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 I have a huge burn blister on the bottom of my foot and it hurts SO bad i cant walk, is it okay to pop it?
should i pop my burn blister....

 how much time would you get for shooting a person in the leg?

 i hit my head today help?
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 I recently fractured my foot... how do I heal it as soon as possible!?

 Ever since Ive come back from skiing my knees have been clicking I'm 13 years old?
Im 13 and never say never but im aware theres a low chance of arthrightus im sure its just an injurry but its been a good 2 months since ive been back will it just heal on its own?
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 How much pain would I be in if I ripped my scab off my arm?
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 Hae you ever hurt yourself so bad, you thought you would throw up?
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 Would a doctor put a cast on my arm if it is not broken?
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Im being forced to do a sport.....i REALLY REALLY do NOT want to!!!...

 Friend dropped a chair on me?
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ya hes a cutie:) just thought id share a story ...

 Who do I believe or trust...Doctors or instinct?
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 I might have a fracture? but it's not swollen?
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if so how? how old were you? which bone was it?...

 How to tell the difference between a bruised and broken toe?
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 my is hurting what can it be?
it hurts ...

 do i have scoliosis?
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 My child (16) might have minor concussion...?
what do i do?

it happened this morning at about 830 and its 1030 pm so doctors office is closed. she has a dull headache but seems to be alert.
Additional Details
she got hit ...

 My thumbs been bleeding for 1 hour 45 mins, should i be worried ?

What could be wrong with my wrist?
Ok now about 3 months ago I was unloading a freight truck and the pallet tipped off the truck. I tried holding it by leaning my weight to keep it from tipping. Well it tipped over and threw me off the truck over the pallet about 10ft down and 10ft away. I landed mostly on my wrist and elbow. My wrist is still swollen and hurts all day everyday. It pops loud almost out of socket (not sure) Does anyone know what could be wrong with it? Please help I'm afraid to pay a lot to go to a minor emergency. Also could they fix it there? Thank you.

Justin R
dont worry about money. it could be really serious, go check it out. don't lose a hand over this, go to the doctor

you need to baby it....don't for any reason stress it......and being one line to much doesn't help!

ric m
Yah dude. You broke your wrist or one of the bones in your arm. You have a lot of bones in your hand and wrist. It could be any one of them.

Waiting is not going to make it better. Get an x ray and get it fixed.

I can tell you from personal experience that if you wait for a long, long time for it to get better and quit hurting then you will pay for it many years later in the form of rhumatism or arthritus.

Fix it now.

see ya

Christal T
Yes I'm sure they can fix it there. You should have made an accident report at work and had their docs look at it and they pay the medical bills. But since it's been so long nothing you can do that way. Sounds like maybe it is dislocated you should go to a doc and have it looked at if you dont want to go to the er go to a regular physician

You could have broke or chipped a bone in your wrist. There are a lot of bones in there. Just go to the free clinic or to the doctor and ask before you go how much an x-ray is if you dont have ins.

Edit: Actually if this happened at work it gets filled under workmans comp and they pay for it. I assume you didnt report it? Its to late to tell them about it now. Just trip over something and say your wrist hurts that way you can make a report it and go get an x-ray. Anytime you injure yourself let the boss know and make a record of it that way if something like this happens you can get it fixed and able to prove it happened at work.

First: You have probably ruined any chance to file a Worker's Compensation claim for your broken wrist.

You really should go to the doctor.

I had a similar thing happen but i slid into a base and my wrist made a popping noise and swelled up. I didnt think I needed to go to the hospital but some of my friends convinced me too. Anyway I had a really small fracture and I had to wear a cast for a few weeks and then a split for a few more. So just get a x ray before it gets worse and then might need surgery.

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