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 do i have scoliosis?
my back is crooket and it hirts to walk more than 30 min ?...

 My child (16) might have minor concussion...?
what do i do?

it happened this morning at about 830 and its 1030 pm so doctors office is closed. she has a dull headache but seems to be alert.
Additional Details
she got hit ...

 My thumbs been bleeding for 1 hour 45 mins, should i be worried ?

 My friend just fell off a house, what should i do?!?
Hes not breathing and i sorta just kicked him and he didnt do anything...im 7 and not sure can you help me?...

 Suddenly, I can't see anymore with my eye? started with numbness...then complete dark,what is it???
i am 55 years old, suddenly i felt numbness in my eye, 10 minutes, i couldnt see well, then suddenly, it turned blind! I cant see at all, nothing shows on my eye from the outside, but I am 100% lind ...

 i have been typing with my index finger since i started work. now it's sore. quick remidies please?

 how can i prevent from being so sore the day after i jog?
every time i run, the next day i get bad cramps and become very sore, especially around my shins and need to rest a day or two until i can run again. i usually run between 2-4 miles. is there ...

 Help!! Whats wrong? What will the treatment be?
My left hip hurts all the time even when im just resting it. When i move my leg it feels like something is grinding inside and the rest of my leg feels numb. It started off a couple of months ago ...

 I hurt my tailbone really badly. Please help!?
I fell on it today in figure skating camp really hard. It would hurt when i would do jumps or spins. Now it hurts alot. I know it cant heal overnight, but any tips please to help it heal faster? It ...

 do i have a sprained wrist or arm?
I went ice skating and then i fell with my wrist on the ground but i didn't fall in it and now it hurts when i flex or hold something
Additional Details
okay everyone im am fine now ...

 i burnt my hand on the stove, what do?
i have it in a cup full of cold water and it stings, a lot. its only bearable when its in the cup of water, but it still stings then. its really only my middle finger and my ring finger that are ...

 is it true if you have your head cut off with a gilatene you will see your head roll on the floor?

Additional Details
Ok the the body and the ...

 Walking on a minor ankle fracture?
5 days ago I had a minor fracture on my fibula(i think it is) I am capable of walking or limping around no problem. Its a bit swollen and it hurts a bit but no more then a sprained ankle. The doctor ...

 What would happen if you broken your collar bone and never told anybody for a very long time?
I have a broken collar bone and I was wondering what would happen if you never told anybody about it...So what would happen?...

 HELP! Ive fallen and i cant get up!!!!!?

 can a contact lens go inside the eye?
i need help! i don't know if i lost it or if it went inside my eye. is that even possible? this morning, i felt that it shifted from my eye so i tried fixing it by moving it with my eyelids. ...

 What is used to re-brake bones?
My mom has to get her finger re-broken, because it was fused together so I'm just curious....

 Is my hand broken, do I need to go to A&E?
Okay, here's what happened: I got my GCSE results yesterday... and they weren't very good. So, to punish myself, I hit my wrist really hard with a baseball bat. I know - bad idea - I wish I ...

 I think I broke my toe. Help?
I was walking to get a cup for my daughter and the room was dimly lit. I ran into the side of my couch ramming my big toe into it. Tylenol isn't working and it went from being swelling in my ...

 i woke up at 3 this morning and my arm was asleep, it's 10 now and it is still asleep?
What is the deal with this? It's driving me crazy and I don't know what to do....

Evangelista da Messina
Hae you ever hurt yourself so bad, you thought you would throw up?
I once stepped in a small pot hole and twisted my ankle. The pai was so extreme I thought I was going to vomit.

Nope x

that happens when i get cramps. I'm in so much pain sometimes it makes me vomit.

i havent but my ex hubbie broke all the bones in his foot he fainted and then threw up

$Big Bucks$
yes i have been sick from pain i had my head smashed agaisnt a wall!!! and i can tell you that fu**ing hurt

I burned the back of my legs on the oven door at work when it was opened.
I was vomiting then, combination of pain and shock

yes when i was in labour gave birth to my son and nearly bled to death.i was very sick.
thank god for nurses and doctors who saved me and deliverd my beautiful baby.oh and gave me morphine and entonox(gas and air)

yeah, i fell over and was bleeding so much i nearly threw up :/ lol

Yes many times once I was kicked in the groin during football and thought that was the worst pain ever UNTIL later in life I had kidney stones...That I was told is worse than having a baby. I had ultrasound to break them up and I had to pee them out they were like fragments of glass. Before the treatment it was really painfull a few times I was driving and had to stop and get out of the car to throw up!!

balloon buster
When I was a teenager I worked as a stock boy in a bulk supermarket. 3 of us unloaded some ungodly amount in 2 days. 96 tons is what comes to mind. My back went into spasm and I did throw up.

Yeah I once fell face first onto a concrete floor (I wasnt drunk either). And I had a huge black eye and bruising. it made me really dizzy and feel sick

Bogart boy
Yes!! It has nothing to do with your pain tolerance either. I have a very high level of pain tolerance, and have had a knee injury and a back injury which did cause me to vomit.

it is very normal. i fell down stairs and i almost vomited. the pain shoots threw ur head and thts y.

Answer Fairy
YES! I have a really high pain tolerance, but that is my reaction to extreme and unexpected pain.

No, but I've had period pains so bad I felt like throwing up before I went to the doctors about it cos it was making me take 3 days off school every month during my GCSEs which isn't ideal. Poor you about your ankle, they say 'twisted' like its just a small injury but it f ing hurts!

Yes, I felt really ill and knew I was going to be sick, ran up the stairs and went dizzy fell forward into the Bathroom and smacked the bridge of my nose on the solid wood toilet seat (the top edge as the seat was up), blood everywhere and 2 black eyes a few days later!

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