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 my ear is peirced for about 2 years or more. and it had one pair of earings in for a while without cleaning th
em.. but one i took out and the top of it is like black & that ear is like bad it hurts and it just started bleeding today because i was picking something off of it & then i fell asleep and ...

 Medial Meniscus problems or Articular Cartilage Problems After Meniscus surgery?
Did exercise help or hinder your recovery? Please, explain what happened and if you successfully recovered from pain and range of motion. What percentage better are you now?...

 I was in a car accident. I have no insurance but the other driver did...his insurance co is accepting full res
I went to the ER that night and was diagnosed with various muscle and tendon strains, I went to a physician the following week that sent me to a chiropractor. The chiropractor said I had spinal ...

 Pinched nerve in foot?
I have a pinched nerve in my foot, and I went to the doc, he said it'd be fine in a few days.

However, is there anything I can do in the meantime to help the pain?...

 how bad does a broken bone hurt to you ???
i broke my leg and rist lately and i found it didnt hurt too bad ... i wanted to know how bad it hurt to ...

 Please! can anyone help me to get a use car,I need one but don't have a down payment ?
I need the car to go back and forth to the doctor so I can get my INR checked because I take coumadin[in other words...blood thinner] and I don't live near gorcery sores or shopping stores....so ...

 What is a thecal sac?
I just recieved my MRI report and it says, L4-5, Large right paracentral disk protrusion present INDENTING the thecal sac.This DOES compromise the anterior posterior dimension of the thecal sac.

 what is causing my neck problems?
My neck has been hurting me for the past 3 weeks. I had some infections in my throat , ear and teeth whcih seem to all have healed with antibiotics and root canals, but my front and back neck mucles ...

 If a monkey was to bite you...?
If a monkey was to bite you, would you have to get all them shots like when a dog bites you?...

 i cut my ankle shaveing a week ago and its sore on the sides of it ive been useing neosprin do i need a dr?

 how bad is this injury? skateboarding question.?
how painfull is breaking your wrist in skateboarding? from

 Question on collar bone?
is the collor bone ment to be leveled? i.e. both side, theres 2 hard lump, is both lump of bone ment to be in same level positioning? one of my collorbone lump is lower than other.
Additional D...

 Do you have screws and plate in ankle and still run with them in there?

Additional Details
I got 7 screws and a plate in my ankle and its been about a year a 3 months since my surgury and i'm still not full recovered...its still hurts and i walk with a ...

 I can't bend my right thumb?
I fell a few days ago, on my wrist and got stiches. I missed any tendons or arteries in my wrist, but now I can't bend my thumb, and the rest of my hand has swolen up. When I manually bedn my ...

 herniated disc in my neck?
i am 17 years old and am currently swimming for my high school team. it started off with a line of numbness on the left side of my neck and overtime, the pain has gotten more severe and the numbness ...

 how can i heal scars?
ok so ive recently fell off my bike and practically skidded across the ground and aparently my bike is fine cuz it was on top of my back.(i know its funny but its serious) so now i have 4 (...

 Did I do serious damage?
I was with my friends last night, and one tried lifting me, and then I proceeded to try to lift him... which ended up with me doubling backwards, hurting my back and knee.

Since then I ...

 HELP! Can i keep my stitches in for an extra 2 weeks???!!
I was told that it could become embedded into my skin and it'd hurt to take it out, but I have vacation coming up and I'm leaving very soon. I was told to remove it this week but I'm ...

 How long does it take for the Novacaine to ware off for an ingrown toenail procedure?

 my lower back hurts?
it my left part of my lower back.it feels like i pulled a muscle or has a knot in it.well i dont know what it is.its been hurting for like 1 or 2 weeks.it hurts for me to like run,or move in a ...

How long should a sprained MCL take to heal?
Coming off a ladder 3 weeks ago, bent my right knee sideways . Urgent care said no tears, just sprained, after xrays. Go forth and walk on it. It's still stiff and a little swollen, but not on crutches or using a brace anymore. Finally two nights ago, worked it until I could bend it almost all the way. Now I can go up and down stairs, but if I don't use it for a while, it is painful to bend and completely straighten. Any idea how long the swelling will last or what I can do to speed this up?

It took me exactly 4 weeks to rid myself of this pain and swelling, I did everything I was told at the emergency room, nothing helped but to elevate it as much as I could, the ice packs didnt work. They said it would be a while for it to heal THE SAME DIAGNOSIS YOU RECEIVED... One of your answers from someone else said to use warm water or heat .. note *** I WAS TOLD NOT TO USE HEAT ??

I recomend heat therapy. Go take a bucket or container, fill it with very warm water. let it soak for a little bit. Take it our and try walking. If there is improvement, continue as needed. Staying off of your injured MCL will only slow your progress. while you shouldn't over work the MCL, be consistant. If you want to know more please go to www.webmd.com

wind it up
4-5 weeks

alexander p
get some therapy,what ill do if im your therapist is ,have you use your brace when your up,no exercise and stretching if you have pain.as for the use of ice or heat pad, it depends,if you have swelling but its not red, you can put hot pack.
ultrasound treatment in therapy helps in healing your ligaments.
as for how long 6-8 wks for our soft tissues to heal

I'm an ice hockey goaltender and have sprained my MCL pretty badly before. At its worst, it took several weeks to heal completely, probably about 6 weeks total. I'm sure the length varies depending on how badly you injured it, but can still ice the knee to keep the swelling down.

The real problem is that you still have to use it so much during the day. If you could just rest and rehab it, it might heal faster, but unless you're unemployed (which I don't think you are), you won't get to do that. Try icing it down for about 10 minutes at a time when you are resting in the evening. Don't overdo the stretching, either. In a few more weeks, you should be pain free.

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