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 Get rid of muscle soreness fast!?
Ok I haven't worked out in almost a year because a year ago i fell down some stairs and broke my foot and its been real tender after that. so yesterday i worked out for an hour and today i qm ...

 I have a reoccurring cut that is under my lip, that heals and then reopens. How can I make it go away?
1) It seems to be completely healed, but then it reopens.
2) It is sometimes moist, but then it'll dry up.
3)This cycle has been occurring for about a month....

 Should I be concerned about this?
I am 34 years old and I tripped and fell very hard over a board hitting my shins when landing. My problem is that one of my shins is very bruised and is now carrying fluid over the top of the ...

 What exactly are stitches made of???
My boyfriend last night told me that there made of cat guts???? This sounds just really crazy to me, but is this true???? ARE STITCHES MADE FROM CAT GUTS?????...

 I got the crap beat out of me today.?
I am too ashamed to go home, but have no money for a hotel. What should I do till the swelling goes down?
Additional Details
I try not to dwell on the negitive....

 My boyfriend slammed my wrist in the trunk in the summer. and it still hurts! what's the deal?

 Help! My Foot Hurts Real Bad!?
Okay, in soccer, some freak accidentally kicked me really hard on my right foot! So, I've had trouble walking on my right foot since, and my big toe got really swollen. Should I leave it and ...

 Sunburn followed by headaches...?
I got a sunburn yesterday. It's pretty painful, but its only on my lower back and face, which isn't the worst I've had.
The thing is though, all day today I've had head and ...

 My friend has recently been in a serious accident?
My friend was got ran over 3 months ago, It's possible she will be paralysed from the neck down for the rest of her life.
I'm a little concerned about her mentality at the moment ...

 My son hit his toe 2 days ago and it is very swollen and his toenail is black?
It looks as if the blood is underneath his nail and causing pressure should i rid the pressure and let the blood out?...

 what would happen if a police officer saw u on the side walk with ur arm bleeding a lot?
its a weird question but im just wondering....

 how can i treat scoliosis?
What can i do so i reduce the problems of scoliosis!?? without the operation.......

 I jammed my finger a few months ago and there is a bump. What can I do?
I jammed on of my fingers in February and there is a bump. I doesn't hurt or anything, I'm just worried if there is something wrong with it. What can I do?...

 HELP!!! my friend fainted?
so we were at a hookah bar..my friend stood up, walked a little bit, fainted, her eyes rolled back, her body froze...it was so scary but after 30 seconds she got up and barfed...she drank a little ...

 i punched my front door and left knuckle marks now my wrist hurts and i cant use it what have i done to it?
its swollen and cant lift anythig at all with ...

 Ankle sprain or fracture?
Injured 3 days ago in volleyball. Trainer says sprain. Started with pain and severe swelling over outside ankle bone. Now swelling almost gone but pain getting worse and some mild bruising. Barely ...

 how to treat a broken or cracked rib?

 my brother was hit on the head by a double A battery any info?
my brother was hit in the ear last night by a double A battery it made an echo Sound and he started bleeding from his ear anyway this morning he still feels fluid in his ear any info on why this is ...

 Girls, what is the worst injury you've ever gotten?

 Bruising Easily?
I bruise really easily. If I kneel, my knees get fat bruises. Are there any ways to get rid of bruises? It's possible it could be a blood problem, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?...

How to cut yourself so you bleed to death?
Alright. This sounds very peculiar, I know. But, I'm writing a story where my character cuts so much that he accidentally dies. However, I don't cut myself so I wouldn't know how this is done. How much would you have to bleed to die from severe blood loss? Do you know how and what it's like to cut?
Or if you could give me some websites. That would be really helpful.

Please help. I'm doing this for someone I met a while ago. His story was so sad. He really inspired me.

Drowsy Poet
or liver? maybe.

Be Nice
You liar! First you say you are "writing a story where my character cuts so much that he accidentally dies"You contradict your self and say..."Please help. I'm doing this for someone I met a while ago." You can research this your self "Top Contributor" after-all. isn't this how you got to the top by answering others questions.

Tiny Dan
advice on suicide is against community guidelines , call a suicide helpline.

we all have our ups and downs , things will get better.

Ask the person who "inspired" you. Can you not think of something to write that would inspire someone to seek treatment for self-mutilation? By the way, self-mutilation is not done for the purpose of committing suicide. Do a web search on "SELF-MUTILATION" and learn what causes people to become cutters.

cutting your wrist too deep can cause death

A while ago, I worked at a prison in the medical ward. One of the inmates decided to kill himself & came to our door with a huge deep gash diagonally across the side of the neck. He cut the carotid artery & was almost dead by the time we got to him. If you hit an artery, which comes directly from the heart, the blood will gush out, as opposed to hitting a vein. Veins don't have a pulse like arteries do, as this is the blood that returns to the heart & is less oxygenated.


redd headd
Cut your tongue off and you'll bleed very profusely, and no one can attach it or stop it from bleeding . But why?

big joe
when cutting the arms, remember its "down the street not across the road."
i hope your smart enough to figure out what that means

•● Liam ●•
It is extremely hard too cut oneself too the point of death.

A common way of succeeding however is to cut deeply into the wrist, with the aim of severing a vein, then submerging the characters wrists in water (bathtub for example) as the water prevents the blood from clotting.

Trying to cut too the point where death may occur without submerging oneself in water however will be extcrutiating pain, and the self harmer is most likely too seek medical help, or to scream loudly before they can successfully make the right cuts for themselves to bleed to death. Also loss of blood may cause oneself to pass out, during this 'pass out' time, it is possible for the cut wounds too clot and stop bleeding if not submerged.

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