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 broke my wrist 10 months ago it still gets painful could i have damaged it or is it the weather?

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 i sprained my ankle! what should i do now?
i have beent ot eh Doctor and i hav an x-ray set up for 2morw. what should i do? im bord and on cruches!!! HELP!...

 How much time does it take for an average size cut to heal?
My brother cut my wrist (on accedent, long story) and the cut is an inch long, not too deep. How long will it take to heal?
Additional Details
It's starting to get a light scab....

 i think i pulled or tore my calf muscle? help?
this morning i moved leg weirdly, and then i felt this exruciating pulling pain it eventually slowly died down but it still hurts like hell when i walk ,
what happened?!...

 Weird little ball in my neck??!?
A while ago i found this weird little ball thing under the skin on the front of my anle. Its like the size of a tiny styrafoam ball. It doesnt hurt but it kinda moves around.

But yesterday ...

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 Sprained knee or more?
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 Is it a sprain or ankle? DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR?
I tripped down a stair today. basically my ankle twisted on the side when i had low heels on. I think I heard a crack. After, I could and stil can walk on it. It doesn't hurt if im not walking/...

 Bumped my head, now have constant headaches?
Last Thursday, I was accidentally kicked in the neck, I felt nerve shocks all around that area when it happened and then had a headache for the day. Now since then, I feel constant fatigue, and ...

 Bumped my head on the side, should I be worried?
I was walking across a slippery floor and overestimated my grace (as usual...sigh...) and slipped, falling to the floor and hit the side of my head on the floor.

I softened my fall a bit ...

 Hurt my ankle?
Hi. I was playing baseketball today and I went to go help someone out and got a pass. I stopped and someone hit me, on accident, and my ankle went straight on the ground while I standing up straight. ...

 Is it broken?
so i dropped something right on my big toe yesterday and the today it just started to hurt even when i wasn't putting pressure on it. and now it's getting really swollen and it got numb ...

 how do you know if you broke your finger?

 I have a spinal cord injury, why do my legs twitch sometimes?

 Is it my toe broken???
I whacked my pinkey toe pretty good last night and it still really hurts this morning. There is some bruising between the fourth toe and the pinky toe and it hurts when I move or put weight on it......

 is it gay if a man cross dresses in a bet or for fun or for revenge?
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Should I see a Doc if I hit my head while ice skating even though there was no bleeding?
I went ice skating about 2 days ago with a couple of friends... and while skating i was trying to help my best friend learn to get the hang of skating...but while doing so she off balance allowing the both of us 2 fall.. i hit the back of my head while she landed on me.. Their was no bleeding i just felt a little pain in the center of my head, no sign of a bump.. an emt check it out and apply an ice pack. 2 days after i haven't felt any pain
so my question is
Should I see a Doc if I hit my head while ice skating even though there was no bleeding?

Nah, probably just a bruise. Don't worry, it's fine. No need to see a doctor.

Sounds unnecessary, since you have no pain.

You'll be fine.
However, if you start feeling dizzy, sick, or get any bad headaches, then you should see a doctor.

You'll be fine. If you'd done anything serious you'd know by now. If you were still feeling pain, dizzy sensations or anything unusual this long after the incident, you should get it checked out, but since you haven't had anything like that, then we can safely assume you're in the clear.

The skull is a pretty tough organ and can easily withstand quite hard knocks, just don't go making making a habit of it :P

If there is no bump, pain or visual disturbance you are fine.

If you have insurance I would just to be safe. Better safe than sorry I always say. If not I guess you'd survive but if you start to feel sick or have headaches go right away

Flight RN Paramedic
Usual question we ask in the ER is if you were knocked out or lost consciousness. If there has not been any change in awareness, vomiting, vision changes, and it has been two days ago, you maybe fine.

Bleeding is not always the indication of a head injury.

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