the two bones in the ankle, the pain was stress fractures, and it was pushing out on the bones in the ankle, deforming it.

At first I wrapped it with ace bandages, then moved to cruches.. then, got to the point I basically had to drag my leg around.. I finally decided enough was enough..(4 years after seeing the quack!) I went to see a different specialist who had an interest in benign bone tumors.. he went in, removed the tumor, restructured my ankle, a year of physical therapy 3 times a week.. etc..

But, sweetie.. it took specialists.. and when I went through with it.. I got my life back.. and so wished I had done it before.. I lived in pain and having to say "I can't .. I can't" for so long.. I missed years of my life! You gotta get to the point of letting someone who specializes in it fix it. you've tried letting your body do it, it's not working.. your body needs help from someone who has spent years studying that sweet little ankle! :)

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