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 i'm shaking really badly and i've no idea why, might it be...?
i was at a party last night, and this morning i noticed my tampon had gone. I assumed i'd taken it out, might it have gone upwards, and could i have tss? Its so unlikely i know.

or.. I...

 Is it possible to jump without bending ur kness?

 How can I help my ankle get better?
At cross country practice, I twisted my ankle on uneven ground. I have been ice packs on it for 2 days now and taking Advil to help any swelling. The thing is, there has been no swelling at all ...

 What do you think of my scars? ?
Just thought i'd show you all lol..
1st pic is of the front of my arm,
2nd pic is further up on the front of my arm,
3rd is the elbow =]


 I burnt myself on accident!?
I was lighting a candle with one of those lighter things (not a cigaratte lighter, but a lighter with a long stick), and after I lit the candle, I accidently dropped the lighter (the flame was out ...

 what should I do about my shoulder?
I have had problems with my shoulder for over a year. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I am sick. Although I have been diagnosed with ulcers because I was being sick with blood (had a gastroscopy ...

 My leg is cut am I going to be ok? This is serious!?
I was trying to climb a fence and my leg was cut by the sharp edge of the fence. I immediately ran to my house and my mom put some alcohol on the cut and then put some dis infective liquid on it as ...

 I was hit in the head with a steel beam this morning at my friends work. What should I do?
I was going there to drop off some leftovers from dinner for lunch. The back door was open to the factory and I walked in and seen my friend and thought he was waiving at me and started moving ...

 Get rid of muscle soreness fast!?
Ok I haven't worked out in almost a year because a year ago i fell down some stairs and broke my foot and its been real tender after that. so yesterday i worked out for an hour and today i qm ...

 I have a reoccurring cut that is under my lip, that heals and then reopens. How can I make it go away?
1) It seems to be completely healed, but then it reopens.
2) It is sometimes moist, but then it'll dry up.
3)This cycle has been occurring for about a month....

 Should I be concerned about this?
I am 34 years old and I tripped and fell very hard over a board hitting my shins when landing. My problem is that one of my shins is very bruised and is now carrying fluid over the top of the ...

 What exactly are stitches made of???
My boyfriend last night told me that there made of cat guts???? This sounds just really crazy to me, but is this true???? ARE STITCHES MADE FROM CAT GUTS?????...

 I got the crap beat out of me today.?
I am too ashamed to go home, but have no money for a hotel. What should I do till the swelling goes down?
Additional Details
I try not to dwell on the negitive....

 My boyfriend slammed my wrist in the trunk in the summer. and it still hurts! what's the deal?

 Help! My Foot Hurts Real Bad!?
Okay, in soccer, some freak accidentally kicked me really hard on my right foot! So, I've had trouble walking on my right foot since, and my big toe got really swollen. Should I leave it and ...

 Sunburn followed by headaches...?
I got a sunburn yesterday. It's pretty painful, but its only on my lower back and face, which isn't the worst I've had.
The thing is though, all day today I've had head and ...

 My friend has recently been in a serious accident?
My friend was got ran over 3 months ago, It's possible she will be paralysed from the neck down for the rest of her life.
I'm a little concerned about her mentality at the moment ...

 My son hit his toe 2 days ago and it is very swollen and his toenail is black?
It looks as if the blood is underneath his nail and causing pressure should i rid the pressure and let the blood out?...

 what would happen if a police officer saw u on the side walk with ur arm bleeding a lot?
its a weird question but im just wondering....

 how can i treat scoliosis?
What can i do so i reduce the problems of scoliosis!?? without the operation.......

Daddy's littl girl!
Does an itchy wound mean it's healing?


Yup sure does... thats why your ears itch after you get them piericed

Yes, as long as it does not feel hot or swollen. That would mean infection. To stop the itching, apply aloe vera or cortaid to the wound.

allie M
Yeah, that's a good sign.
Try not to scratch at it because you can break the scab and/or cause an infection.
Putting some neosporin and a band-aid on it will make it heal faster and help you not to scratch it,

debate mom
A healing wound can cause itching. Often times it is because the wound edges are dry, that can cause discomfort. Keep the wound clean. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a dressing or bandage.
The ointment and bandage will keep the wound edges moist, it will heal faster and be less uncomfortable.
DO NOT apply a cortisone cream. It will slow down the healing process. It is great to treat itching but it should not be used on broken skin.

yes please.

yes, itching is a sign of healing, don't scratch it

Usually, because the skin is growing back around the wound. Or if it's a bruise, and it turns yellow that means it's healing.

Yeah. I think so. Whenever I’ve had a cut or a wound or something, after a while it itches. I think this is normal!!!.

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