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 How do you fix this injury?
A year ago I punched someone with my right hand many times until my right ring finger and right pinky side of my hand became bruised and swollen. I applied some chinese medicine however, its been a ...

 i hit my elbow and immediately passed out?
i hit my ulnar nerve and immediately passed ...

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i want attention and everyone thinks im gross, and if i sprain my wrist i will be ...

 What is the most blood you could possibly lose and still survive for 3 days?
The most amout of blood you could possibly lose and still survive in a hospital for 2 or 3 days WITHOUT a transfusion?
Additional Details
I need to know because I'm writing a ...

 i had my ears double-pierced 2 days ago i have a bball game in 5 days...will they close up and how can stop it

 Effects of a sprained ankle?
I severely sprained my right ankle on 1st Aug 09. X rays confirmed no breaks or fractures. I have a heck of a lot of bruising, and the outer side of the top of my ankle joint has a soft swollen lump ...

 What can I do for neck pain? I got in a car accident a year ago and it still hurts!?

 please help, this is urgent- question about newborn rabbits?
my two dogs just came up with two newborn rabbits, maybe about 20 minutes or so ago. one has a gash by its left rear hip. apparently its only torn skin and its not through the muscle. the other ...

 bad knee problem please help!?
Hi, im a 17 yr old girl and ever since i can remember ive had problems with my knees. In the past year or so this pain especially in my right knee has got worse. I have been to the doctors and physio ...

 I was in a fight last night and my face is swollen up.?
i was punched in the nose, forehead, and on the sides of my nose.. How can i get the swelling down? What should i do about this. How long do you think it will take?...

 can you bleed and not realize it?
ok so im curious and im wondering can you be bleeding and not feel it till you see the blood?
i was wondering because i think my mom told me that at some point....and i had this wierd dream last ...

 how can i disinfect my lip piercing?
okay ppl, my lip has been swollen for like 3 days. also since my dumbass decided to take out the ring before the 3 weeks the guys who pierced it told me .. i took it out the 3rd day. theres like this ...

 is my mom right or should i ignore her?
i play basketball but had appendicitis surgery exactly 1 month ago. i plan on getting back to training and exercising tonight, but my mom says i shouldn't. what do you think. i feel good and i ...

 i used to cut myself..?
Do people judge me different just because i used to cut myself until
this christmas?

my scars arn't that visable but im really scared that people will notice.
what should i ...

 Why do i waddle when i walk ?
All my mates say that i waddle when i walk...i was wondering if anyone knew why?
Tbh i don't think i do but they all say that i honestly do, and they can spot me a mile off because of my ...

 Medical malpractice lawsuit? What do you think?
I just had back surgery and found out that a previous surgeon had done something really bad wrong in a surgery 3 years ago. I'm suing for 2 doctors malpractice. Do you think I should tell my new ...

 can someone please help me im scared?
my face feels hot on the inside...and when i turn my head or get up or something my head feels weird...i dont know how to explain it...any ideas on what it could be....PS ITS NOT A FEVER ALREADY CHECK...

 son needs surgrey?
my 9 yr old boy was riding his little dirt bike, hit a mud puddle and lost traction, fell, and now is suffering from what they call tibial spine injury. its in his knee. now he has to have surgery on ...

 I had my first drink 2 weeks ago and I've been feeling weird and dizzy on and off until now. What's wrong?
I know it was a wrong decision to drink at such a young age (I'm 13)
I never ever wanna drink again! please help me.
What's wrong with me?

I've been getting this ...

 I found a yellow oblong pill with a v on both sides What is it?

HELP! I woke up and couldn't move my arm?
I'm 12 I woke up and couldn't move my arm after a min I could but it was weird.

because you fall and brocke you arm

was it asleep

Tiffany C
your arm fell asleep that happens to my hand all the time when i wake up

You slept on it in a way that cut off circulation... it's not uncommon.

The brain releases chemicals in your sleep so that you don't harm yourself. The effect must not have worn off when you woke up. Totally normal, don't worry about it.

Kaylie Jenkins
probly asleep or you sleept on it an it went numb

when you were sleeping you probably wee lying on it which cut off blood circulation, so when you woke up your arm was numb/tingly; its happened to me b4

Oh, don't worry, it's normal. Sometime during the ages of 11-13, your arm has spasm like problems every once and a while. The only way to stop it is to drink a gallon of lemonade every few days.
If you don't stop it, it'll get progressively worse.

You probably slept on top of it and when you woke up, it was numb.

A lot of guys, especially teenagers, tend to have a problem like this when they are hitting their grouth spirt. You might wake up and try to sit up but you cant. Don't worry. Normally the feeling should come back in a few minutes. Your body is just going through alot of shoke. Make sure you mention this to your parents if it gets really bad.

Good luck

because you slept on that arm b/c you temp. lost blood flow in that arm and crushed the nerves.

You had been laying on it and it "went to sleep". Did it feel tingly or like pins and needles poking you? If so this is what happened. If it happens again, massage and shake it and the feeling and movement will come back faster.

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