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 I've really hurt him and he wont see a doc?
I'd had a bad day and when I got back my man was doing situps straight away he took the micky out of me as soon as I walked in. So I booted him in the groin, It made me feel better at the time ...

 belly button ring issues =/ help please!?
i have had my belly button pierced since like march and i went swimming last weekend and then this weekend after swimming last weekend i noticed it started to hurt, excepot it was my aunts pool so i ...

 The car door got slammed shut by my son.Unfortunately my middle finger was in it.Help!?
I applied an ice pack,but the swelling has started to get worse.How do I know if my finger is broken?The pain now is about a 6 on a 1-10 scale....

 ummmm i think soemthikns wrong with my foot!?
i thought i broke my toe, but if i did is the pain supposed to spread to the side of my foot? it really hurts!!! if you read my other question, you can learn how i think i broke it.........

 I broke my ankle over 12 yrs ago and when the weather changes my ankle hurts?
Why is this so and does anyone else have the same problem?
Additional Details
no pins or screws inside, just a cast before no surgery needed either....

 Is my doctor liable ??
i went to my GP last Tuesday with a pain in my back, he said it was a trapped nerve. Then Saturday, I got pain in and down my leg so I went to a walk in centre. The nurse there said I had ciatica (...

 How do you break your ankle in your house?
I want ot break my ankle by Monday because on Friday when i fell everyone asked me if i was ok. (nothing wrong there.)They also asked me if my ankle was broken andi said yes(something completely f***...

 a glass bottle hit my son's head...should I go to the doctors?
its a glass wine bottle....it fell on the side of his forehead...the skin was dented in then it became a big bump with a bruise...i'm scared.......

 Can going on too many roller coasters make you feel sick and sore?
I went on 9 roller coasters yesterday and I have bruises on my back, neck and shoulders. It feels like my organs are mangled or something. And I feel delirious.

I know I shouldn't ...

 Did I tear some thing in my knee
A few week ago, I was lifting weights with my legs and the next day my knee started hurting really bad. Now if I put any weight on it it hurts, if I bend it it hurts, if I run or jog it hurts, if I ...

 how do u break your leg?
i really want to experiences it. i don't care if its going to b painful i just want it done.oh and how do you break it jumping off stairs inside a ...

 Why didn't my doctor cast my leg last night?
I fell off my brother's skateboard in the middle of a huge skate ramp and I've broken my 2nd and 4th metacarpals in my foot.

The doctor that saw me told me it was broken and not ...

 i want to sprain my ankle. How can you sprain your ankle?
i am not doing it for attention
i am not doing it to get out of school
i am doing it because i fee like it
Additional Details
i cannot fake it ...

 it hurts and my mom doesnt believe me :( :( i'm 13?
on wednesday i was in the pool (i live in spain) and i think i twisted my ankle, but when i came out, it didnt hurt, it just felt weak. on thursday when i got up my foot really hurt and it was a ...

 Is it much easier and painless to cut through flesh with a scalpel than it is with a razor blade or knife?

 What happens if you touch something and rub your elbow and touch it again?

Because i was at a friend's house and we were doing something and showed it to me. So she had her back straight and touched any ...

 MY FACE fell OFF what DO I DO????????
it fell right off just a second ago and fell right smack on the floor. I picked it up, brushed it off, and glued it back on. Will there be any infections? Please help!!...

 Got stabbed my a pen in my thigh?
Ok I think it was about a week or 2 ago that this happened.My friend was joking around and jabbed m and it left a whole in my leg. I cleaned it out with warm soap and water. i got a scab but it keeps ...

 is it bad if i get dig pee all over my arm cast?
my dog pissed all over my cast is this a bad thing besides the smell? please help?...

 My mom is getting on my last nerve please help?
My mom is Always trying to pick out my clothes and she buys some of my clothes and there hideous but she just keeps buying them and i have told her but she demands i wear them and i thought about ...

What's the best thing to put on a burn spot?
I burnt my leg on the hot exhaust pipe of a motorbike on sunday..so what's the best thing to put on it..I've been using honey, but i've heard suggestions like putting butter on it or vaseline..

the best thing to put on a burn is ground up pepper and tobasco sauce. Works like a charm!

Butesin Picrate. Buy it at the drug store. Get the large size....You're gonna LOVE it! Takes the pain away.

Silvadene (it may be prescription only).

put some aloe on it, either from a plant or lotion from the drugstore

faith girl
Aloe Vera - especially if you can get it in the original plant form - otherwise make sure if it's from a bottle that it is 100% pure (keep it in the fridge it'll be cool!)

Fresh Prince
vaseline works the best, it protects it good. it also heals a bit

don't use any of that stuff. it'll make it worse. use aloe or buy a burn spray from the store.

Depends on the nature of the burn!

Since you're asking through this forum I'll assume that it's a--relatively speaking--mild burn, not resulting in breaking of the skin. Start with cold water! Run it for a while, or soak your burn spot in it. You might also try a topical pain reliever (read the directions to make sure that it's not contraindicated for a burn!) to help relieve pain, as well as take a pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetominophen.

And do a Google search for burn treatment and get a more extensive answer!

Depends on how deep the burn is?

Silvadene is the choice of drug- prescription only.

Over the counter: bactroban or neosporin.

mustard and ice

Do not put butter on it as that can cause infection. Try putting triple antibiotic on it. If it is a severe burn, see your doctor.

If it were me I would not put butter or vaseline on it. I would go to Wal-mart or my local drug store and get some kind of gel or ointment that has aloe in it and use it . I think you will find this will help you.

Carlos R
You put honey on a burn? What the hell???

Use aloe vera or neosporin. If you have access to an aloe plant, break off a leaf - it's rather fleshy - and then break the leaf in two. It will ooze a liquid. That liquid has very good healing properties. Slather it over your wound.

The neosporin comes in a tube. Use it like any ointment.

Aloe Vera

None of those. The ideal cream is silvadene (silver sulfadiazine). If not available, use antibiotic ointment like Neosporin and keep covered. your goal is to prevent infection until the skin heals.

First of all NEVER use butter on ANY kind of burn. How deep into your skin is this burn you have? If your injury goes into the dermal layers you should see a doctor. You would probably get antibiotics. At the same time you would probably have a topical cream to apply that the doctor could prescribe. The topical cream may end up being one that you can get over the counter but to be safe and ensure that you heal quickly and with minimal scarring I would suggest seeing a doctor. If you don't and get an infection you could end up with more extensive scarring or even losing your leg due to infection. If it is just kind of superficial, cleaning it thoroughlyand applying pure aloe vera or other highly recomended burn cream will probably do the trick. Ipersonally would let it get plenty of air. If it is covered continuisly there is too much of a chance for bacteria to grow. I would also make sure you washed it and reapplied the gelor cream twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. NO VASELLINE either. Bacteria can thrive in that too.

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