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 what is wrong with me....help?
i have been having back problems for a while now.
i have been to doctors (regular doctor and chiropractors)
had xrays done (perfectly fine)
been to physical therapy (helped some)

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 i cant hear out of my ear except crackling sounds?
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 Whats the worst?
injury you have ever sustained.
I cut a quater of my left thumb off at work.2 tonns of steel jammed on top of it,all scwiched out like toothpaste....

 My nail got shut in a car door in Sept., and now the nail has fallen off...is it normal for it to look bumpy?
My nail took almost six months to fall off, and now, underneath, it looks bumpy. It seems like there are some hard, raised parts that look like a nail, but it certainly does not look like I expected....

 My knee hurts after doing squats yesterday. i'm afraid i might have a tear. how can you tell if something?
is torn or broken?...

 my son split his head open at school?
my son is nine years old and one day recently the school phoned us to say my son had had a little bump on his head do we want them to get an ambulance or pick him up. i rushed to school and when i ...

 What are some basic ways to heal a spraned ankle without going to the doctor (besides ice?)?
My friend sprained their ankle when he was playing basketball and sprained what are some fast easy ways to heal it? Thanks Tina2213
Additional Details
My friend sprained his ankle ...

 My sister broke her leg because of a Chiropractor?
a few months ago my sister started getting pain in her leg so we took her to a Chiropracter to see what was going on he did an x-ray and everything but he said that her leg was aching because of her ...

 broken pinky finger?
couple of years ago i hurt my little finger i thought it was broke but my mum said it wasnt but 2 years on it still aches and gets stuck in 1 postion sometimes and i get cramp in it? :S it gives me ...

 Can you die from a splinter?
I have had a splinter in my finger for a few days now, and it is a very tiny sliver of wood. I keep forgetting to get it out, and I remember hearing as a kid that a splinter could get in your ...

 What should I do about the pain in my feet?
I have been doing Cross country at my school. My feet and legs are really sore. The backs of my heels get sore and red. Football boots are torturing me because I have skinny ankles(no support). Do ...

 Do you automatically die when you snap your neck?
One of my friends told me that you're still conscious until your brain shuts down....

 compensations for injuries?
My hubby had a road traffic accident while driving a van for work in work time.(3 DAYS AGO) no other vehicle was involved as it was due to the severe weather ( WINDS) .He has suffered broken leg ,...

 where can i find a wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome that is not an ugly beige or black color??

 my arm hurts from doing curls. my lower upper arm. how can i heal it?
i did curls and i think i stretched my arm too much.
and now the spot on my lower upper arm and my upper forearm.
do you know how i can heal it?
cause it' hurts every time i ...

 I have had my cast off my hand for over a week now but it still hurts,why?
Whenever some one shakes my hand,it hurts like crazy.How long before it heals up completely? I broke two bones but should i go back to the hospital incase there are problems and i need it set again?<...

 i was riding my skate board and i fell and i think i broke my arm?
what to do i cant drive and my hubby is in the army helppppppp!...

Jesus loves you
Injured my back at work, what should I do....(please read)?
I reported my injury to my employer and they sent me to their preferred clinic. I went there today. They suggest therapy. They did no exam, no x rays and they indicated to me and my employer that I could return to work with no restrictions.
I'm in shock since I feel that I need to go through physical therapy before I could go back to work. I'm really in pain and I told my employer that I'm not satisfied with the service coz I don't think I can work with some treatment/therapy first.
Idk, I'm waiting for a call from worker's comp today, maybe i should explain them in better details.

Wendy Lopez
First of all the clinic had no business releasing you to work without at least an x ray. Allot of injuries wont even show up on x rays so if you continue to have pain you need to tell your employer you want an x ray done and if that doesn't show anything and you continue to have pain then you will need an MRI. Don't let them release you back to work if you are in major pain, insist upon the x ray and further testing if the x ray shows nothing. You can also request to see another doctor of your choice so keep that in mind as well.

I never like Comp doctors either...they do what every is the cheapest to get you back to work, because a lot of the injures are not really injures anyway. It a problem. I hurt my back at work and then I was sent back and 2 months I rehurt it at the same job but the company switch providers for WC and it went to a lawsuit. I won.

Since I don't know what and how etc on your injure, it's possible their answer is correct...you can see your own doc at your cost if you really feel the Comp doctor is nuts.

BTW your car accident if this goes to a lawsuit could cause an issue for you. It could be blamed for the injure and they could force you to go talk to that insurance company causing you a lawsuit for both insurance companies.

If you are in pain and cannot work as a result of an injury sustained while on the job, then you need to apply for workman's compensationl. Tell that to your boss. Going to his suggested clinic is not good enough. He must submit your request to his insurance carrier. You pay for this comp insurance out of your pay check every payday. If he refuses to comply, threaten to make a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board. That'll get him moving in the right direction. If not, send a letter to the Board, every large city has an office. They're your friends and want to help you. Go there, tell them your story and bring all the documentation that you have. You'll get help, for sure.

Lisa A
Well, that's what you get for using your employer's doctor. You do know that you employer has a conflict of interest? And your health is not something that they are concerned with? Their concern is not being dinged with a worker's comp claim.

You need to go to YOUR doctor. At this point you need a second opinion, and you need proper treatment. Then in order to get workman's comp, you are probably going to have to get third and fourth opinions.

~*Bride in 2010*~
You definitely should go into detail with Workman's Comp. That clinic obviously is only concerned about making money and not the well being of the patient(s). If they suggested therapy, then why are they allowing you to work with no restrictions?? Sorry, but they sound like idiots! (The clinic) When you get the call from workman's comp, go into detail of what the clinic suggested and what they did and didn't do. They will probably tell you to go to a different clinic/doctor for a different opinion. Working with a back injury without restrictions can do even more damage, and your employer would be responsible. Sorry this sounds so rude, but the clinic you went to are obviously idiots! Hope this helps and good luck!

Yes, you need to talk with W/C. Now, I would go back to that clinic and tell them that you aren't any better. That you can't stand, sit, whatever the problem is. Also, you can pay to see a dr. and W/C will pay you back for that, if they agree with what's said. Don't let them push you, they will try. You have rights. Explain all to W/C about the pain and all that. Ask for Xrays. If they get you to work, then they can stop you from getting what's due you thru W/C. You must miss 5 days of work to get a paycheck from W/C. Call W/C before like 3 if you haven't heard.

They have to work with you on this. If you continue to work before you have healed, you could get injured further, and that is a liability to your employer. It will cost them more in the long run. I would talk to worker's comp and tell them. I would refuse to return to work with no restrictions until your problem is settled.
Years ago, I fell down some stairs at work and got hurt. If I remember correctly, I chose who to see and where to go, but I had to run it through the worker's comp first to make sure they approved my visits. You are not obligated to go to their clinic. I would demand that you get to choose where you go because they will tell you that you are fine to avoid spending more money on medical treatment for you. They are doing you wrong, and they can get in trouble for that! You can report them if they will not work with you, or even sue them.

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