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 swelling is hard after ACL surgery?
so this tue. april 15th i had ACL surgery on my left knee. the doctor told me the surgery was a success and i should not put any pressure (walking) on it for a while. so thur. yesterday i accidently ...

 Help please. Hurting joints in the hands and wrists?
Ok, here are the symptoms...
Hurting/swelling hands, mainly in the joints.
Pain spreading through the forearm and up to the elbows.
Hurts to touch or lift things.
No blackness or ...

 How Can i Break My Foot ? Or , How Too Get A Doctors Note ?
In a couple of weeks im going on a school trip but the person i was going with i have fallen out with her . i got my mum too ring up the school And ask her too Cancel me going But they carnt because ...

 Do I have nerve damage?
I had surgery on my right knee last May to repair a torn ACL. I had previously hurt my knee when I was a kid and the dr said that that probably tore the ACL part of the way and when I had a spill ...

 Short term solutions for an infected toe?
I have two infected toes(trust me, they are), both of my big toes.
They are rather puffy and hurt when I put my shoes on(no matter how loose I get the laces).

On friday, I ...

 How can I get rid of this scar on my leg?
I waz shaving and I ripped off a lot off my skin. OUCH!! Yeah it hurt but after a couple of months it healed. Well now the part where it waz pink is still there but it is dry and not scabby. idk but ...

 weird bruise thingy on my ankle!?
ok i was just sitting surfing the web and my inner ankle gradually started to hurt. it feels just like a really bad bruise when i touch it but you can't see anything different. its a big area, ...

 pain/burning in my toes after walking long distance?
I'm training to walk a 10k and every time I go out walking I end up with a burning pain in my toes, particularly my right foot, generally after about an hour or an hour and a half. I wear the ...

 if you're 16, how much painkillers should you take b4 it becomes dangerous?

 do ligaments fuse back together?
do ligaments fuse together and return to there original state or does scar tissue fill in the ...

 What kind of spider bite is this and should i be worried?
I believe i was bitten while i was sleeping in my bed. I live in NC, but i am pretty sure it isn't a brown recluse nor a black widow. It has been about two days. I first noticed it when i was ...

 Abrasion scar not going away.?
Last December, I had the misfortune of horseback riding in capris, and for some reason i had an older rougher stirrup than usual (i was using western as opposed to english that day).

For ...

 How Long would you have to stay in the hospital for...?
A broken Tibia? Would you have to stay overnight?

And... Would you have to get a Long Leg Cast?...

 How badly do earbuds damage your hearing?
I'm 17 and I've been using earbuds for awhile now because they're just easier to use. My mom keeps getting on my case about it because she, being a doctor (though having little ...

 Broken Nose?
I broke my nose last night at soccer and its still bleeding somewhat today. How long does the bleeding usual last and when can I go back to soccer????
Additional Details
Wondering do ...

 Dislocated rib?
In January, I dislocated a rib because of tight back muscles. After four months, I'm still dealing with problems from it. All my doctor has said is rest and you should get better soon. Clearly, I...

 shoulder pain?

i was diggin behind my bed while i was laying down with my right arm between the wall and matress, and i turned it wrong and i ...

 Jammed Thumb, or Broken Thumb?
Ok, so I fell rollerblading yesterday and I figured I had just jammed it but I woke up in the middle of the night and it was hurting.. reeeeeeaaaally badly. Now my thumb is turning black and blue. I...

 What are the observable characteristics of epithelialization?

Additional Details
visible to the naked ...

 Muscle Spasm/knots. Know anything about it or ever have one?
I recently suffered from a serious muscle spasm, I was in terrible pain (even the slightest movent hurt like a hurt i've never felt before). I did go to a doctor and got medicine for it, and got ...

Threw out my back while shoveling...what should i do to speed up recovery?
i was using the snow blower, but there were these chunks that i couldn't get with the snow blower, so i had to use a shovel and throw the snow on top of our 5 foot snowbank...and this threw out my back...now i know to bend my knees.

anyways, what could i do at home to make my back feel better at home? and i heard there are exercises i can do to strengthen my back muscles. do you have a link to any? that would be great because i don't want this to happen again.

Additional Details
yea...i don't work, i'm still in highschool and i don't drink

Call in sick, Soma, Coors Light/bloody Mary's and daytime TV. That is what I would do. And wish I was doing it right now.

http://hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration this link will provide you with all the necessary information needed to fix your back. Some experimentation and lots of effort required.

you might want to try yoga ... also eat more fiber (soluble type)

you can work out to make ur muscles stronger!

Ice the area for the first 72 hours then a heating pad. Ibuprofen or Tylenol by mouth for the pain(Follow the directions on the box for age and weight.). If you are not better in 10 days see the doctor or if you get noticeably worse. If you have a limp or any change in your gait see a doctor now. If you have a fever see a doctor. If there has been no tearing of muscle or tendons a young healthy male should be better soon( a few days). Leave the snow removal to someone else for a few days.Using your legs to lift heavy loads is one of the best things you can do to prevent this type of injury.

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