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 my finger got hurt in basketball?
I was playing basketball and the girl throw the ball and it landed on my three fingers ( pointer, middle finger and second smallest one) my pointer and second smallest are ok but my middle finger ...

 toenail?!? help!!!!!!!?
So i was paly fighting with my cousin and my big toe nail it kind of cracked in the side kind far back a little and i dont know if i should peel it off? would it grow back right?? some one help!!

 How quickly can a soccer player get back playing after an uncomplicated dislocation of his knee cap?
My player is completely asymptomatic two weeks after dislocating his patella. He desperately wants to play but the conventional medical advice appears to be rest for 4 to 6 weeks....

 I just fell down the steps. My hard headed son couldn't wait until I told him when to start spraying the steps
and I slipped, seemingly went up in the air and landed really hard on my the right portion of my buttocks. I slammed my left hand down, also. I don't feel anything right now but what do you ...

 Hiking. When I decend, my toes rub my shoes???
My big toe nails always come up, blood flow stops and the nails dies. I have decent hiking shoes. Is there some type of cover to put around my toes to prevent this?...

 Very painful groin muscle.....what did i do and how do i get treatment?
Playing soccer this evening, attempted a side kick.....right foot struck ground first and felt a very big pop in my upper right thigh where the groin muscle is attatched to the pelvis. Im not in ...

 What do I do!?!?
I burned the inside of my thigh really really bad with my curling iron! (it stuck to my leg!!) Should I go see a doc. what kind of ointment do I use?? What do I do!!!?...

 Getting punched in the nose a lot... Will my nose flatten?
Everyday in sparring, I get hit in the nose couple of times.
Today, I've gotten hit like 10 times because I was going against this guy who's good at counter.
My nose feels a bit ...

 i am in a wheel chair do they make breakaway door threasholds so i can get in the house without the big bump?
it is very uncomfortable to go over big bumps my husband thinks i complain too ...

 How do you care for a black eye?
My husband fell in our garage and bumped his head. The fall caused a nasty bump and also two black eyes! What should you do for the black eyes? I've heard of putting steaks on them but is ...

 Mert nincs roman gripa es?

 What are my medical options?
I have a tear in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus extending to the inferior articular surface. What treatments are available?
Additional Details
i do have an appointment this ...

 What do u do if nail polish gets in your eye?

 how do you tell the difference between a blood clot and a pulled calf muscle?
there is pain and tenderness, seems warm to touch at times. Have tried to put a heel lift in to prevent some of the full stretch of my calf, is some better, but still somewhat painful and tender to ...

 What's the best thing to do about shin splints?
My brother said to flex my foot, but that kinda makes it worse, and my sister said to take a hot bath, but its summer, so... Do you have any suggestions?...

 i dont know if i broke something?
i dont know if i broke something, because i heard somewhere that you can still get a fracture and can move you fingers?
Additional Details
well it is my arm and it's is all brusied ...

 How long does it take for your pinky to heal if you dont have a cast or splint on it?(if its broken)?

 anyone who severed their nerve to provide...?
function/feeling to the hand has recovered, if so how long did it take, did PT and splinting really help?...

 How do you keep from getting a hernia?
in my job Im doing a lot of lifting and I want to know how to be cautious....

Angie R
What exactly does Objective Medical Finding mean?
My Worker's Compensation wants to know My Doctor keeps telling them but they do not listen so I would like to know exactly what it means.

In medical terms, an objective finding would be something that a nurse , doctor, an MRI machine etc can see for themselves. Subjective basically means that the patient is complaining of symptoms but we cant actually see it. EXAMPLE: Pt is complaining of back pain....this is subjective because we CANT see the pain. However, on the other hand, if a patient was complaining of shortness of breath and we see the pt breathing funny or having short fast respirations etc..that is objective because we can SEE it...make sense?

Subjective is something that you would tell the doctor, i.e. you bent forward to pick something up and hurt your back. An objective would mean some type of evidence to back up your complaint, i.e. muscle spasm that can be felt by the doctor, abnormal x-ray findings, etc.

As a physical therapist, if I can push on an area that reproduces your pain or symptoms, that tells me a lot as to where your problem is. That allows me to treat you more effectively.

If I cannot objectively concur with your subjective history, that is not to say that you are necessarily faking - just that more testing needs to be done.

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