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 Nurse's or Doctor's PLease?
My Boyfriend just got hit in the skull with a pipe twice today, he's out of town and his nose/face is broken/fractured and he may have had a brain injury"concussion"....he has been to ...

 my Mom is old...got fracture,what to do now?
my Mom fell down on her back...I took her to E.R...X-ray showed a fracture in tail bone about 5 mm.
they do not recommend surgery...just pain killer.
doctor said " she might have to ...

 Cause of Tail Bone Pain?
Last October I fell going down a hill and hurt my tailbone. The pain isn't as intense as it was at first, but after 10 months, it still hurts (particularly when I'm sitting). What did I do ...

 How do you know if you injured your big toe?
I got kicked in soccer, but I kept going
because i didnt want to look weak : (

It kind of hurts to walk on it and it's a bit bruised
Additional Details
my soccer ...

 How can I tell if my tibia is broken/fractured?
My tibia(bone area on the inner side of my calf) has ALWAYS hurt me for about 5 years or so. It all started when I was in high school in cheer leading, with all the gymnastics and running, im sure ...

 Is it possible that a hip injury gave me a fever?
Okay so, my hip is really swollen because i fell on it skateboarding tuesday, well i decided i was ok to go skate today and i fell on it again... and now im starting to get a fever, i just got over ...

 Can I go by myself? Mother problems?
I'm 13, and since my mom refuses to take me to the docter to get a X-Ray on my ankle that could indeed be broken, as I can't put any weight on it, nor can I stand on it, and if I move it in ...

 I accidently cut myself but there's no blood, just a clear fluid instead of blood?
Why is there clear fluid coming out?...

 how do you make your own bandaid?
im trying to make a bandaid for my fingers but i dont know ...

 How many bones have u broken and how did it happen?
Im just curious i never broke ne think before and i always wanted to wear a cast i thought having a cast was ...

 ok everyone i need your advice, should i miss work tomorrow?
ok so my work is a brand new store opening and im supposed to be a cashier. the first week they just had me help out and i was pulling really heavy stuff and just doing crazy stuff and when i got ...

 How do I walk away...?
My girlfriend and I are having trouble communicating and when it gets real bad I want to just walk away for a while to think and compose myself. How do I do it without making her feel abandoned?...

 I injured my toenail a few months ago, and just now when I was looking at it I felt it come loose...?
I've been cutting it down as far as I can now, gross as there's blood and an awful order coming from it.

You think I should just rip it out? Wait for it to push itself out? Or go ...

 my ankles hurt so much?
i sprained it 3 times, the last time i sprained was 2 weeks ago
the pain is like a repeated lightning pinch, goes on and off by a 5 second interval
what's wrong?
i've had ...

 Broken arm can i play sport?
Hey Its would be a funni story if it didnt hurt so much but yesterday I fell out of my treehouse and smashed ma wrist. I broke it and was rushed to A n E where they stuck this killer needle in ma arm ...

 Broken toes ?
I broke two toes about 2 - 3 years ago now but one of them is starting to hurt in the mornings when i get up and i get sharp shooting pains in it some days. Is this a sign of arthritis?

 i have a Burn on Wrist, What do i do?Help?
long story short i have a burn on my wrist i got about 4 hours ago.It has blistered and the blisters are about 3mm high (not sure in inches) probably as high as a 6 page magazine maybe higher. The ...

 Does breaking your tailbone effect you in anyway?
Other that the excruciating pain while sitting down?...

 what will make hot glue burns stop burning?
i accidently spilt HOT glue (literallly) on my finger and leg. How can i make it stop burning? HELP!!...

 For those of you who have been on crutches, what is the most significant way it changed your lifestyle?

Is my leg broken? Please help it hurts!?
Ok so yesterday i decided to go out for a little bit so i went to my garage and brought out my unicorn. First off we were just like flying around the block but then we saw this gnome who told me that he'll give me a pot of gold if I take him to this one magical rainbow. I thought "hey i could use some gold" so i said yes, but he was a little trickster. when we got close to the rainbow he sprayed some magic dust on my unicorn and jumped off parachuting down. And then my unicorn like, hit the rainbow with his leg and i just flew down all the way to the ground and landed on some magic mushrooms. they did brake my fall but i landed incorrectly and i think i heard my leg snap. It's kinda swollen and is turning green. Please help.

You should take more acid like you did before and maybe your leg will heal! :D
I always hate those freaking gnomes!!!

Yes its broken

Please, give me your shrooms.

I'm not your doctor, so I can't see your leg. Go to one, and he will tell you if it is broken.

wat kind of drugs are u on lol

Amandeep Pasricha
lol nice story i think u should write books for little kids ya know

Really? Everyone knows that gnomes are the trickiest little things, *tsk* *tsk*. I would suggest going to the spider doctor since they know everryyythhhinggg about legs!

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