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 home alone and need help!?
Everyones at my little bro soccer game and i just stepped on my pen. it's pretty deep n bleeding now i feel dizzy. what can i do now?...

 Will this be ok? I've sliced part of my finger nail off down to the nail bed?
I was chopping fish and with a big knife i slice all the way through the nail on my indez finger right down to the nail bed. It hurts a bit. Will i lose my nail? Will it get infected? SHould i do ...

 I stab myself in the throat?
i was walking with a fork in my mouth and trip on my steps and fell. the fork stuck me in the back of my throat and it bleeded a little. should i tell my mom? it hurts but not that much but i can ...

 can i put alcohol on a cut?
like any type of alcohol like patron or somthin if i dont have the proper medical suplies
Additional Details
okay also like say its kinda big in i dont wanna go to hospital like a cut u ...

 Recently i shot myself in the foot. I wrapped it with my friends shirt. Should i go to the hospital?
I was only using a handgun. I took the shirt and wrapped it around. The guy was left with no shirt on and we were outside in bitter cold temperatures. His nipples are frostbitten and he can't ...

 do you have to get this done?
ok so i broke my leg and i have a cast on it all the way up my leg and the hospital told me to go up to the tate center and switch my casts do i have to get this done?...

 Does it hurts?
does it hurts when you break a hand or a wrist? how does it feels.
how can i break my hand?
i wana now how much it hurts and how can i break my hand or wrist.
help me please i wana ...

 how reliable are x rays, do they always show hairline fractures?
I think i may have fractured my 5th metatarsal, i dropped a pot bowl on it yesterday at breakfast and now its swollen, purple looking and im finding it difficult to move, is there much point in going ...

 what are some of your stories about going to school...?
on crutches ? were you able to leave class early? did you have some one cary your books or use your backpack around?...

 Should I go to hospital with a suspected broken nose?
Hi there! I think my nose is broken!

I clashed heads and heard it crack on impact and it immediately became swollen. However, there was no nose bleed, just clear runny nose and a slight ...

 how do you mend a broken heart?

 If I were to take a bottle of Advil?
and then change my mind,
what should I do? Other than like, call 9-11.
Make myself vomit, right? Anything else?

This is a hypothetical question, I promise, haha....

 What can I do, so bored with a broken leg?
Telly is junk, fed up with internet and not into reading. YA kept me busy at the moment. What things can you do whilst your leg is in full plaster?

Don't say go to work, I'm self ...

 twisted ankle pains still?!?!?!?
i twisted my ankle a couple times a couple years ago now when i run i get a shooting pain from my ankle clear up my leg is there anything i can do abt ...

 what's the best rremedy for pinched nerve (herniated disc)?

 can you get more brain cells?
i hit my head and i think a lost a lot of brain cell, can i get them ...

 What has caused my hip to be painful?
I went out walking yesterday and now I can't put weight through my leg or lift it up. I'm finding it painful to go up steps. The pain starts from the hip its self and goes down my thigh. It ...

 Has anyone ever woken up at like, 2:30 AM and feel the muscles in your leg calf tightening and then?
an ungodly pain shoots through your leg and you find yourself cursing and screaming for someone to kill you. THEN after it is done you stretch you leg out a bit and then your muscles tighten again ...

 Should I go to a foot doctor?
Should I go see a foot doctor if my big toe on my left foot is swollen and has pus coming out on the left side...And it bleeds every once and a while?But it hurts so bad if I start walking on it...I ...

 Is there any way to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again?

Jessica Mackenzie
How do I break my leg fast at home?
Just tell me the best way.

Additional Details
not a troll

im serious..my leg/ankle

no sledgehammer

I recommend you to see ----> http://www.all-home-remedies.com
I hope that will resolve your problem, keep using answers.yahoo.com

If you mean break your leg CAST then smash it with a sledge hammer, although you may need another CAST afterwoulds.

If you mean break your leg QUICKLY then... smash it with a sledge hammer.

Bobbye Tsuchiura
You should use tramadol, it is the best about it you can get information from here http://canmdh17.notlong.com/AAAccBX

Baseball bat

take a big hammer to it!

mitch conner

do you even realize the consequences to your actions..IF you break this leg, you MAY also submit yourself to having it removed, worse case scenario, but very possible...you, my dear, are a fool!!

asshole *Furious Trolls*
You're a troll
go cut it off with a chainsaw

you are so stupid.but just for the heck of it-one good way to sprain/break your ankle is to hop on one leg downhill.you'll fall.

Vlada Rada
go to the top of your steps and jump on a ege of 1 of the nearest step and start rolling

see a therapist.

Union Jack
ur a girl right?
i take it u've got high heels
u got some stairs? good
Run down the stairs as fast as you can in them. Don't hold onto the hand rail. Just keep on trying it, it'll work.

My friend did it. She dd it the 4th try. Broke her ankle and it had to be in a cast for 3 weeks. But be careful how you fall, she broke her wrist as well and spent the 3 weeks in a wheel chair


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