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 is my toe broken? advice please?
I was at my cousins football birthday party and was kicked in the toes - no shoes on! Was really painful and had started going blue within 15 mins. it is my middle toe. i can wiggle my toes but ...

 Help, I'm desperate! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS! URGENT!!!!?
I got into an accident and the inside of my mouth/lip is swollen and it looks puffy. What can I do to make the swollen/puffiness go away by TOMORROW . It's been a couple of days since the ...

 i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
Additional Details
but its been like this for 1 ...

 Â· Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?

 Could you do this?
This guy I know recently got into a wreck and damaged his eye and in order to retain his vision he had to get a shot directly in his eyeball!! He had to sit there and stare at this tiny dot on the ...

 my toenail fell off!?
when i was at track a few months back my nail got blood under it becuase my shoes were too small..ever since my nail had been black and gross and today i was the the computer and stubbed my big toe ...

 I don't like to cause pain to myself, but I am trying to break my foot or ankle.?
So far I have got it pretty bruised. I just want to break it so I can get a cast or a brace and crutches. The way I injure myself is by banging it repetitively, dropping heavy text books on it, using ...

 Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?

Additional Details
No energy, can`t be bothered to do every day tasks, etc. etc. etc....

 My son got kicked in the thumb and it's swollen and very bruised but he can move it. Any thoughts?

 stitches do they hurt?
well i fell on the play ground at my school and got stitches on my nose and will it hurt when the doctors takes the stitches out. i am curious cause i am real scared about wat happen so i rather be ...

 What's the Most Painful Experience You've EVER Had?
Mine aren't that bad since I'm a wuss and don't do things which I'll think will result in pain.
I've almost had a time where I dropped a knife because my fingers were ...

 I need to go to the loo soo badly, but...?
I closed the door behind me when i went back in i couldnt find it! im scared as ...

 How do you deal with a housemate who insists on having the central heating on maximum all day.?
I wake up sweating in the middle of the night, turn it off, hoping that he is asleep but soon as I curl up in bed, he turns the bugger on again. I have tried talking to him but he insists his room ...

 What should I do if I'm falling from a height?
Let's say I'm falling from a high cliff and below is just stone. How do I minimize my injury here?...

 If you've broke your thumb would you still be able to move it?
I closed the car door on it yesterday, yep big ow! the door fully shut and hand was stuck in car. It hurts a lot but can still move it... i have never broken anything before so dont know and even if ...

 i can't feel my left arm but i can move it, what should i do?
my heart has this shooting pain sometimes and it dosen't stop hurting. im dizzy a lot of the times and it only hurts when im emotional. now i cant even feel my arm what should i do? what is wrng ...

 What happens if you sprain your ankle severely and don't see a doctor??
I severely sprained my ankle, bruising, swollen, and it felt bad yesterday but tonight I had trouble sleeping and this morning I heard something pop. My mother is a nurse and just told me R.I.C.E. ...

 I can't see out of my left eye very well, iT just suddenly went blurry and I don't know what to do.?

 Got hit in the eye with an eraser today, now eye feels like its going to explode.?
Hello, today somebody threw an eraser really hard in class, and it hit me right in the eye, while it was open. Then all I could see out of it was white dots and blurr, then it was just really blurry, ...

okay. last month i was a concert and people were stepping on my toe. when i got home it hurt a lot. and i didnt think much of it. but like a week later it bruised and turn purple. 3 weeks later my ...

Should I get my ankle checked out? (picture)?
I hurt my ankle today chasing around my 12 year old brother in-law. I don't know much about injuries, and there is no one I can ask. Does it look serious enough to get checked out by a doctor? I can walk on it a little bit, and it hurts on the top of my foot and the front and side of my ankle.
Additional Details
What's wrong with my toes?? lol
And yes, 12 yr old bro in law...my husband and I are 22. I don't know why his parents had another child!

yeah lol i would wit yo ****** up toes lol but for real you should get them checked out cause something could be broke or fractured you never kno but i would get it checked out if it hurts you

No, and 12 year old brother in law?

My heart Is In Ohio
Yes, it could be serious.

answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090502185049AApPK0D&r=w

youve got ugly feet and I dont see anything but ugly feet

yes you could of torn some ligaments

if swollen like that then yes you need to see a doctor

which foot is it?

Celia Dark-Rose
if it gets worss, yes

Hello Beautiful
It looks fine. You probably just sprained it. No need to worry!

it's not bruised just swollen, i wouldn't worry too much about it. but if the pain gets unbearable go to the dr, so they can give you an x-ray and make sure you dint have a fracture.

Erma B
Yes. If you have to ask yourself "Do I need it checked?", then probably it needs to be checked.

12 year old brother-in-law?

kirsten morae
yes u definately should! i once read about a guy who ignored his pain finally he went and turns out it was fractured.....i know what an idiot!
just to be on the sfe side get it checked girlly!

yes you should it looks swollen.you may have pulled something.see a dr. a.s.a.p.

Yes you should have it looked at. You should probably try to stay off it until you do have it looked at.

You need to keep that ankle elivated and put a bag of ice on it. It will help bring down the swelling. Once the swelling is down you can use some heating balm on it and wrap it. That will be a few days later. If you can't wait that long, then you need to go ahead and head to the Dr.

Gracie G
if you can walk you pproabaly just twisted it (ake some asprin or something)

if you can walk or it gets wworse got to a doc.

i don't think you need to go to the doctor i think it will heal

you should definitely get it checked just to be safe

Blue ...
yess if its swollen

You might have just torn a ligament. Regardless, it's still hurts like a *****! I wouldn't go to the emergency room. They will over charge you and give you Tylenol for pain. Call your doctor, and tell them that you hurt your foot, and would like to get in as soon as possible.

Looks and sounds like you just sprained it. For now just rest and keep off it. Follow the RICE routine.


For pain you can take Tylenol, Aleve, Motrin, or Advil.

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