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 What should I do about my hurt finger?
About 2 days ago at wrestling practice my pinky finger started hurting. I don't know how I hurt it it just started hurting badly. The next day it was swelled a very little bit and grey towards ...

 Stitches Falling Out?
I got hurt this pass Monday and I had to have 7 stitches in my mouth under my bottom lip and 7 outside because I cut it all the way from the inside out. Some of the stitches that are inside my mouth ...

 Broken Pinky Toe?
Last night i tripped into a wall. And imediatly felt terible pain in my little toe. It started to turn purple....then i iced and it turned red and now its failry normal color but it looks big like ...

 is it normal to try and kill yourself once in a while???
i have scars all up and down my arm from failed ...

 Does having stitches taken out hurt? They are below my bottom lip. Thanks?
I blacked out and smacked my face on the ground and had to have 11 stitches. Bad way to start the year lol.
Additional Details
before you ask i do not drink so wasn't drunk. It was ...

 dropped a portable telly on my big toe
Earlier today I was fitting a portable telly to a bracket on the wall and dropped it, saw it coming so managed to move my foot but it hit my big toe, mainly the nail area, i know its not broken as i ...

 i hit the back of my head? should i be worried about this?
earlier, i was playing with my chair then i fell off..i hit the back of my head on the floor? i didnt get dizzy after but of course, i got a bit stunned immediately then it was gone.. it doesnt hurt ...

 Should a hospital or its doctors and nurses be responsible for a patient braking their hip while in their ER?
My elderly mother was taken to an Emergency Department and not monitored properly after being asked to walk and subsequently fell and broke her hip. Who should be liable for her care and rehab? They ...

 Should I sue? And what ground do I have?
I was working at Tonyroma and I slip and fell. I have a brusie lip, knee and hip. Should I sue and what ground do I have to sue?...

 ok... so my hand?? again, doctors welcome!?
So, i have asked this question about 3 times, but i need a direct answer. Is my hand broken? the two knuckles are purple, but my mom doesnt want to take me to the doctor because of money. but it ...

 i just burned my finge=r like 10 mintues ago?
omg i was taking a pan out of the oven with only one oven glove on and like i took my bare hand on the other side and 2 seconds later i burnt my finger and i ran my middle finger,index,and pointer ...

 Is it normal after a concussion to be extremly tired?
I had a concussion Friday afternoon, had a seizure then concussion after falling off a 5 foot ledge skateboarding.

and now im extremly ...

 can I wrap my bruise in plastic?
I fell from my scooter 4 days ago and got a bruise on my leg.I've heard that if I wrap it with plastic it will heal better.Does anyone know if this works? I was trying to find out in the ...

 Does anyone have a clue of what kind of insect bit me? All I know is that it hurt like hell! ?
I was outside and lifted some trash and it felt like something had poked me with a needle. Right after I noticed a small bug and without thinking I killed it. Now my finger is a bit swollen and ...

 i've had an irritated eye for about 3 days already, it's red and tearing and I can barely open it?
theres this one red line vein thats going to my eye and its been there for 3 days and it feels like theres sumthing in my eye which makes me have to close my eye and its tearing , i cant keep both of ...

 i got a problem i cant seem 2 slow down i speak very fast eat fast walk fast well u got the idea?
sometimes i speak so fast that words arent clear. i get so embarassed bt cant help either, and i get annoyed if sum1 speaks or walks slowly can any1 help? coz its really creating social probs 4 me....

 do toe nails grow back?
like if half gets ripped off?...

 Thumb keeps shaking?
ok so my thumb keeps shaking by itself and i dont know why it started just today and it stops for a little then it starts shaking again i wanna know why its doing that if its because im ill or is it ...

 question about finger?
i dont no what i did to my finger and well i was playing football and it hit my finger really hard and i was crying ( and i like never cry ) it still hurts like when i bend it all the was up and down ...

 Anyone know a way or a product to heal wounds faster?
I was recently in a car accident and I have some very slow-healing, itchy, painful cuts on my leg, and I don't want them to scar. I hear that Ah-Mend is a good product, but does anyone know ...

IIs It Okay If My Sprained Ankle Has Been Swollen for 5 weeks???
I sprained my ankle about 5 weeks ago and the first 2 days i could barely walk, about the 2nd week i could walk normal but it still kind of hurt, and now 5 weeks have passed and my ankle has been swollen, not like in the beggining but its still sort of swollen.
Should i put ice or do you recomend something.

go to the doctor. either you keep aggitating it or you did a little more than sprain it.

its probably just normal when i broke my bone it stayed quite swollen for some time, the main concern is if it swells and you get pins and needles or it goes a blueish colour if this happens you should definetly go to the doctor immediatly

have it checked out it could be fractured.

Sounds like more than just a sprain. Go see your doctor asap.


Simple answer: Yes.

Explanation: "I sprained my ankle about 5 weeks ago and the first 2 days i could barely walk, about the 2nd week i could walk normal but it still kind of hurt"

From that sentence,it is clear that you used your ankle too much before it was ready.

Sprains (especially of the ankle),and especially if they aren't properly treated can take ages to heal.Generally sprains will heal in 2-6 weeks,but can take up to a year depending on the severity and treatment.

You should be following RICE:

Rest (don't walk on it more than necessary)
Ice (20 minutes at least 3x a day)
Compression (wear an ACE wrap or ankle brace)
Elevation (at least at hip level,above the heart is better)

If you follow this for a couple of weeks,you should see improvement.If you don't see any improvement,or if you are still worried,go see a doctor and ask for an MRI because you could have unidentified ligament,tendon,or cartilage damage that needs to be treated.

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