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 how long does it take for eye lashes to grow back?
my daughter put on fake eye lashes and when she took them off her real ones were ripped out along with the fake ones. So I was just wandering if and how long it will take for them to grow back....

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So, yesterday I had a soccer game. A girl on the other team and I were racing for the ball. Once we reached the ball I reached it first and attempted to drag the ball back with my foot. But, I ...

 What's your diagnosis?
So me and my friends went snowboarding up behind his house yesterday to take advantage of all his snow. It was about -12. I, being the forgetful person I am, did not wear snowpants. Naturally we were ...

 Head Injury, now I have a bald spot, what is this called?
I got a bruise about a month ago on the side of my head. Now a month later, I have a bald spot and people tell me that this will be permanent. I got so stressed and disappointed when I heard it will ...

 i have got a deep cut how do i keep it closed?
i dont have Band-Aids i only have gauze pads
Additional Details
on my ...

 IS MY TOE BROKEN?!?!?!?!?

 Stress Fracture?
I have a stress fracture in my right shin. Starting last night I have been getting shooting pains in this leg. Is this normal?...

 I sometimes feel a click in my elbow and if I hold it to my ear I can hear music?
I did have a broken arm 11 years ago and it had to repaired with 4 pins and 2 titanium plates but why the ...

 I have a big shaving cut on my shin and i'm worried it won't go by tuesday?
Right, on thursday night i cut myself really bad with a shaving razor. It has left a really bad mark and it has just started to heal up (a little) and its coming back all pink. I'm worried it ...

 I think i pulled a muscle in my left arm.I think it a bicep muscle but i cant tell. It hurts, wat shuld i do?
Help? wat should i do?...

 i have stitches and im trying to take the gauze off and its stuck??

 Lost my voice because of cold & cough. Help?!?
I have had a cold for a little over a week, and over the past 4 or so days I developed a cough as well. My voice started cracking about 3-4 days ago, and yesterday I lost it completely. I couldnt ...

 Please help,!! Plastic Surgery Fails?
I had Brest Implant 2 months ago, and now my breasts look one side a little different than other side. I tried to contact the doctor by email(Because i am not in the US right now), but no reply from ...

 Bruised toe!?
In my gym class a few weeks ago someone stepped on my toe, aaand...it bruised. I was told it would clear up...or fall off. Maybe it will eventually, but I'd like to know if what's going on ...

 Doctors/Nurses/Daycare Providers: Should I take this baby? She suffered concussion at home this morning....?
This 9 month old baby, 14 lb (yes-small for her age), fell off of her mothers bed this morning at 9:00.

The mom just called at 11:30 to say they were in the emergency room. The baby had ...

 how long does a fractured ankle heal?
i broke my ankle on july 1st and i went to the doctor on july 23rd and it was still broke and healed 2 out of 10 and it kinda got worse on august 13th it was still broke but the doctor said its 6 out ...

 How can I stop the nerve/muscle in my thigh from twitching?
It twitches from just behind my left kneecap back, angling to my right for about 6 inches. I can see something thin jump out everytime it twitches. To give you an idea of how fast, a little faster ...

 can some1 please answer this ?...?
can someone please tell me if a cartlidge piercing hurts?! and if it does, how long does the pain last and wat does it feel like? thanx!!
honest answers here please!...

 what would u do if u?
fell down stairs in front of ...

 knee pain?
ok, i injured my left knee in march playing ringette. i went to physio, and stayed off of it. at the last appt, she sid that sports that involved running would make it a bit sore. i jog, and it ...

Worlds Greatest!
Do broken bones in the leg grow back stronger after their broken?
Hi i fractured my left Tibia playing football/soccer around the shin area. Doctor says its as though the bone has been shattered. i have had no operation and there allowing my bone to heal back naturally in a long leg cast. Will my tibia bone heal back stronger?
Thanks to everyone who replies!!

Think of your fractured Tibia as a broken vase - even if it's put back together, it will be weaker than it was before the break occured.

I thinkl so. Some bones can heal double-jointed, like bones in your fingers. Gross, huh?

The theory on this is if everything else is normal the spot of the break will heal stronger than the original. THis does not stretch to the rest of the bone. Just that probably it would be easier to break another spot easier than the repaired spot.

yes it gets real strong

What happens in a nut shell, is that cells grow to bring the bones together. There might always be a kind of weakness in that leg due to the breakage, but where the cells grew, it will be strong, though not necessarily stronger than before.

There are herbs you can take that will help in the healing process... hold on, I'm looking them up... You should be able to get most of these from your local health food store like GNC or Natural Foods

Herbs to use for healing fractures:
* Bone Builder with Boron (from Ethical Nutrients); take as directed on label.
* Calcium 1000 to 2000 mg daily in divided doses after meals and at bedtime
* magnesium 1000 mg daily
* potassium 99 mg daily
* Glucosamine and chondroitin plus
* methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): take as directed on label
*Kelp 1000 - 1500 mg daily

plus more... lol...

Best wishes for fast healing!!!

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