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 how to treat a second degree ankle sprain?
i play baseball and about a month ago i injured BOTH of my ankles and they have not been the same since. when my coach tells us to run it hurts really bad. i have been icing them and soaking them in ...

 I have many old injuries some 3 years old, i am only 21 years old is there anything i can do?
does physical therapy work? ultrasound? surgery? or is there no hope (hurt shoulder knee leg wrist elbow)...

 How to break your ankle? Serious question read the description it will explain.?
And no i am not just some person who just wants the crutches. Ive broken my ankle twice in the last 18 months. Well i just re injured it and the doctor said that it is only a sprain. But do to the ...

 Shoulder Popping?
Some time ago i was working out and i think i threw my shoulder out. When it happen i was lifting some wait and some of my friends thought it would be funny to put an extra 5 pounds on one side, and ...

 How do you give a good massage?
. shoulder and back....

 I lost my big toenail a few years ago. It grew back well except for the upper right corner. Can anyone help?
About 5 years ago I dropped a 4'x8' piece of medium density fiber board on my big toe. It only dropped about a foot but had me on the floor instantly. The entire big toenail on my right ...

 Plz answer? Does it take long to get a cast?
I found ou I might have broken my ankle (long story short I hurt myself on my bike 2 weeks ago hasnt gotten better got worse actualy)
Anyways I might have to get a cast, how long does it take? D...

 what would happen if i cut myself with a rusty blade?
like if u were shaving and u cut ur leg
and the blade was rusty

cuz i did that
whats guna happen?

plz n ...

 Ankle/Leg problem??????
I went on holiday just under 3 weeks ago and on the second night I tripped on the stair and kind of twisted and stood on my ankle (painful!) and i couldn't walk on it for around 20 minutes. I ...

 Is my ankle Sprained or just hurt?
a couple minutes ago after running my ankle started hurting went I rotated it,
No bruising.
It hurts when I try to walk on it.
I think I twisted it.
I dont know.


 Is it to late to file for workman's compensation after being diagnosed and operation?
I did not know at the time of my injury that it was work related, I went to my regular doctor whom sent me for testing, after the test it showed I had cubital tunnel. I was then sent to see a surgeon,...

 scoliosis and dizziness plz helpppppp?
hi, im 13 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis a month ago.....i think ive had scoliosis for a while cause about 3 or 4 years ago my gym teacher noticed my spine wasnt straight..... for about a ...

 I cut through my lip, and its very swollen, what to do?
I was tossing a ball around and, of course, it hit me in the face =] anyway it managed tp cut through my lip on the very side top lip, and it isnt a particularly bad cut, but its super swollen, what ...

 angry with doctor, i don't think he believes in my symptoms?
I've been having unbearable cramps in my arms and legs randomly. It's not from excersise i know for a fact, it starts small and it gets progressively worse to the point that i'm in ...

 The tip of my middle toe is tender and swollen, what could be the cause?

 sprayned anklke?
i just sprayend my ankle today and it hurst really bad. i twisted it about 3 other times allready so my question is can you twist your ankle soo much that you cant play sports any more and this time ...

 I have this strange bump on my head, can you help!?
This bump isn't like the size of a marble or anything like that, but more like a 'pumped' vein. It's really close to where a babies 'soft spot' would be, maybe a half an ...

 How long till i can walk without crutches after an ankle sprain?
I sprained my ankle about week and half ago. It was at work, and i was taking to the hospital. I was told that it was just sprained and just needed time to recover from it. its been almost two ...

 Does anyone know how to stretch your heel?
I do gymnastics and when I did a simple round-off somehow I hurt my heel. It has gotten better but still is hurting and uncomfortable. I would like to know of any stretches I could do that may help.<...

 How high is the risk of refracturing a wrist break after external fixation?
I participate in Tae Kwon Do and recently fractured my wrist (Colle's fracture). I am curious as to the risk of refracturing the initial break, and most importantly, how likely am I to break my ...

Miranda E
My arms go numb, and it feels like electricity is shooting through my hands through my wrists. Whats up w/them
Can't hold pins or even markers first thing in the morning.
I have a hard time playing guitar because my hands go numb.
Electricity through my hands and wrists when I reach in high places

lucy g
to me it sounds like otherides with the stinging pain but i would ask a doctor about the numing

Sounds like what was happening to me. Basically carpel tunnel issues. Solved by wearing splints at night to keep my wrists straight. Felt better first morning after wearing splints and totally better after a week or so. See a physical therapist or doctor and it should be an easy fix. Best of luck.

celeste k
Hi! As a massage practitioner, my guess is that you may be having problems with your carpal tunnel. Sometimes, massage and physical therapy can help tremendously. You may want to see your doctor if these don't work. Carpal tunnel surgery is an outpatient [ no overnight stay] in the hospital. But call a good massage therapist first : }

Celeste {Cleveland}

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