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 i was in hospital for bad sprain and bruse took xrays wrist not broken the doctor didnt give me any painkiller?
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Is long term use of painkillers bad for you?
they are opiate based... Tramadol + Gabapentin/Neurontin ... I lost my leg in a car accident 5 years ago and have been on these everyday since, i need them, the pain is unbearable without them... I have a prosthesis though and get plenty of exercise and drink lots of water each day...

Brandon C
no they kill pain .... so they have to be good ;)

I'm sorry to hear that... If a doctor has prescribed you to them, then I wouldn't worry about it; he knows what he's doing. If you haven't consulted with a doctor, it would be my suggestion to do so.

*~Sandra V~*
First off, I am so sorry to hear about your leg. Gabapentin/Neurontin is fine, I take it as well for headaches. You will have to wean yourself slowly off it if you ever want to stop it.

The Tramadol may have a opiate in it ( narcotic ) so ask your doctor about the dependency of it. Opiates are addictive.

Signs of addiction can be taking more to get a high, not following the doctors orders. And seeing more than 1 doctor to get more drugs. If you are following what you are suppose to do and are under a doctors care, you may need them for the pain.

Again talk to your doctor about these concerns

ehh most likely.

Yes. Any longterm use of anything is bad for you. Especially medicines. You should avoid taking pills. Unless they are absolutely necessary or you need them to live, don't take them.

Chief Wahoo!
yes, they arent good for your internal organs, or your mind

Alexa chi chi boom
WOW that's some ****, from what I know they r addictive after some time, I hope your doctor is aware of your medication, I HOPE U SEE BETTER DAYS

It's tough when you have a medical need for painkillers, but like most things......even those good for you, there can be side effects both immediately, mid or long term.
Constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; increased sweating; loss of appetite; nausea.are some of them.

With most analgesics (pain killers), kidneys can be affected too. Is it possible that most enquiry can be made into the cause of the pain ? Not easy (I have miserable pain-but not agonising -long term, and I sleep, use coffee and accept that I am a cranky person)

list others in a similar situation.

remember that opiates are addictive too. When I am enjoying myself, an ever so rare thing, but I don't feel quite as bad. Try looking for joy, and that also may help reduce the dose, or postpone it.

There still is a component of mind over matter, despite the realities.
Good luck.

-fill in the blank-
well yaa because they totally kill your liver and you start to get used to them so you cant really use them anymore after a certain amount of time

Cherry Super
ye that is true ,u would rely on it if there was a long term use of it ,ur self body could bit weak for pain .


im sorry you lost your leg and yes its bad for your liver

Nate Donahue
Yeah, Sounds Like A Combination That Could Very Well Be Lethal.... But On The Other Hand.... The Way You Must Feel...... Oh! How Magical. lmao.

long term use of ANY narcotic is bad for you... drinking alcohol every day is bad when you drink enough to get drunk, or taking a daily dose of heroin is bad too.... this stuff will rot your liver and do lots of other horrible things to you. however, you're probably going to go through serious withdrawals if you take yourself off of them. you just don't know it yet.

as far as the pain, maybe you should have the doctors kill the nerves in that area.

The Nonn
If you're still having pain five years after a surgery, you're NOT okay.

You need to see someone about it, and you probably need to be checked into a pain management clinic.

The medications you're taking are highly addictive, which I'm sure you know. I find it hard to imagine a responsible physician would continue to prescribe them for this long. What did you do? Find Anna Nicole's old doctor?

Okay, that last was pretty tacky. But you don't write like an unintelligent person ... and I don't suppose you asked this question because you didn't know the answer.

perhaps, but the longer you use them the less effect they will have on you and eventually your body will acclimate to the drugs . . .

You should talk to a doctor about this, since painkillers can be addictive. I'm not saying that's the case, and I'm not trying to scare you, but this would be something worth looking into.

Good luck, dude.

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