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well yesterday i was at the pool but like 2 hrs. after i got out of the pool my eye started itching [right eye]
and it got red i put some eye drops but i kept scratching and now when i woke up ...

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why does my palm hurt?
it hurts where my fingers meet
like my joint or my muscle
it hurts ONLY when i form a tight fist
or when i make the tips of my fingers touch my palm w/o ...

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 hit on side of knee, foot was planted, heard crack, can walk, knee hearts,what happened? how should i treat it?

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Additional Details
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 i'm having knee pain the the front of my knee ?
i'm having knee pain in the front of my knee and the pain keeps increasing my day hurts no matter if ice is applied or heat or elevating rest ....please help
Additional Details
my ...

 I got a question but you need to read all the info first.....?
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Nicole A
My knee popped sprinting about 3 or 4 weeks ago causing some pain, no swelling. Hurts to push off, any ideas.?
3 weeks later knee felt better played basketball and jumped knee popped again. This morning I have the same pain and sorness. no swelling. Hurts to push off. Same as before. Any ideas?

Suja R
eed ur age

ur color

cause depends

but serious

take caare

You need to let your knee heal properly without much strain on it. If you need to work out do light, low impact work. I would go to a doctor and have an xray to see if there is any significant damage. However popped knees are a pretty common injury so don't worry. I would also invest on a knee brace whenever you run or work out to prevent it from happening again and to alleviate any extra stress on your knee. If its soreness and not swelling also try massaging your knee before and after working out. Putting a heat pad on your knee will also promote healing and recovery, do this before you work out, after you work out and before you go to sleep. It is important in the morning to do some light leg stretches.

If your knee does swell, do NOT heat it. Heating it is good for muscle pain but not swelling because heat attracts more blood to that area which helps in the healing process. You do not want excess blood flow to an area that is swollen. The best thing to do is ice your knee if it decides to swell. It numbs the pain and moves blood out of the effected area.

The most important suggestion I can make is to be patient and let your knee heal properly. I would say a month without any high intensity strain followed up by a doctor or chiropractor appointment. You need to let your knee heal before you use it. Although popped joints are pretty common, impatient athletes will think they can toughen it out which often leads to permanent damage.

Good luck training

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