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 I have Hammer Toe.... Questions!?
Ok so i have hammer toe. I am only 13 and there is hardly any pain and when there is it is VERY Mild otherwise i dont even remember its there. I doesn't rub againt my shoes too. I have been ...

 I cut my thumb?
um lol I was Opening a presnt thismorning and I had to use a knife and I acsidentaly Cut my thumb and its kinda deep I mean its not that bad but it is purpplish blue and red and when i move it I can ...

 how do you scratch your leg with a cast on?

 Is it bad to go to sleep after a major head injury?
I've heard that if you've had a head injury and vomited because of it, or had a concussion, you shouldn't go to sleep without seeing a doctor.

Is this true? If so, why?...

 What is the worse PHYSICAL injury that you have ever had????
details please =-)...

 Will I have to change jobs after knee surgery?
I am currently serving in the Army military police corps and I had knee surgery which was relatively unsuccessful and was wondering the how things may play out for me. I am not sure if I will have to ...

 Low long does a tendon injury last?
About 1.5 years ago I went to the doctor about pain I was having in the muscle in the back of my thigh for about 6 months, down towards the knee. It only hurt when I pushed on it, or when I did some ...

 Help with ibuprofen!?
I've recently been an idiot and taken a fair amount of ibuprofen the past 3 days. The first day I took two, the second day four, and the third day four. The thing being that I only took it ...

 after injuring my r ankle playing rugby 6 weeks ago?
i still have severe swelling and minimal movement ie even with force i can not bring my foot towards my body . it is like there is something stopping it. pain is very minimal to. Still waiting to ...

 does anyone know why im still in pain after 5 weeks?
i was hit in a car and injured my neck. i have neck pain headaches and arm weakness. the mri said the disc are fine. they said no clinical reason. well now im in seriuos pain and i feel like people ...

 My cat bit me and it's getting worse. . .?
I posted the other day about my cat that bit me. People said use ice because it fells really tight. But when I used ice it hurt even worse. And today it's a little red around the area of the ...

 DR. cut my mandible nerve during surgery?
I will never be out of pain , do you think that's fair? what should I do? Not his fault ?
Additional Details
I had a rare tumor, it wouldn't have killed me but only get bigger ...

 When ligaments are torn completely is surgery usually necessary?

 Is it normal to still have a painful throbbing ankle several weeks after a sprain?
Sprained my ankle about seven weeks ago. Still having alot of pain. There is still a little swelling though it has gone down consideribly. Sprained it nastily about 7 years ago and its been a little ...

 Is my toe broken? PLEASE ANSWER?
I stubbed my toe on rocks yesterday, and now it is completely swollen and my toe nail is purple, constantly my toe aches, and i can't move it. Is it broken?...

 How can you prevent tearing you ACL?
I am a dancer and I play soccer and I hear a lot of girls talking about hurting their ACL and never being able to run again. What is an ACL and how can I prevent from injuring mine?...

 i broke my ankle playing football?
i broke the inner part of the ankle joint and have two screws in it at the mo when can i start playing football again as this is my love and im putting on some weight . and the other side of my ankle ...

 is her cut infected?
my friend cuts her self, yes its her fault and she knows it, but im worried about her...three or four days ago she cut (with a bit of broken glass), its not very deep but its very big and the center ...

 what did i do to my ankle?
i hurt my ankle yesterday when i got unbalanced and sorta like rolled it and it really hurt. i have sprain ligaments before but dunno if i did it again or what.
i can walk on it( only limping ) ...

 How do you know if you have whiplash?
I was in a car accident about 7 hours ago. I don't remember the actual impact, but the front of my car was totalled, so I must have moved, even though I was wearing a seatbelt. My neck hurts and ...

I sprained my ankle, should I sleep with an ace bandage on?
I did it 2 days ago and it is still swollen and bruised

DO NOT sleep with the Ace bandage on! This will cut off your circulation!

It depends on how much pain your in. If it hurts then yes. I suggest that you sleep with a pillow or two under your ankle at night. It will take the swelling down faster.
Hope it feels better.

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