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 Can you write with your arm in a cast, if so how ???

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If you broke your writing arm, how can you still write while wearing a cast, Need to know


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-- rs
How do i know if my nose broke? ?
Okay, this kid pushed my friend into me and her glasses hit my nose. It hurt so bad i ran away and started crying. I went in and got an ice pack. which really didn't help all that much. i got this MASSIVE bump on my nose. and my nose was red. the sides were both looking bruised. and under my eyes were turning purple-ish black. now after like 2 hours of continuous icing, the bump went down a bit. but it hurts a super bit. there's still that bump, its red and a bit bruised. also my nose is crooked a tad, and people said it looked dislocated and shaped different. and my eyes are a bit purple ish. i can't touch my nose tho, and it's all runny. it didn't bleed although.

can it be broken?
what should i do?
like doctor, ice, heat..
and what will the doctor do.

love rhy :)
Additional Details
i cant touch the side on my nose without it hurting. i tried pushing it and it was super painful.

the emergency room won't let me in unless it's a definite break like bone through the skin, breathing problems, or something dangerous. new stupid rules.

should i go to the clinic tomorrow and miss some school? cause that's when its open at.

thx for answering, big help :)

milton b
You either have a broken nose or a dislocated nasal cartilage. See a doctor, he may be able to straighten it out for you.

I would say to me (and I'm no doctor) but that sounds broken (or at least fractured) sooo I would go to the doctor. Keep icing it if it keeps the swelling down. And Good luck. And thank you for the answer!

Push it to the side. If it cracks and hurts like hell, it's broken.

You should go to a hospital.even if it is not broken you should get it checked out as soon as possible ,just to be on the safe side.at least you will know for sure whether it is broken or not.I'm not entirely sure what the doctor will do but he might give you something for the pain

You cant tell for sure unless you get it looked at. I suggest you go immediately to the emergency room to have it reset. You need to do this urgently otherwise the bones will be too set to be reshaped easily. If you're nose is slightly crooked- unless you want it like that permanently- go get it straightened. You might be able to have it adjusted under light sedation.

its probably fractured

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