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 Is this a good home cure for an ingrowing toenail?
I've decided to cure my toenail myself as my chiropodist is away. I need to know if this sounds okay before I try and heal my toe. I've had them before and this one is pretty inconvinient, I...

 Cartilage infection?
I've had my cartilage pierced for give or take 4 months. It got infected about 3 weeks ago, i got this little blister looking thin under my earring. I cleaned it 2 times a day and it went away. B...

 Question about accident?
2 years ago I had a really bad accident where I tripped over a hole in the road and landed on my face smashing my top 3 front teeth!

I have since had fillings to build my teeth back up (...

 the inside of my ankle is swollen?
i got hit right above the inside of the ankle by a wall of stone and it swelled up a lot, just on the inside. I can walk on it pretty much perfectly, but it is still swollen. I am icing it but I am ...

 Is my leg ok?I fell face first on a wood floor!?
Today i was at home and i tripped over my dog when he stood up!
so i was crying for like 5 minutes . face first so my knee cap is like hurting very badly on a wood floor am i ok what should i ...

 help me, i don't know what to do.?
my left shoulder blade is killing me, it hurts so bad. I feel like I am dying, or maybe its just me over thinking it because it is killing me. I rub it and lay on the heating pad, or rub some tiger ...

 Please help us.... please right now. EMERGENCY?
Hey, it's Janie and ma bff Abbey. We are 14. were at Abbeys house, we've been in the pool all day. We live in Australia and its been 45 degrees celcius which is 113 farenheit.We sorta ...

 I banged my head on hard tiled floor?
okey this was like 3 weeks or so ago now
i collapsed in my bathroom and slammed my head on the hard tiled floor
i passed out for what i presumed was only a few seconds but could of been ...

 How do you ease muscle pain???
Well today when I was walking my dog, my idiot brother threw a ball and my dog (a Labrador) went rushing after it. He dashed so fast that I didn't have time to think so he yanked me forward and I...

 iv got a hole in my leg and its yellow?
a blister appeard from nowhere then this happend its round and a millimeter deep. doc gave me some cream but its not healing at all. its all red all the way round. its been cold weather and iv not ...

 I have a scar on my knee that's turning black is that suppose to happen?
The stitches on the inside are coming out and half of the scar is black and there's no pain when i poke it with my finger nail, but when i try it on the side that isn't black it hurts. I ...

 Did I Break It ???
ok today when i was running on my job i feel and hurt my knee

Could it b broke

Black and Blue
Hurts like hell
Berly Move it


 my mom just got cut....question plz?
she got cut from a peace of glass doing dishes ......and the cut is deep but its but at a angle so there would be no way to stich the cut up what should she do how should she treat it but its pretty ...

 is it true when you get a black eye u cant get it again?
i want to get a black eye so i wont go to summer ...

 Can you take the antibiotic Amoxacillan if you are allergic to penicillan ?

 I hurt my toe last night and I think i broke it...please answer this...i need any advice possible?
It was my pinky toe, and it wrapped around the table leg, and the rest of my foot went the other way. it was diagonal and away from my other toes, but I taped it to them and it wasnt too too bad.

 I broke my leg up to the knee, how can I wash myself?
Hi! My name is Lily and I'm 14.I recently had a car accident and my leg was broken.It's been almost 4 days from the accident and my leg is in gips.How can I wash myself?!...

 If you break your left leg, can you still drive your car?

 Do I have tendinitis? Please help! 10 points!?
So I've been playing classical piano for about 20 years. I took a year off last year, and starting playing again about 2 months ago. I've noticed that my left hand feels weaker and the left ...

 Could my wrist be broken?
Several days ago I tell and (of course) to prevent falling on my face I put my hand out and jammed it pretty bad.

I've tried wrapping it, ice, and heat, but it still hurts quite ...

My ears feel like they are stuffed with cotton after getting hit in the head why?

Anyone that lets their boyfriend/husband keep hiiting them in the head.... has cotton instead of a brain.

Hey It's Bailey [:
Dunno how to cure it.

But i know how to prevent it:
Don't get hit in the head.

you may have suffered a minor labyrinthine concussion.Which means a inner ear concussion.Clean out immiadatly and go see a dotor.What's a concussion? Concuss means "to shake or jolt." Concussion is an injury due to shaking. Some tissues, such as the delicate neurons (nerve cells) of the inner ear or brain, do not fare particularly well with vigorous shaking. Depending upon the severity of the injury, these cells may or may not recover. Temporal-bone fracture is a more serious injury than simple concussion, and it is more likely to be associated with permanent injury to the inner ear.

Cactus Cutie
Ask a doctor. Maybe swelling? Get that checked out, fast!

Pressure from a bit of swelling.

Mr E Double
ok did blank out when u got hit in tha head if u did u got a concosion if u did'nt pull the top part of your ear out slowly and try to listen for a crack if you hear it the crack and you fell better then good luck if you do not feel better go to the doctor as soon as possible but try this first i often get the same problem because i play football and am a lineman and my head takes a lot of the beating good luck

You may have disarticulated the ossicles in your middle ear, broken the bones around your middle ear, etc. You need to go see an ENT as soon as possible to get a CT scan. Getting hit in the head is nothing to wait for... there may be something wrong and you won't know it until you get the scan done.

Queen T
gotta ask a doctor

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