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 What is this pain in my ribs?
I fells off a five foot high wall yesterday and I've got a terrible pain in one of my ribs, I can't breath without it hurting, my back is also hurting, there's sort of a crunching ...

 Massive headache... Metal Meltdown.?
I was at the KISS concert, and i was screaming at the top of my lungs, Dancing all over the place, Headbanging all night long. Its been like a day now, And my head still has a rocking headache. No ...

 How to break your left ankle?
This is for educational purposes. I have to write a report about the human ankle. 70% of my grade is based on injurys (it is for PE safty). I have 15 out of 50 ways. Please dont say run over it with ...

 Did I hurt myself?
I was doing a backflip on a trampoline and I was ready to do another one right after it but then I fell on my neck and now my chest and my neck hurt really bad, but it's mostly my chest. I ...

 Stretched earlobe help?
My mom was trying to get me to apologize for something when she grabbed my earlobe and pulled. Now my left ear has a really long and saggy earlobe. Is there anything I can do?...

 Naval piercing?
I got my naval pierced a few months back and its still all red at the top and it still oozes pus...its horrible and it hurts. I clean it with saline solution but its rubbish...what else can i use?

 Should I Be Worried?
For the past months i have had ringing in my ears, noticbly more at night. It has gradually got worse. Sometimes, a sudden change in my hearing occurs, and then progresses on to a loug ringing, this ...

 Q. Dr please help. I want to have my wrist cut off :-(?
Someone please help. Ive had terrible wrist problems for ova 2 years. A couple of days ago i had some metal work put it. After the nerve bock in my shoulder wore off i was in agony. the nurses kept ...

 I have a dehydrating disk?
I have been exercising for weeks but now my back hurts and i can hardly move.I would very much like to continue to exercise even if i can not do aerobics,weights,bike.Any ideas of how to exercise ...

 I suffered Blunt force trauma, a couple months ago..above my left eye brow.?
I suffered Blunt force trauma, a couple months ago..above my left eye brow.
And now..their seems to be a bump still thier. But, no pain,
Is this permanent skull damage? or scarred tissue? =...

 My knee hurts. what injury is this?
I play lots of basketball, and lately i've been having a sharp and tender pain in the inside (toward the inner side of my knee), only when i touch it. It doesnt hurt to walk or bend the knee in ...

 Mysterious lump on bottom of spine?
hi ya, writing this on behalf on my boyfriend he has a strange lump on the bottom of his spine. He was doing martial arts at the time and landed flat on his back which then the lump appeared. its ...

 How to know if a cut is going to scar or not?
I dont want it to >.<
Additional Details
-__- its still got a scab so I cant ...

 Teachers: What would you do if you saw cuts or any form or self-injury on a student?

 How come I can't straighten my knee? I think I may have strained my hamstring tendon?
Well, I was simply standing on my knees on my bed, feeding my pet mouse in his cage.

I sort of felt a random pain,I moved forward slightly when it happened, felt like it came from the ...

 how should i cut myself?
when i cut myself should i cut down my arm (vertical) or across my wrist (horizontal) because some people say vertical and other people say horizontal....

 I hit my head on dry wall, im crying and i wanna know if i should go to the doctor. please help me...?
i hit my head on drywall and mad a dent i dont feel good, my ear is bleeding and im nausiated my parents dont care, i need to know should i go to the doctor???...

 If I have surgery will I be taken off disability?
I was placed on permanant disability for a protruding disc in my back about 2 months ago. I'm now considering surgery and am curious if I do have the surgery will I be taken off disability, I ...

 Forearm (Radius) Metal Plate Questions?
If you remove a metal plate from your forearm,will your arm hurt after surgery?

Will your arm be easier to break if u take the metal plate out?

If you have the metal plate in ...

 knee injury.... surgery or no...?
I went the the orthopedist on Tuesday for a followup on my knee, which i had injured back in June playing beach volleyball(minor tear in MCL). During this visit he mentioned the possibility of ...

What exactly happens when you cut someones' throat?
Is it a really fast death like the movies portray?

I think it should almost be the same affect like getting choked to death, or maybe i'm wrong...I don't know cause I don't really think of horrible things like that.

Are you sick or what?

It depends what you cut. If the killer want a fast death, the head needs to be cut with a head tilted to get the jugular and the cartoid. That will be fast.
but just Sweeney Todd-ing it, It likely wont be immediate but agonizing. and if its not deep enough it will just be painful with little means to an end.
And no, im not a killer, i just know these things

Yes, it would be if you cut it in the right place (or the wrong place depending on whether you were the 'victim' or not)
The wound could sever the jugular veins or the carotid artery leading to bleeding ++, alternatively the airway could be damaged leading to suffocation.

Okay, number 1, if you do NOT plan on doing this to someone, I will tell u what happens.

When u cut a throat[eww], the neck is detached from the body severing the ciruclatory system which controls blood flow thereby depriving or removing the brain of necessary blood flow to the lungs thereby causing suffocation due to the lost connection the lungs nearly instanteously. So that is what happens to a cut throat.

PS Do NOT cut someone's throat ever. Plus ur losing 5 points for asking a ridiculous question[no offense]

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