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 My knee hurts and is slightly swollen. What can I do for the pain?
About two weeks ago I was running down the steps to answer the phone and slipped when I jumped onto the tile with my socks on and slammed to the ground, landing on my knees, with my right knee taking ...

 Sandpaper feeling in left shoulder blade?
Lately my left shoulder has started messing up, and it's getting to be rather painful. When I move my arm more than just a bit, it feels as though 2 pieces on sandpaper are being rubbed together ...

 What could cause a pulled muscle in the back if nothing in my normal rountine has changed?
My back has started spasing when I sit or lay down....its nothing like I have ever felt before. I have not lifted anything heavy or done anything to pull a muscle in my back. I am not uncomfortable ...

 broken heel??????????????
i jumped off a roof and landed bad i didnt think it would be sore because i jumped it before
but i cant walk properly and i cant box anymore

plzzzzzz ...

 ankle problems from cheerleading?!!?
i rolled my ankle really badly today in cheer and i have to perform tomorrow on it... and im a flyer and my one leg stunts are on my hurt ankle. what can i do to make it feel better by tomorrow?!?!...

 What are some signs of a broken foot?
Ok so as stupid as this sounds i fell off my bed while trying to reach something and fell off, but while I was falling my foot hit the side of whatever its called and the side of my foot turned dark ...

 cut on my arm help please?
On saturday i scratched my arm on the corner of a wall, and its really big. i want it to go by Wednesdayhelp ?
it is really big and in my sleep i crach it ?

 is it a torn or pulled pectoral muscle?
I was lifting weights when i felt a pain on my right outer side of my chest. If i stop lifting weights i can fill it tickle a little bit but it doesn't hurt and it's been two weeks when i ...

 How long until I can walk on an orthopedic cast?
I got an orthopedic short-leg cast this morning and I was wondering how long i have to wait until I can walk on it. I would not be walking on it much, just to get between classes. I am approximately 2...

 Hm.....any ideas?
I horribly sprained my ankle almost 2 months ago and I can walk and run now and I'm sooo happy but I have noticed that after 10 minutes of running my ankle hurts very badly! Like it's ...

 Sore Pinky finger?
I thought I had sprained my finger a couple days ago but I just brushed it off and it eventually stopped hurting. but when I was at work today it started to hurt in just one specific spot. its right ...

 The front, lower half of my legs are in pain. What's going on?
I started speed walking about a week ago to try and lose some weight. Usually for 30-40 minutes a day. I've been stretching my legs before and after walking, but the front, lower half of my legs ...

 Can my back pain be caused by not wearing shoes at work?
I have been in a lot of pain for the past 4 1/2 days. My back hurts and my abs have been cramping a lot. I finally couldn't take it any more and went to Urgent Care last night -- where the ...

 Does this dream mean I'm gonna break my arm soon?
I never did anything that related to broken arms and I didn't watch Scarred or anything like that! And I have never broken anything so it's not a memory.

I had a dream last night ...

 What To Do with My Rib
Um i have a Rib out of Place, and it hurts to move the arm on the side its on, and i was wondering if i should continue with my competatvie swimming at 6 ...

 Trauma to head this weekend?
This weekend I was watching my brother play madden with his friend. He got really pissed off and punched me two to three times in the back of the neck (more towards my head though) really really hard....

 if you break your wrist, can ?
my son went to the e.r. with a buckle fracture of the wrist. They put on a splint. A week later he went to the orthopedic and he put on another splint and told us to come back in a week for a cast. C...

 how do i get really bad muscle pain from volleyball to go away?????
im so soar from volleyball yesterday and i have to get it to go away by tomorrow cause i have volleyball agian..!!!! plz ...

 Broken toe?
I just jammed my middle toes against the edge of a heavy baggage case (the hard side) and it's been about an hour since. It hurts when I put weight on my feet or try to move the toes too much.<...

 How do you know if you have an ingrown toenail?
I am a runner so I have really bad toes(callouses,blisters, and bad toe nails) but on my big toe I have a hard callous that when clipped, starts to bleed. My mom thinks it might be an ingrown toenail....

Foot fetish-Does a sprained ankle turn on?
IĀ“ve came across a page where it says Ankle fetish and crutch fetish etc. And now iĀ“ve been wondering for the longest what the turn on is on seeing somebody twist his ankle or maybe even break it.

I'm not surprised that people like that. People get turned on by anything.

eww....thats kind of weird

maybe some people get turned on by seeing other people in pain?

It's the sight of someone else in pain that brings others pleasure. Same thing with bondage or S&M. An injury projects the idea of one being in a submissive state (helplessness). It's pretty different from your average foot fetish.

Most foot fetishists worship the foot, seeing the object of their desire in a pained or mutated state is the exact opposite of a turn on for them.

thnx fro the TD :/

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