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 what was the most painful thing that has ever happened to u
my most painfulthing was i tried free running and i tried to jump off a 30ft building and i jumped and i didnt jump high enough so my legs hit the rail and i landed with on armes from 30ft and they ...

 How much does a rotator cuff surgery cost?

 how can i.......?
sprain my ankle purposlly ? i do not want to fake it because i do not no how to limp if it dosent hurt! and that is gay to fake it and my school nurse would ask me to see it and she will no if it is ...

 my daughters fingers got stuck on a freezer surface?

 How long does it take for a blackened eye to heal and what should he put on it.?
My bf got into a fight last night at a cook-out, some guy got a good wack out of him and got him in the eye, this morning it looks really bad. What can he put on it for a quick fast recovery?...

 how can i sprain my ankle?
is there anyway i can sprain my ankle?Without feeling pain.....

 Got flu shot over a week ago and arm is still killing me?
Got my flu shot last monday, Nurse that gave me it, jammed it in my arm and push down as she was pushing in the vaccine. My arm is killin me, taken stuff to supposedly help but still sore. What can ...

 severe sunburn?
i have a severe sunburn with some small blisters....(fell asleep by the pool for 3 hours) anyone have any suggestions on easing the pain and getting it to heal faster. Only serious people need ...

 why is my big toe numb
A few days ago.. i was kneeling down to do some stuff and that put a lot of pressure on my toes. Then all of a sudden i felt this weird feeling in my toe and its been numb ever since. I have no ...

 can you make ice cream as soon as it hits the ground or do you have to wait till it gets over a foot? and why?
okay its snowing and i want to make ice cream out of it ha ha but i don't know if you have to wait for a certain amount or not please help ha ...

 Do i have a concussion?
I was skiing and i hit my head pretty hard. this was yesterday. I did not lose consciousness. it hurt pretty bad after it happened. at one point i felt a little bit nauseous but i haven't since. ...

 what color cast for my leg?
i broke my leg sk8boarding and i don't know what color cast to ...

 Help I have a really big cut no1s home !!!?
i was in the barn and i fell and landed on the pitchfork and have a nasty DEEP cut noones homes i dnt have a lisenses there isnt any cars any where we live on a farm its just me and the animails am i ...

 Do you ever get your toe back if it falls off?
You hear all these stories about explorers of the Antarctic and the Arctic coming back with fewer toes, will they ever grow back?...

 how to prevent/deal with excruciating leg cramps in the calf?

Additional Details
could be from swimming. occasionally wake up with painful cramp in my right leg....

 Just a while ago I was bitten by a dog. Must I go the hospital now?
The dog had been injected with anti rabbis. I made the three tiny wounds on my left hand bleed. I also cleaned them throughly with soap and water, washing them three times. I also poured alcohol ...

 I just stabbed myself with a pin?
it was like a two center meter pin, and i stabbed myself in the thumb. it seems there is blood under it but there is only a little bit coming out. what should i do?
Additional Details

 If you stab yourself in the chest - how certain would it be that you would die?
We have to right short stories under the style of film noir. Anyways, I'm trying to figure out the technical side to this so it seems realistic :o

If someone gets stabbed only once. I...

 how long will it take for my ankle to heal?
2 days ago i was snowboaring and landed on a rail badly. i dont think its completely sprained but i can barely walk or put pressure on my toes. can anyone help?????...

 Epson salt at 711?
Does anyone know if seven eleven sells epson salt for injurys and stuff cause i hurt my arm and talibone and cvs and stuff are closed now, it's like 11:00 pm and im in alot of pain. Do you know ...

How long until my Toe Nail falls off?
Yesterday i injured my toe and it blood blistered under the whole nail. Everyone says the nail is gonna fall off but how many days before this happens. AND...does it hurt? lol. Thanks guys.

I broke my toe and the nail got bruised over this past summer. It took like two weeks. Just don't pull it off untill its ready. It didn't hurt at all when it comes off. Don't force it. For now just put a band-aid on it so it doesn't get caught on your sock and get pulled off. Ouchh

- $
Idk when, but it will probably hurt like hell. Ice will be your friend for the next few days

It depends on how much of the toe nail is separated from the toe. With the blood, it may be hard to tell. But don't irritate it by bothering with it. I had the same injury with my pinky toe & the entire toe nail was off in a few days. But I think the bandage & soaking in epsom salt made it really mushy so it really didn't hurt. I didn't notice the nail was gone until I slightly brushed my toe against something & the sensitivity was really unbearable. I'm not sure if it was the injury or because that part of the toe is suppose to be protected by the nail.

Just keep it dry, to prevent infection & be careful with re-injuring yourself.

Soak the blister in epsom salts to reduce swelling.
If the blister breaks, quickly rinse the area and apply an antiseptic such as neosporin. It is not recommended to break a blister because it may often lead to infection.

mary d
If you are game, take a sewing needle and make it hot with a match or lighter. Puncture the nail with the hot needle...be careful and slow because when the needle is hot is will go in very easy ....make a hole just to the blister and drain the blood underneath the nail. That will relieve the pressure and pain. If you are faint of heart...ice and rest...trim the nail as it grows out. If it is the big toe...it may take months and up to a year to completely grow out. I pulled mine off...(dropped an exercise bike on it) but that isn't a good idea because the end of the toe is unprotected. Be patient and good luck

Cheeto Bandito
it falls off as it grows out which will take months. your nail isn't attached anymore where it is bruised/blood blistered. As your nail grows out so will the damage, you just have to wait. you can trim it down though. If the damage is everywhere the whole nail will be loose but it will be attached still to the new growth under your skin so make sure you cut it.

OMG 0.o I know this one!
that blood blister may add a lot of pressure on your nail you may have to get it drained if the pressure builds up to much watch out for a ingrown toenail if that happens the doctor will remove the nail
if it starts to hurt to much go see the doctor and they will relieve the pressure

ellielouise ♥'
3years,3months and 3 days :)

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