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 medical - what is nacl?
NACL Irrigation 500
500 ml/...

 Is it possible that it is fractured? Or broken? What should I do now besides see a doctor? What will they do?
Well, I jumped off a swing 3 years ago and never went to the doctor. That was a big mistake because now it hurts whenever I trigger it or just at random times. Its not swollen now... but I dont ...

 Should i go to the doctor?
So as of yesturday i have been having really strange things happen to my brain, I will be just sitting there and it feels like alot pressure is being released and i will get really dizzy for an hour ...

 The swelling in my foot will not subside....any suggestions?
On Friday of last week I had a pretty bad fall. I was sure that my ankle was broken because I couldn't move my foot at all, and my ankle looked like it had a softball growing out of the side of ...

 leg pain?!?
my brother and i were wrestling and he landed on my leg with his knee
he kept pushing down because he thought i was joking about how my leg was hurting like crazy

so 15 seconds later ...

 How long should a sprained ankle take to heal?
I sprained my ankle about 10 months ago. At the time it did hurt and I could barely walk on it. However, I wrapped it up and within a day I could easily walk on it. I might not have used ice or ...

 Did i break, sprain, or fracture my pinky?..or niether?
I hit my pinky pretty hard yesterday and it hurt a lot but i thought it would be okay after a while. this morning i woke up and i tried bending it but when i do it feels like im pulling or stretching ...

 Navel / Belly button piercing???
I've had mine for 4 years, and I don't often change or leave out the ring. About two weeks ago, mine started to look pink, and I took the ring out, washed the ring and piercing, put ...

 how do u heal a sprained ankle?
im on crutches and have it wrapped, and ive stayed off of it, what else can i do?...

 Help!What do you do if you get rubbing alcohol in your eye!?
I touched something that had rubbing alcohol on it and then rubbed my eye then i rinsed out my eye with cold water and it is still red, will this cause serious problems, should i consult a doctor. ...

 How long will it be till my toe and toenail go back to normal after getting badly bruised and blackened?
I bruised my toe when the cabinet door fell on my foot. The surrounding skin area around the toenail is badly bruised including the base of the nail. How long will it be till my toe and toenail go ...

 What is wrong with my jaw?
Sometimes my jaw makes a popping sound when I open and close it. recently it has been very sore and swollen. It is hard for me to chew my food and open wide.

I diddnt do anything for this ...

 What can you do for SEVERE muscle pain?
My boyfriend was in an accident and got stitches in his forehead and bit threw his lip, but what's really killing him is his neck and shoulders. There were no broken bones but just major ...

 What type of doctor would I go see regarding my knee?
My knee has been bothering me for the past few months. I as running a lot.....and I took a break and picked up spinning. Now rather than having pain in the front of my knee....the back of my knee ...

 Does everyone get knocked out at one point in their life?
Have you ever been knocked out? What happened?...

 Does getting shot hurt?
From what I've heard, it itches more than it hurts. I mean a REAL shot, from a gun, not a silly needle....

 any ideas how i can break my wrist arm or leg??
its an odd question i know i am not going to explain all the reasons i want to i'm not crazy or anything so can i just have genuinely helpful answers please
thanks xxx
Additional D...

 My leg is hurting, please help?
I'm a track sprinter. Last week, I strained my hamstring doing a leg kick that went up too high too fast. I thought I could run it off, but four days later at my meet, I ended up injuring it ...

 what kind a doctor is this?
ok idk what its called like a doctor who does bone or something like that. like fixs ur bone and gives u a cast or something.

for example when i broke my knee i went to a doctor which ...

 Is Ice or heat better for tight hamstrings?

I pulled a muscle on the right side of my back in the middle?
What can i do to stop the pain?

Pulled muscles are best treated with heavy doses of pain killers such as tylenol. However, copious amounts of alcohol are also strongly suggested.

Take ibuprofen 4 the swelling. 1st 24hrs apply ice 10-15 mins at a time every hour. After 1st day alternate ice & heat pack to injuried area @5 mins each (alternating) and apply every 2-3 hrs. After 2 days use heat only 10-15 mins every 2-3 hrs and gently do small back and torso stretches. Can also try lying on your back with yours knees intoward your chest area and gently rock back and forth 2 try and increase blood flow 2 area.

Try using a heating pad for 10-15 minute intervals. A medium setting would probably be fine. You could also apply rubs such as Icy Hot, etc. I personally like the Icy Hot patch. In addition, take Ibuprofen (Advil or another brand) While a prescription dosage is 800 mg (4 pills of Advil or another brand), I personally would try a lower amount such as 400-600 mg (2-3 pills of Advil or similar). Hope you feel better soon.

Sounds like you have sciatica brought on by an injury. What happens is the muscles of your core (your hips, thighs, back and most importantly your abs) get knotted and in spasm. You may have done something to irritate any of those muscles or to hurt your spine, like lift something heavy. If this is the case your spine sounds like it is compressed and because of that it's irritating those nerves around the compression and causing you all kinds of pains. When these muscles are irritated they pull the lower back and pelvis out of alignment and that causes painful sciatica and other problems. I hurt my back before and a friend turned me onto inversion therapy or hanging upside down. After just one try I could feel the muscles in my abs start to stretch out as the spasms broke up and the muscles relaxed. As your abs loosen they will release their grip on your hip muscles and thighs. As those muscles all loosen they will release their grip on your lower back muscles. As they relax and loosen they will release their grip on your lower spine and pelvis. Once all the muscles are relaxed your lower back and pelvis will be free to go back into alignment naturally and this is what will stop your pain and sciatica. Stretching the muscles is the most important thing! Hope this helps. GOOGLE: inversion therapy online health mart : to read more info. on your pain.

By fixing the damage, drugs to block or hide the pain will slow or stop the healing process and leave you with a permanent injury.


get a massage

Hikaru H
800 mg of ibuprofen is a standard prescription dosage. It will help with the pain and also act as an anti-inflammatory. Also, don't sit around idly as this tends to only stiffen the muscle. Keep active, but don't follow the "no pain, no gain" rule. Two exercises you can do to help include:
lying on your back with your knees bent...raise one knee and gradually bring it to your chest with both hands on your knee. Stretch as much as you can stretch comfortably and hold the stretch for 20 secs. the stop and wait 10 secs, and the do the other knee. Now for the second exercise, balance yourself on all fours and tuck your chin to your chest. then slowly crouch down by bending your knees downward. hold the stretch for 20 seconds and do it 3 times with 10 sec breaks in between. You should feel both stretches in your back. Again, make sure that anything you do stays comfortable for your back, or else you could cause more damage then what has already been done..good luck! and I hope you feel better soon!!

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