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 This is kind of a dumb question, but what should i do for a broken toe?
I broke my toe and im icing it a lot, but the swelling isnt really going down, and im not sure what to do for it. I know its kind of a dumb question, but id like to know. anyone ever broken a toe? ...

 how do I quickly release my constipations?
Help! Hurry! It is verry oppresive and uncomforting. I have been sitting on the potty at work for the past hour. people keep knocking on the stall door to see if I am ok. They also said that ...

 swollen knee cap?
my knee cap is swollen when i bend down i cant stand back up on that leg ime not in alot of pain just uncomfortable anyone else had this not long ago my bone felt like it moved any help be great ...

 removing stretch marks forever?
4 kids and some very bad stetch ...

 My knee is swollen and i didnt hurt it at all should i go to the ER?

 are you supposed to pop blisters because I have to detassel tommorw and was wondering what do do?
the blisters are between my heel and my ...

 Is there a sensitive nerve in your ear that if damaged or pierced can cause hearing loss?

 Will a cut finger be ok on a roller coaster?
Hey guys i'm always worried about getting hurt and stuff and tomorrow i'm thinking of going to Islands of Adventure with my friends and today i got a deep cut and almost had to get stitches....

 What's the difference between a broken toe and a stubbed toe? What should I do if it's broken?
My toe has been swollen and painful when I walk on it and bend it. It has been like this for going on a week and a half maybe a little longer. Does it sound like it is broken or stubbed? What should ...

 will i be ok?
i took my pain killer oxycoden (5mg)again when i still have another two hours to take it.
(its every four hours)...

 About stitches...?
i got stitches last night n its still bleeding a little is it bad? wat does it mean?...

 Any girls been punched in the stomach?(GIRLS ONLY!)?
i recently got punched in my stomach and it actualy hurt pretty bad.i was wondering if there are any other girls who have been hit hard in the stomach,and how did you take it....

 How does healing occur?

 I think i need stitches!! i cut the bottom part of my toe..bad! do they hurt?
i stepped on this thing on the side of bed trying to run and answer the phone. it was like a metal corner thing. it cut really deep.. well not that deep.. you cant see my bone.. but it cut on the ...

 I hurt my ankle somehow, and I think I might have sprained it. What should I do?
My ankle just started hurting earlier this morning, and I think I somehow sprained it. I don't know what I did, and I don't really know how a sprain feels or anything like that, but what ...

 I woke up with a spot on my left arm, what could had been the cause? its itchy as well.?

 I pulled my groin muscle at soccer, how do I speed up the recovery?
I pulled it at soccer tryouts and my first soccer practice is this thursday and I wanna be up and ready by then! What can I do?...

 what happens when i can not return to work because of job injury?

 is it infected please help?
i was sewing yesterday when i dropped all the pins on the floor as i was picking them up i got one stuck right in my knee about 3cm long. i got it out as it had a head on it. today around the area is ...

 Weird things popping up on my computer?
some really weird things pop up on my computer sometimes and its really starting to creep me out. Today i had this weird pop up that said We know who likes U! It was really weird what do you think ...

What could be wrong with my foot?
I play soccer and i have a pain in the bottom of the inside of my foot when ever i play. Could it be a nerve or something? Should i go to a doctor?

no just rest from soccer a little


Well with only this bit of information it will be difficult to give you a precise answer, but the first thing that comes to mind is a problem with what is called the plantar fascia. You can go to
http://www.plantar-fasciitis.org/ to learn more about this and get some ideas of things you can try to alleviate the pain. If after you read about it you decide that your symptoms are the same or similar to what you have read, one of the easiest ways to help get rid of the pain is to roll the arch of the foot on a tennis ball. Just sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, no shoes, and roll your foot over the ball with some pressure. If you do this it will massage the muscles and stretch out that plantar fascia, thus relieving your pain. You can also soak your foot in a mixture of warm water and epsom salt for 15 mins and then massage the bottom of your foot. If your foot starts feeling better then I wouldn't go to the doctor, but if keeps getting worse despite your efforts to treat the pain, then I would go for a hands on evaluation.
Best of luck to you!

maybe not a full fledged doctor, a sports medicine specialist would be best, may be going flat footed ( bye some good arch supports)
or it could be some type of stress fracture, or a bone spur. but you do need to go and see someone before you make it worse

Tinkerbell 1
yes ,plantar facisitus

could be a bone spur

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