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 I cut my hand open, help!?
I probably need to go to the doctor, but I just smoked a whole bowl of weed...can I get in trouble?
Additional Details
Nope, Weed isn't legal in TX...

 What would happen if i take 5 advils at a time?
what would happen if i take more then 5 advils at one time??
what are my body reactions??...

 how can i injure my foot just bad enough to use the pair of crutches i bought for a movie?
I want to injure my foot badly enough to need crutches for at least a week. I have a pair of crutches but i am not allowed to use them unless i am injured. I cant try to fake an injury cause my ...

 Sharp lower back side pain?
When I played volleyball whenever i would lean too far back to hit the ball or arch too far to spike it it would almost feel like the lower side of my back [usually the right] would almost feel like ...

 I was playing basketball and I felt something n my calf?
I fell over to the ground in pain. It felt like someone had kicked me right square in my left calf. I can BARELY walk. Could it be a pulled muscle, strain calf...or worse? Eventhough I can barely ...

 Big Problem?
Ok I have a shin splint on the inside of my shin but now its going onto the outside and it hurts by my knee and my ankle. It kills. I always have track afterschool too so it doesnt help much. Also ...

 Anyone else got a scolosis?
I dont need surgery as was ruled out a long time ago as the curve is not that severe.But I get a lot of sore necks especially if driving or at a computer all day! Also walking far can hurt it! I used ...

 I've hurt my finger. Can I tell how if it's Fractured or broken or whatever?
I can't go to the doctor because I'm babysitting.
It hurts like crazy.
Additional Details
It's Swolen And Kinda Purple.

I've Had Ice On It For The L...

 Hole In Gum? Canker Sore ?
I had an accident while brushing the other day; my toothbrush slipped and i stabbed myself in the gum in the lower jaw on my left side, at the front of my mouth.

I think the graze has ...

 torn achilles tendon?
I have a gym project due tommorrow and i only need a couple of questions answered:

how do you get a torn achilles tendon??

do you need a cast,crutches etc??

can it ...

 I think I have a concussion...?
My head has been throbbing and I get really dizzy. I'm overly tired and I can't focus on anything. The problem is I can't get into the doctors for another week and I have soccer ...

 can i sue the NHS for negligence after i broke my collar bone & they told me it was badly bruised?
I tripped over the threshold & banged my shoulder on the wall. The following morning unable to move my arm i went to the casualty dept, the doctor said it was badly bruised & to take ...

 i think i'm *really* sick, or am suffering from injury. what is it?
for the past few days, i've been feeling really crappy.
words can't describe how horrible i feel.

i get chills, everywhere on my body is in intense pain, i'm ...

Hi. Umm, As you may have guessed, I have a bump RIGHT below my knee. I just found it a second ago. I don't think it's been there long. At fist, I was thinking ,"Oh. I had bruise there ...

 worried about school, after having a severe head concussion. can anyone help me out?
the day before the first week of my senior year in high school, i got into a jet ski accident and it hit me full speed in the head.. the doctor said i have a severe concussion which is on the border ...

 I have this injury problem, anyone have any ideas???
2 months ago I "think" i overstretched a muscle in my thigh or groin.. and it still hurts when i run!!! it still hurts after 2 months there must be something wrong???

Is there a ...

 Is this my fault?
I hit my ankle on the bottom of one one of wal-marts shelves that was sticking out alittle. It was a sharpe corner with metal. It's where the shelves meet together at the bottom and this one ...

 I was squating and on my second set during my squating , all of a sudden i got a really bad hadache.?
What caused this and what can it be? My trainer told me that I probably popped a blood vessel, my friends told me it can be a migraine.I don't know what it is and i.m worried. I don't know ...

 what do i do if my tailbone is broken causing pain in my back and legs?
i cant sit, stand, or even lay down without pain. i have been on pain medicine for a month what should i do next....

 Why hasent the nerve in my wrist grown back?
Accidently knicked my median nerve in my wrist well simple question is why hasent it grown back after the doc said it would? He said that peripheral nerves regrow and it will repair as they grow ...

How Long would you have to stay in the hospital for...?
A broken Tibia? Would you have to stay overnight?

And... Would you have to get a Long Leg Cast?

jenna*(rays 78-49) !
It depends on what your doctor thinks. I don't think you'll need to stay in a hospital for that, but if you do, it would be because you need surgery on it, or something major along those lines. You would definitly use an AirCast, which doesn't enclose the whole leg, so it allows air to seep through, so your leg can breathe.

It depends on how badly broken the tibia is, as well as what part is broken. If it is broken badly enough for the bone to be displaced, or is broken in many places, then yes, you'll stay over night. As to the type of immobilisation your leg would be put in, once again, it goes back to simple or complex. If you have a simple bone fracture that hasn't moved, perhaps an air cast. If it's moved or is in several pieces, you could have external fixation, which looks like tinker toys sticking out of your leg, but is much faster for weight bearing than in a full leg cast.
So, it all depends on how bad the break is.

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