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 Muscle spasm in calf muscle?
ok well sometimes when i wake up from normally short naps i get a muscle spasm (if that's what they're called) in my calf muscle, and it freezes up for a couple of seconds.

but ...

 My pinky finger is swollen...?
The middle part of it is all big and hard compared to my other pinky and i don't really know why. Yesterday in school it happened. I figured it would just go away but it hasn't yet. It ...

 How to injure myself fake or otherwise?
ok just dont ask lol but what would be the easiest way to "injure" myself or actually injure myself in the least painfulway that would get me on crutches for at least three ...

 I slammed my fingernail!?
On Halloween, I slammed my fingernail in a car door. I never went to the doctor, because I didn't think it was that bad. My fingernail is still attached, but I keep snagging it and it hurts. I...

 is knee manipulation worse then acl surgery or easier?
my range of motion is bad and i need help im allitle scared after the surgery and dont kno how bad it will ...

 Broken leg, please help? 10points?
broke my fibula (lower leg) yesterday and got a temporary splint until the cast can come on next week.
I plan on going back to school tomorrow because I can't get behind in my classes.

 Should this doctor be held responsible for my childs injuries?
I took my 56day old son to the er due to not eating ,vomitting,and fussiness and only to be sent home diagnosed with URI,conjivitis.i was told to give benedryll and tylenol. no bloodwork to see if he ...

 I broke my fibula and the pain has gotten worse?
One week ago today I broke my fibula. I went back for more xray's yesterday and the doc said the bone had not moved so I am to come back in next week again to check. Well, today I got out of the ...

 Just curious, what happens if you fall on your back and your head hits the floor, i grabbed onto something ?
I fell on a slippery floor at work and was falling and then grabbed the pole at the bottom of the dishwasher and that broke my fall, just wondered if i had hit my head would that have created a lot ...

 Painful swelling INSIDE my nostril, what should i do?
Kay, so earlier today, i noticed that my left nostril was really sensitive, and when hurt when i touched it. Even when i blew my nose, it hurt really bad.

When i got home from my friend...

 i fell quite far and hard today?
i'm a 35 yr old healthy male. i fell about 6/7 feet backwards with no way to stop the fall. landed on my butt and didnt hit my head ( i dont think). 1st minute or so, i sat shocked and scared. ...

 How Can Heat Damage Cause Eye Color To Change?
Hello after heat came in contact with my eyes my eye color looks darker and more faded but my eyes and my sight are fine but how has the heat damaged or caused my eye color to change?...

 Possible effects of being hit by a baseball bat?
I know this is a bit of a weird question, but I'm currently writing a novel, and in it, two characters each get hit by a baseball bat with one shot. I'd like one character to be ...

 I have a scar on my cheek and every time i see it i get really depressed?
= / what can I do ? its an indent from a blemish....

 How do you know if you have shin splints?
I work a lot. and my job requires a lot of running around. I never sit down. My shin has been bothering me like crazy. It kinda feels like my muscle in my shin is really messed up. But how would I ...

 Is my Hand Sprained or Fractured?
I was running today and I fell down and landed on my hand, whenever I turn or bend my wrist it hurts real bad, also my temperature is kinda higher then usual. Is my hand sprained, how long will it ...

 Is this normal after walking on a sprained ankle?
I sprained it over a week ago. I just started walking on it yesterday with a splint on and now ive noticed the bruising around my ankle is alot different and the pain is more from the back of my ...

 I have a strange sensation in my head at times and it really scares me. does anyone know what this could be?

Additional Details
It's strange like the feeling you get when you have the chills but it's only in my head I have anxiety and now I'm starting to have panic attacks due ...

 If I have a slightly hurt ankle, should I still go to the fair tonight, or will it make it worse? See details?
It's my daughter's birthday, and I really want to take her, but about 2 hours ago I slipped on wet grass and my ankle turned out and it hurts and feels warm, but not terribly so.


 If your finger nail falls off for no reason, is it a bad thing?
Should I go and see a Doctor?...

How can you tell the difference between a sprained wrist and a broken wrist?
My husband fell tonight while he was skating with my kids, and fell and broke his fall with his hand. Well now his wrist is all swollen and a little misshapen, he thinks it's just sprained, but man it looks worse than that!!

8-) Nurf Herder
If it is misshapen then it is probably broken. A trip to the ER is warranted, I think. An x-ray will have to be taken to be absolutely sure, but it needs to be looked at by a professional.

Your poor husband. Mine broke his leg skiing with our kids. Yak.
He needs to be taken to the doctor. Sprain, strain or broken, it needs medical attention. Delay is not a good idea. Severe swelling of the wrist can crush the nerves to the fingers, or crush the blood vessels.
Put some ice cubes and water in a double bag Ziplock baggie and put a dishtowel between his wrist and the ice to avoid freezer burn. Keep the wrist elevated and don't move it. Do this while transporting to the doctor.
It will be funny later, but it's not now. Reassure your kiddos that it is NOT their fault. Probably they think it is.
Good luck.

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