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 In movies, when someone is stabbed in the gut, sometimes blood comes out of their mouth. Is that real?
If so, why is it possible?
Additional Details
Are there certain intestines that you can hit to cause this effect, or is it anywhere? Or totally fake?...

 facial injury?
I had a soccer game yesterday and I got hit directly in the cheek bone with a ball that was kicked at full force by a highschool boy. There is minor swelling and bruising but pretty much my whole ...

 If you swallow gum, does it REALLY stay in your stomache for 7 years?
I remember hearing that when I was a kid, but I accidently swallowed gum and it got me wondering....

 How long does it take for a wound to heal?
I wounded my finger one week ago. The cut was not that bad and it stopped bleeding after about 10 minutes. It is not bleeding now but the skin is not still completely sealed. Does this mean that ...

 Did this resolve itself? Did I tear my meniscus?
Last year, I fell on my knee while ice skating. It was a little swollen and would lock, but only at night, and if I pushed on it, it would straighten. Now I can move it freely and walk without much ...

 What could have bit me on the cheek? It wont heal.?
I noticed an itchy area on my cheek 2 weeks ago. There was a bump in the center and small bumps around it. It itches alot. It hasnt healed. It oozes but isnt painful to the touch...just itchy. Could ...

 I pulled both hamstrings in soccer?
i'm a right midfielder, and in the past 3 days i've managed to pull both of my hamstrings. our first game is on tuesday. what should i do?

i'm already:
*stretching (...

 How can I help my jammed finger?
I play a lot of sports and I jammed my finger yesterday playing basketball. It is still pretty swollen and purple. What can I do to help it?...

 Ammonia smell from my incision... Help please!!?
Ok I had jp drains placed in to drain fluid from under my arm and the hole has been opena dn very slowly healing for over 3 months now. Now I have a very strong ammonia smell coming from it. Dr is no ...

 Should I go to the Doctor?
I have been having some sharp pains in the right and lower part of my knee, and also in the back where it bends. I've had some moderate swelling. I am in Marching band and Softball and so my ...

 How can i take a smack without it hurting as much?
I got my Dad mad because i didn't want to go to Saturday school but not the school detention thing. its like a REAL Saturday school and i was at home and he was at work so hes coming in about 7 ...

 i shot my foot help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i was playing russian roulette but with feet what should i do
Additional Details
blood is all over ...

 Random calf muscle spasm?
This has happened to me a few times before... & i didn't really think anything of it. But when ill be laying down ,& i stretch my legs out, my right calf muscle suddenly tightens & ...

 Personal injury diagnosed but i am unhappy?
Hi all

I had a fall last October and on the day of the fall i was xrayed and found a line on the centre of my wrist. possible schaphoid fracture too. On day 2 i went back as i was in ...

 Is it possible to be burned by ice?
Today after I went running I put some ice packs onto my calves. It hurt a little to do so, but I thought that it was just because I hate how cold ice is. When I took the ice packs off, it left a red ...

 Is it sprained or pulled?
This past Sunday I decided to start exercising for the summer. I ran a mile in my chucks. For the next few hours I felt perfectly fine. Then while walking around my kitchen that night the bridge of ...

 my muscles are so sore, is there something wrong?
So on Friday I tried out for the high school softball team.
It was so hard.
I pushed myself.
I felt fine afterwords, a little tired; but fine.
I woke up the next morning with ...

 Please Answer.......................?
I have posted this question before, but nobody ever answers. Please give me some ideas. I can't go to the doctor, so please dont answer with that suggestion.

Foot / Ankle / Lower Leg P...

 Somthing stuck in my ear help!?
ok i got a pill stuck in my ear( dont ask how, thats not important) how can i get it out its pretty far back in there


 Question about cutting?
My friend and I have been arguing about this for who knows how long. Are you only an emo if you cut yourself, or are you considered an emo poser if you don't but claim you're emo?

Lucy H
How do you make crutches not hurt?
I jsut broke my leg, and I Have to be on crutches for awhile. Does anyone know how to make them not hurt you armpits and arms as much?

The SHzNt
dont put them in your armpits thats the worst thing to do, thats what i did and i ended up having a rash there for 2 yrs. the best thing is use dish towels. they soak up sweat and provides padding

If they are fitted properly, they won't be in your armpit.

This was offered by Carrie to a similar question...
I injured my knee, and have been on crutches for about 4 days now. I have realized that thick shirts or covering the armpit rest with an old facecloth works. Also, try lowering them and using your arms more to push yourself when you walk it helps a lot.
Your crutches should be 3 finger widths down from your armpits and you should have the hand things at wrist level when your arms are straight down. You are supposed to use your arms mostly, not your armpits. This is what the nurse told me in the hospital when she was setting mine for me.

kara b
Ugh... I am suffering with you too!! Got my leg amputated almost 4 weeks ago... and I dont want to use a wheelchair because I need to get up and going! cant wait to get my prosthetic!!!!! 5 more days... then even more work!:( ttyl wow... didnt really answer the question... lol make sure you can fit 3-4 fingers between the crutch padding and the armpit... you can cut off the circulation!! not good... good luck

Oh do I ever feel for you. Makes sure the nurse or doctor has fitted them to you height correctly. I took rubber foam (you can buy in squares at yardage supplies) and memory foam may be another option now days. Fold it on the top and the hand parts, and wrap very securely (I used bandage tape). You really have to secure it good on the hand parts or it will spin. That should help with the abrasion it causes. It takes a good while for your arms to build up those muscles you need to lift yourself. Use them as little as you can and build slowly, use carts and wheelchairs whenever possible. You can also get a temporary handicap placard from the DMV to help. I wish you a quick recovery-those are so miserable!!!

Richard F
I feel your pain as they say. When I had to be on crutches a long time I got those kind that just go up to the lower arm, like people with polio have. Or like Timmy on South Park. No pain, but I did not think they were cool. I was in college at the time.

Elizabeth L
They just take getting used to, but the more padding on them the better.

duct tape washclothes to them. I too am on crutches, and so are 4 other people i know, most of them say it helps, but my parents won't let me. I hope it helps you!

I know where you're coming from.I've been off crutches for just over a week after being on them for a month!


1. Make sure that the crutches are adjusted right.They should be about 2-3 inches under your armpits,and when you put your arms at your sides,the hand grips should be even with your wrists.
2. Take breaks often.After a couple weeks you'll need to take them less and less,but until you build up your arm muscles,you'll need them.
3. Don't try to move too far in one step.If you do,you'll probably end up falling.Once you're more used to crutches you can move more in one step,and also faster,but for now go slow and small.
4. Buy some gauze rolls and wrap them around the armpit pads and the handles.To prevent them from fraying,put some medical tape over it (the paper kind).You'll have to change these every couple of weeks,but they make it really comfy.
5. Make sure to keep your hands moisturized!This helps prevent the rubbing on them.
6. If your hands are really hurting,consider investing in a pair of cycling gloves.They make it more comfortable,and create less friction of your hands.
7. Sit down as much as you can.
8. Ice often,and ice everything.Since you're in a cast,you can't really ice that ankle/foot,but ice the "good" one.
9. Invest in a pair of arch supports/orthotic insoles to put in the shoe of your good foot.It will make things more comfortable,and also make it less likely that you injure that side.
10.Carry around a water bottle with you (a Nalgene type,you know,with the looped handle).This will become one of your favorite things because it allows you to get drinks fairly easily and not have to worry about doing it while only holding one crutch in your hand and squeezing the other (yes,it can be done,that is how I always got food).
11.Small bags with handles are also great for carrying things around.

Hope that helps!

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