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Hayden L
What is wrong with my wrist! it hurts soo bad!?
About a month ago my sister and I were being stupid and I punched the wall on accident. My knuckles swelled but a few days later it went down. But then a couple days ago I fell and landed on my wrist. And my knuckles, thumb, and the side of my hand is swollen. And on the side to me it looks kinda of a light purple.It got really tight and when I was in wal-mart I was trying to loosen it up by bending it back and forth. Well when I did that I swore I heard and felt something crack. It hurts just carry a bag of sandwiches. And just typing makes it hurts. What do you think is wrong with it? Do you think it is broken or what? I need to know before I go to the doctor. Please help!

Probably broke it a little.

Dick Hertz
you sprained your wrist. go to the hospittle to get a cast before it becomes a full on fracture

Its probably broken!

Miss Sheriya
I think you should go to the doctor to get it all checked out im sure its nothing major...or even go to your local drug store and get a heating pad to put over it...

just go to the doctor!! Go,go,go!!!!

it was the trip to walmart

I would say if it is brused or swollen it is definately broken or maybe a pulled mussle but i would say it is broken. ive had the same thing happen to me b4

u may have spranged it or dislocated it i think u should go to a doctor to check if its not serous but im pretty sure its not that serous because just by doing that wont make it break

William T

you spranged it probably just wrap it with an ace bandage

i think you probable got it sprained but then again if it were sprained it would REALLY HURT!!!!!!!!!
you should go to the doctor and if it was i am so sorry if you broke it or sprained it :(

you probably sprained or just twisted it the wrong way I would keep ice on it until you go to the doctor and slowly move it once in awhile otherwise if you don't it will just be stiff and hurt more.

Hope it feels better! :)

There is a pretty good possibility it is broken. Ice it and go to your doctor.

Brandon C
See a doctor as soon as you can. I'd put some lotion on it or something to reduce the swelling for now.

It would probably be better to go to the doctor in the first place. We can all suggest ideas but we wouldn't want you to prepare for something when the problem was something completely different.
Also, finding out what the problem is is one of the major things that Doctors train for.

But I think you could have just broken or fractured a minor bone on your wrist.
I hope you get better soon! And good luck.

probably a sprain, love.
go to a doctor, and get yourself something to keep your wrist stright.

What you need to do is see what is to see how bad it is:
1.) Bend your wrist and see how much you can bend it before it hurts to do it. If you can't bend it at all then don't try it now.
•If you could only bend it a little then you need to go to the doctor because it is probably a broken or really badly sprained wrist.
•If you could bend it a little more than usual then you still need a doctor but it is either broken a little (hairline fracture) or sprained but not so bad.
•If you can move it normally but it still hurts than you still could have a hairline fracture but it could also have a bruise in the muscle which is very painful too.

2.) Get an ace bandage or something like it and a hard but flexible piece of plastic or a spoon that has little or no indent in it. Wrap around the ace bandage without over lapping from about the middle of your arm below your elbow to around your thumb (there should be a ton of leftover bandage, leave that on). Place the spoon or plastic so the curved part or one end is curved where you see the palm of your hand bulge out. start wrapping the bandage slightly tight (never wrap it too tight, it should be a little loose otherwise you could cut off your circulation) and keep wrapping covering the entire first layer as many times as you can until you are out of bandage. This will work as a home-made splint.

3.) Call a doctor and say you think you could have broken your wrist and make an appointment as soon as possible. If they want you to wait for more than four days than say you don't need to anymore and go to the emergency room at the closest hospital (do not call an ambulance) and tell them what happened and when it happened. If you wait to get an x-ray and it is broken it could grow back the wrong way and you will have to have it re-broken by a doctor then have a metal pin put in it also.

I hope it is nothing serious and you get better soon!

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