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my friend cuts her self, yes its her fault and she knows it, but im worried about her...three or four days ago she cut (with a bit of broken glass), its not very deep but its very big and the center ...

 what did i do to my ankle?
i hurt my ankle yesterday when i got unbalanced and sorta like rolled it and it really hurt. i have sprain ligaments before but dunno if i did it again or what.
i can walk on it( only limping ) ...

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 I have been diagnosed with damaging the ligaments in my left foot, what treatment and excercises should I do?
Friday night I slipped down a step and landed awkwardly on my left foot. After a trip to A&E I was told I had possibly broken my 4th metatarsal bone and would need to go back for a review in two ...

christian girl
I cut my thumb?
um lol I was Opening a presnt thismorning and I had to use a knife and I acsidentaly Cut my thumb and its kinda deep I mean its not that bad but it is purpplish blue and red and when i move it I can feal the skin pulling and it throbs

Linda B
First is your tetanus shot up-to-date? Next, does it stop bleeding? If it doesn't you may need stitches, if it does stop, you probably just bruised it when you cut it. wash it with anti-biotic soap, like dial. Put anti-biotic creme on the pad of a bandage and covering the cut with the cream put on the bandage. It should heal just like any other cut, except it has a bruise to heal as well.

Is the cut open still? If it is, and if it keeps reopening when you move your thumb, you might need stitches. Either that, or you need to bandage it so that the cut will stay closed. If it doesn't close up within a day or two, you should get stitches. Only problem with that is... stitches should be done right away, because the skin on the edges starts to die from the cut being open too long... so, it's your call.

If I were you, I'd just clean it, then bandage it. Don't make it so that it's too tight though! I did that once when I was in 6th grade, and I just kept pressure on it till it stopped bleeding, then came the band aid! hah. Hope you had a good Christmas! ;]

if it is that deep, you should go to an emergency room so they can put some special stuff on it to let it heal faster. it probably doesnt need stitches, but they can get it patched up good. don't try calling the emergency number, because doctors aren't supposed to give advice over the phone, unless it's something life-threatening.
you probably shouldn't let it go, because it could get infected and it could get worse. hope that helps!

Please go to doctor immediately.

Chrystal D
you probably need stitches, however not always true. just bandage it, but dont cut off the circulation. as long as it stops bleeding it should heal on its own.

apply pressure to the laceration(cut) with a wet rag for 10 mins and replace the rag when it gets too dirty. to stop bleeding:
-elevate the place that is bleeding
-wash your hands and put many layers of fabric on the cut.
-clean the cut gently
-call doctor
-do not use alcohol or benzol peroxide as this will damage the tissue and slow healing
-apply butterfly bandagess bc this is a long cut but if none are availible use normal bandages
you need stitches if:
-if the cut is more than 1/4 inches deep
-they have jagged edges or gaping open
-cuts that continue to bleed after 15 mins of pressure.
-cuts on joints
-cuts on fingers or hands YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!
hope this helps !!

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