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 has anyone done this before that has a short temper.................?
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 If everyone is laughing, I can't be seriously injured, right?

 my buddy beanie was mauled by cats today...and his nose fell off...?
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so the question is:
do you know a ...

 Why do some scars heal faster?
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hello all i got stitches on my right knee and will it hurt whn they take out the stitches? oh and by the way i got 6 stitches.
Additional Details
p.s. will it hurt when they take them ...

 Is this normal?
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 stiches help plz?
ok i have stitches on my right knee.and i put hydrogen peroxide solution on my stitches and i wait 3mins for it to dry then i put fogera.then i put some paper towl and i wrap it up.then i go to skool....

 I've had a knot by my shoulder blade for about a month, and today I'm getting spasms down my arm and?
down the side of my chest.
Should I just ignore it till it goes away?
Should I go see a doctor and get out of work?
or should I just eat a bunch of the muscle relaxers I have left ...

 My hand was stuck on the engine, and it was hot and now it is hurted and bleeded!?
Can doctor glue skin on again?...

 What can a male family member do with all his time at home?
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He just got his 5th or 6th Y!A ...

 Treatment for cracked or broken ribs?
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 I have this purple bruise. how long does it take to go away?
it's a real pain in the azz!!!!
Additional Details
LOL Tim.. got yourself in a sticky there.. i'll show you *wink wink*...

 About A Year Ago I Cut My Leg Really Badly Shaving But Now....?
Ive Done It Again And I Put A Plaster Thing On It Called Prisma And Then Some Micro Tape Will It Be Okay In The Morning Or Should I Have Put Some Sudocrem Or Savlon On It?...

I had surgery 8 days ago in right ear to fix hearing loss the doc took out packing today but the inner packing that desolves on its own is still there But My question is I cant hear a thing in that ...

 PLEASE help me with my injured finger!?
Yesterday at my softball game, when i was catching a ball, my right middle finger got hit by it. It was hurting me, but i thought nothing of it. Then, I looked at my hand, and my finger was crooked. I...

 What can cause a chest burst like in Alien movies?

Is it normal for a scar from surgery to still hurt a month later?
I got surgery on my collar bone about a month ago (September 17). I got internal stitches and now there's just a scar there. I've been taking Advil almost every day because it still hurts REALLY bad. Is that normal?

Yes, it can take a long time for your scar to heel. Just hang in there with time it will fad away. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.

Kellsie M
Yes its normal for you scar to hurt for a while, mine hurt more than a month. I had surgery on my spine and the scar still hurts every know and then. Its healing.

bill k
Can't help you there..

Feel Better!

sometimes. i surgery on my hand ((carpal tunnel)) and i've got a scar there. it was fine after about 2 weeks. i had a c-section for my son and that scar hurt for about 2 MONTHS. so it varies. im not a doctor, so i can only scare my personal experiences.

all i can say is, if it gets to the point where its interfering with yer daily life or its EXCRUCIATING, then you need to call your doctor or surgeon. he or she can tell you exactly what to do. or maybe take a look at it.

good luck babe and feel better! xoxox

Agnieszka P
yeah i had surgery on my back and it hurt for like 3 months after it hurts less and less everyday

Can I see your feet?
I got my apendix out 9 months ago and sometimes it still hurts!

Joe B
Oh yeah it will but it will soon subside.
But it is always worth another look from a doctor.
It may also be a certain movement that causes it as it may disrupt the healing process of the scar area whch is causing pain.

this is normal because ur skin cell should be repairing ur skin by now and ur bone cell should be repairing as well

Heidi ♥'s The Twins
Yes. I had knee surgery in Feb. and I had pain in late April. I still have some pain with in now from time to time, but not as frequent. Over time it gets less painful, but if you are really concerned, you should go talk to surgeon.

it can hurt for a while. i'll be 19 soon, and i had surgery the day after i was born on my intestines and i have a scar that goes across my stomach and that hurts from time to time depends on how i stretch. but the frequent pain shouldnt be around for much longer, but it may still be bothersome from time to time

Yes its very normal. Because your body is now healing around the stitches, it would take longer for it to heal then usual. Just wait a few more months and if it continues more than half a year see your doctor about it.

♫4 ur eyes only♫
yes, unfortunately, it is.
My dad had gallbladder surgery about 2 yrs. ago, and his scar still still hurts and is sensitive to this day, although not much anymore.
I hope it feels better!

normal, and if you scar easy you will find that you will feel it when the weather changes for many months to even years to come.

Courtney C
I would expect it to hurt a while after surgery. If you are uncertain I would visit your doctor and have them take a look at it if it continues to hurt a while from now.

i dont care dont ask dumb questions

Yes it is. Sometimes in some cases it could take Weeks or months before it heals. Hopefully for your sake that's not the case. I hope u get better very soon.

Yes it is very normal for a scar to hurt or even tingle after surgury. When your body is cut into nerves are damaged and when your body heals it sometimes takes a bit longer for you nerves to heal the pain or tingling is the nerve ending growing back. Now sometimes there may be a slight tingle which some people think is painful that my not go away because the nerve endings don't always grow back...

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