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 what is a "staff infection"?
i ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. first they told me i was bitten by a spider and they wanted to keep me for observation. they cut open my wound in the ER and later admitted me. my ...

 My foot is really brusied on top and I cant walk on it. I need opinions!?
its my left foot, and it started hurting during school, but I really didn't think anything of it (Monday) But it was about 5 p.m. that day and I was going to put ice on it because my foot ...

 i suffer really bad from camel toe?
what do i do? its awful and it gets really itchy. please help. all my trousers appear to wear away. HELP...

 Hi, once i accidently cut my self with the back side of the fork (not the sharp part the other end)?
it wasnt actually a cut, it was like bruised, and this girl im tight with like kissed her finger and touched my bruice..im not sure she has aids but im just wondering if i can get aids? (p.s. it ...

 My god! Now i hav both hands stuck in the door! What do i do?
please help me im stuck this is a serious ...

 What should I do about the scabbing with my head injury?
Last Friday, I had myself a little accident.
Long story short: Laceration of the scalp.

It just occurred to me this morning to check out the discharge forms as to what to do about ...

 please help it is an emergency!?
yesterday, i noticed i had a bruise in the center of my right arm, it is very small, but today it has formed into a lump! i also cannot feel my thumb, middle, or index finger. what should i do??...

 is this normal? please answer if you would like 10 points♥?
i broke my arm january 9
i got my cast off feb 2
it is march 20 and my wrist still occasionally hurts.
is this normal? please idk if i should go to a doctor or not.

 About a year ago i got a papercut...?
is it safe for me to drink milk...???...

 If I put deep heat in my eyes how 'deep' will it go .?
If I put deep heat in my eyes how 'deep' will it go . Will it relax my Retana or wont the effects get that deep?
Additional Details
Jesus ....OWCHHHH .... it really hurts!!!!!!!...

 I injured my finger, how do I know whether it's jammed or fractured?
I was playing rugby and after the game I noticed my middle finger was in pain and I couldn't move it that well. 24 hours later, it is swollen a little and there is a bruise at the middle knuckle....

 Help!! I've broken my toe (the one next to the little toe)! Whats the best thing to do?
It's not deformed badly, nor excessively swollen (yet). There is a small hint of a bruise. It's quite painful to walk or attempt to move it. If I go to the hospital they'll just ice ...

 why is my ankle hurting?
A quad ran over it in 06. Is that the reason.
Additional Details
It only hurts when I run. I ran almost all the time so it is used to it and still do....

 Need help Got rash from legs rubbing and got to wlak tomorrow :(?
hey guys i got a rash from the top of my legs rubbing with the heat, and have to go walkign tommorow but it hurts when the skin touches what can i do ?? anything to help me overnight ??...

 Is my Thumb Broken?? Please answer!!?
I just was playing basketball and my thumb had been hurting a lot recently and while dribbling the basketball and my thumb popped and I felt this emmensly hurting pain run up and down thru my thumb.M...

 I got shot in my leg 2 times and cant make it to hospital?
it hurts and no1 is home and i lost my phone!!!!!!!!...

 What is wrong with my knee?
I had a soccer game about a week ago and I felt my knee pop out. When I got home I could not walk on it. Then I put an icy-hot on my knee and it felt a little better. My knee was still sore. Then I ...

 im 14 and my BF raped me, when i hit the floor i got a bunch of bruises 1 on my head and it reallly hurts?
he kind of well pushed me onto the floor (after i said no) and held my wrists (which have bruises too along with my elbows and legs) and i've been getting really bad headaches where i hit my ...

 Omg, how do I reduce the pain (don't have ice) and should I go to the doctors?
Well yesterday my friends and I found a cart on my stret so we decided to return it too thestore and my friend accidently tipped it over with me on it and I landed on my shoulder and hip it doesn'...

 i got hurt and my boss doesn't believe me ( my foot and i can't walk )
what should i do any help?...

I pulled a chunk out of my nose!! Help!?
I have had this chunk of dried up, whitish yellowish stuff, i think a whitehead, on the tip of my nose for weeks. I bothered me and I kept messing with it until I pulled it out. Now I have a huge hole in my nose!! a big one! What can I do?? Please help, it looks bad!

Two things:
1. Ha! Your name is Joshua!

♥Proud Momma of 3 in TN♥
sounds like you had a staph infection.
when the core comes out in these they leave a hole
i would suggest seeing a doctor.

Antonio Venomous
go to the hospital if it is a really big hole

go to the doctor if ur bleeding.. if not then just put alcohol and cover it up,, sleep it off

lay off the coke

tape it up

and neo sporin the stuff that helps wounds heal quick.

you should go to the doctor!!

i just threw up

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