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 What is the dumbest, or most embarrasing way you've ever hurt yourself?
I've done it too many times to count, but one in particular: I removed the guard screen from a fan and tried to put it back on while it was ON... the screen slipped down when I was trying to fit ...

 knee troubles...?
hey, i was out clubbing a couple of nights ago when i sat down, put my leg on a stool and stretched it out. i instantly heard and felt a big pop when i stretched my leg out.

i couldnt walk ...

 I need MORE help ASAP.?
Okay so, thanks everyone for your help, I am convinced i need to go to the doctor. My parents are BOTH convinced I dont and I wont need to see a doctor in the near future. How can i possibly convince ...

 Do you smoke and for how long? How old?
So I'm just curious , I smoked for about a year and didn't really get addicted so I thought what was the point? (YES it was peer pressure) I quit. But how long have you been smoking and how ...

 Is is okay to leave a bullet inside somone's thigh?
My nephew was shut in the thigh by police during a civil protest. A doctor trated his wound and closed the bullet wound, leaving the bullet inside the thigh. He said the bullet will eventually come ...

 Is long term use of painkillers bad for you?
they are opiate based... Tramadol + Gabapentin/Neurontin ... I lost my leg in a car accident 5 years ago and have been on these everyday since, i need them, the pain is unbearable without them... I ...

 i think i broke my foot but i cant be sure?
ok so i was playing soccer and was kicked very hard in the foot. something snapped inside my foot and i think its broken. it is not swelling(yet), but it hurts like hell when i try to walk but not at ...

 Do You Think It's Right to Call A girl who Is confined to a Wheelchair, Crippled?
If She is Able to Slowly Walk Around on Crutches, Even though She cannot do regular Things but tries?...

 My hip is hurting really bad, can someone help?
I started running cross country this fall and i loved it. But after one meet that I over ran hill my hip just started bugging me and I'd ice it then every time it seemed as if it was getting ...

 Does it hurt when you get your stiches tooken out ?
I got stiches on the back of my left leg down lower down. I have had them in for two weeks, and have been taking care of them correctly. I have been taking showers daily and waiting for them to dry ...

 What is the best treatment for bone spurs on your heels?

 Pulled hamstring 6 months ago, still not fit
In january I pulled my hamstring playing soccer, its soccer season again and I can barely even touch the end of my shins. It hurts directly where I puled it 6 months ago when I stretch it, very close ...

 What happens if i break my arm at school??
I really dont like calling attention to myself so would i be able to stand not going to the doctor for like 2 hours?? ive never broken a bone so i dont know

and im not planning on trying ...

 I was hit by a drunk driver 2 1/2 weeks ago, Now having Leg pain should i Talk to a lawyer, or his Ins. Co.?
A drunk driver hit me, and i had to physically chase him down and bring him back to the accident scene. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since the accident. I am having leg pain on a scale of 1-10 about a ...

 What do you think is wrong with my husband?
My husband just called me from work and said he was on his way to the hospital. That his vision went blurry for like an hour and then it came back and it has a really bad headache and he feels all ...

 Can a hospital collect a 6 year debt that was never billed to us?
My husband was treated and our insurance billed. We received an insurance statement that we may be billed the remainder. Service date was 12/09/2000. We never received a bill. Now, 08/07/2006 we ...

 I got hit in the head answer immediatly?
ok well i was wrestling yesterday and the kids head i was wrestling bumped in the back of my head and it hurt for about 10 seconds. then when i went home about an hour later i got a bad headace in ...

 What is the best treatment for a venomous snake bite?

 My boyfriend just got his third or fourth concussion?
this is his 3rd or 4th one in the past 2 years... it was just a mild one but I'm concerned about long-term effects. Is it true he's more susceptible to them since he's had so many? ...

 i am crying with the pain 10pts?
I was at footie ad a guy on the oppsite team kicked me instead of the ball at the course ad reali hit me hard with his studs. i am 14 ad am a runner ad dancer and wen i walk or run i feel lyk crying. ...

How long will it be till my toe and toenail go back to normal after getting badly bruised and blackened?
I bruised my toe when the cabinet door fell on my foot. The surrounding skin area around the toenail is badly bruised including the base of the nail. How long will it be till my toe and toenail go back to normal? Will Hirudoid cream help heal it?

I shut my thumb in my car door last year, and it took a full year for the nail to completely grow out.

There is a natural remedy which does actually work, get some Arnica from a heath store or pharmacy and soak some cotton wool in it.

Are you serious?
my friend was ice skating and her shoes didn't fit correctly. She figure skates so she was wearing them once a day. Her toe turned all blue and it still hasn't gon back to its original colors... I would say ..... 2 months... but ur nail might fall of if its that bad......

The cream won't help.

Depends on whether you killed the nail. Just take good care of it. Keep it clean. Could be a month or long before it looks perfect again.

Remember healing is nature. Your body does it for you.

stella F
I went skiing years ago and bruised both of my big toes in the first week[shoes did not fit right]in the second week I could hardly walk,and had to have them lanced,[right through the nails]and that hurt,eventually both by nails fell of.But they never came back the same,they are much thicker now and that was years ago.If I was you I would go and see the Dr. or nurse.Just in case.Best of luck hope you feel better soon.

Domino's Mom
The cream won't help, just use ice. you may loose your toe nail, depending if you damaged the nail bad enough

If the nail is blackened it needs to grow out - period. Sometimes if injured badly enough it will fall off and regrow. This will take a long time, certainly more than a month.

If you didn't break it, the damaged area of the nail will grow off in about 3 months. The same thing happened to me when I was serving my self a drink in the mug I leave in the freezer. I put ice in it and I heard a crackling sound and I just thought the ice was settling. When I removed the mug from the table the bottom of the mug fell off onto my big toe. And it hurt like a %#%#! But it wasn't broken and the bruised area grew off in 3 months. And that's what will happen; it's not going to fall off with no nail there. It will simply grow off.

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