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 When mad last night my husband hit me really hard twice on my left knee now it's swollen what could be wrong?
My husband & I had an argument last night & he hit me really hard twice on my left knee. This morning I could hardly get out of bed because it's swollen & I can hardly walk on it ...

 If you were decapitaed, is it possible to remain alive (or be aware) for a period of time after?
Strange question I know, you can thank The Office for this one....

 I got kicked in the head yesturday and hit my head again today...?
Yesturday while I was taking a martial arts class my best friend accidently kicked me in the head fairly hard. I had a head ache for the rest of the day. This morning just after I woke up I walked ...

 Broken Toe?
I'm just curious what u get when u break a toe?...

 When i stretch, or run or jump, my ankle hurts...is this normal???
i havent seen my doctor about it ...

 How deep are the arteries in your wrist?
Okay... I know that they are deeper than they appear...
But how deep exactly?
Like... how deep would you have to cut to cut them?
Just... wondering.

Please don't ...

 i want to walk again?
i ve trapped a nerve in my lower back and my right leg wont work i have rested but its just gettind worse giving me cramp in my arm to it been about 2 weeks now and i ve been taking painkillers how ...

 i have a broken leg and i went to the doc and got meds what can i do it still hurts i'm on crutches and i fell

 what is inflamation of the nerves called?

 I broke my finger a week ago?
Its annoying me. Im right handed for writting and its my right finger. Will they be ok if I take the tape off them? They're not sore and swollen anymore. Discolouring going ...

 My Beagle just got bit on the leg by a Germam Shepard.?
The German Shepard that bit my dog is all up to date on shots, as is my dog. Regarding my dog, I don't know how serious of a bite it was. There is a puncture on my dog's inner thigh and ...

 Any natural remedies to reduce scarring & speed up healing? (Read)?
Hi, a relative had a bad fall recently and cut her forehead. It was quite a deep cut, right on the bone and she had to have stitches.
So, anything you can suggest to speed up healing/reduce ...

 How is the fastest way to heal a bruise?
A can of soup from up high fell on my middle toe on 12/22/07. My toe was really swollen at first. It is still too sore to bend so I have a hard time walking. I need to run a 5K on 1/13/08. So I need ...

 Right knee went out a few weeks ago. Had x-ray....show nothing, but orthopedist says tendinitis,?
maybe meniscus tear. After two weeks of physical therapy, knee still hurts, feel like some lead weight inside there. Originally unstable when hurt two weeksa ago. Feels sore when walking. Is ...

 Why is.........................?
my throat doin' this? It's been hurtin off and on for the past few days and the Doc. says it's nuthin. He also said I have very small tonsils for my age group and that they wouldn'...

 dislocated knee?
i have dislocated my knee twice now and i do alot of sport , netball, dancing etc how long should i wear my knee brace, is it safe to take it off while doing sport now i have been wearing the brace ...

 What is the youngest age to have plastic surgery?
Ok so I broke my nose a little when I was in 3rd grade in PE, and now I am 15. There was a little (not much)bone or something protruding from my nose on my right. It healed naturally, but there is ...

 can it heal?
well i was on a trampoline and i fell on my face and it didnt hurt but later i had lines on my faceand my dad says its a burn but how do i heal it???
Additional Details
please i dont ...

 sprained ankle help need fast go to school all week?
i was playing football in backyard and the ball was high up i caught it but came down and landed sideways on my right foot.i think its 1 degree.unfortunately it happened on sunday evening so i have ...

 Right I've got a very serious problem and i need advice.?
I've just noticed that i have only got one Tea Bag left, now should i use it now or save it untill the morning?...

Is my dog oK if her toe nail fell off?
I was washing her and she fell, later on i found a toe nail. soooooo is she ok?

What kind of dog has toenails?

i would take her to a vet....u never kno if it could get infected.

she will be fine, don't worry, as long as it is not troubling her. if she starts to continuously lick it and make it sore take her to vet. hope she is OK

My dogs nail fell off too... she is fine... her nail grew back :)

Yea I worked at a vet clinic just as a kennel attendent but I worked on dogs nails a lot. If your dog is older or maybe an accident you didnt know happened than the nail can fall out sometimes. My vet would sometimes have to pull dogs toe nails that looked dead or unhealthy with little or no pain done. take care

yer thats ok, i have found the odd toe nail in my dogs bed before now, and she fine, nout to worry about, the only time to worry is if it is bleeding or look sore around the area, then i would take her the vets, but other than that, i would just leave it be :) it will grow back xx

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