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 Is it normal for a swollen foot to turn blue?

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I think thats what happened to me.
Additional Details
No im not trying to break trust me i have too many sports coming up ahead i was just messing around being ...

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 I dislocated my shoulder about 7 weeks ago and i still cant throw. why?
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 I can move my finger a little bit?
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How long does it take for General anesthetic to leave your system?
I had major surgery almost 6 wks ago but im still feelin really tired, weak, sore bones and muscles - is this still effects of anesthetic - how long does it take to leave your system?

2-5 days

You shouldnt be still suffering now. This could be a weakesed immune system caused bu the trauma of surgerty, and indeed the condition you had/have. The GA should be well out after a few days. Even after GA you can return to work the day after providing no stitches or wounds. Get a district nurse to visit.

Dynamic Statics
First of all, you didn't explain what kind of major surgery you had. Nowadays, advanced anaesthesia techniques means you don't need general anaesthesia and the surgery can be done by applying local anaesthesia. It also indicates the advancements in science of anaesthetics. Now, you are feeling weak and fatigued due to several reasons. It could be reduced post operative physical activity i.e.your muscles can get weak if you don't move to much. This can be severe if you already have increased weight or physical weakness. There are no certain limits for anaesthesia effects to be completely removed from the body. It all depends upon the nature, dose, and site or targeted area of anaesthesia. About anaesthesia you can visit..www.amedeo.com/

The anesthetic was out of your system a long time ago. The tiredness and soreness could be an aftereffect of the surgery. Talk to your doctor to find out if it is normal for the surgery you had.

72 hours should see you clear of all side affects. The major surgery can be a massive shock to your body. It is probably that which makes you feel weak.

harold g
hello donna27 the anesthea should of been gone after 12 hours it depends on what type surgery you had 6 weeks ago you should go and see your doctor and have it checked out to see what else is wrong with you you shouldnt feel weak or tired this long there has to be something else wrong and needs to be taken care of before you get any whorse than you are right now

Have you been confined to bedrest all or most of these 6 weeks? It is very normal after a major operation to feel tired for quite some time. I am not sure what type of surgery you had, but anesthesia does wreak havoc on the body. It can give you sore and tired joints and muscles for quite some time even after it is out of your system. It is probably from your limited mobility. I am recovering from a major operation myself that I had in the beginning of December and I am just starting to get mobile again. By the time I get showered and dressed I feel like I just ran a marathon. Again, I don't know what type of surgery you had or what your post op restrictions were or what your status is. If you are worried put a call into your surgeon and ask if this is normal for your kind of surgery. Surgery takes a lot out of you. It is normal to be tired and weak.

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