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 Is cartilage self re-newing?
I have been diagnosed with runners-knees (patello-femoral pain syndrome). I am in physical therapy to increase the surrounding muscles, but will the cartilage that has worn away ever come back? W...

 my toenail was curling in on the edges,so i cut the corners off with the clippers now its grown back an hurts?
haha whut shud i do? *sweats* it was diggin in hurty, so i cut the corners that were diggin in off, now it hurts ...

 do i have sinusis??????
I did the x ray about sinusis but nothing was detected. am still having the sensation of burning in my front head nose, eye inside. I was very surprised because i when to hospital in the emergency ...

 Why do you americans have to pay for medical treatment?
America is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world yet you guys have to pay for medical treatment. I dont understand this. I live in australia and we dont pay a cent unless we decide ...

 Osgood Shlotter? What is it?
I'm a girl, who's 13 years of age, and has Odgood Shlotter for about a year now, i still have the bump underneath my knee cap, and i still am having pain with it.
I do sports, i play ...

 why do old injuries hurt in bad weather?

 what is the pain in my lower leg and ankle when I am on treadmill?
Just recently immediately when I get on the treadmill, the muscle in front and outside part of my lower leg and the front of my ankle really hurts. What would be the cause of this and what can I do ...

 what happens when you sprain your ankle?
is it really painful? do you have to wear anything on it? for how long? how long does it take to heal?...

 What kind of leg injury do you guys think this is?
A few months ago I injured my leg doing a squat ( No weights or anything). I didn't stretch and I did the squat really fast and something happened to my leg. I didn't and still don't ...

 L3/L4 annular tear?
What does this mean? T...

 The stove spat at me and it got in my eye. everything is blurry.what do i do? ?
i was cooking and the stove spat at me and went in my eye.
it burns like crazy.
and it seems that my eye feels as if its melting.
its 1:07am i cant do anything. help?!...

 how did you first hear about self injury or cutting?
and [if you do cut] how do you hide your scars?...

 why do i walk weird sometimes?
my sister has been telling me that i walk weird like a robot like i just bend my elbows to walk not move my whole arm. although i would walk normal when i'm tired after PE class but thats only ...

 Protruding Suture?
i injured my foot on June 30th of this last summer. it was a longggg drawn out process, and after 7 weeks i finally could see the surgeon. i tore a muscle off my big toe, the ligament snapped and ...

 My son fell 40 feet from a block of flats, the only injury's he had were a cracked rib & severe pain inside hi
chest but not one bruise on the outside of his body how can that be?
Additional Details
He had the accident over a week ...

 toenail of left big toe has come off. my soccer match is in 2 wks, wht precautions shud i take bfore playin?
toenail of my left big toe has come off fully, playin football last friday. rt now the toe is wrapped up in bandage. i GOTTA gotta gotta play the match on 3rd of aug.(nxt month). wht precautions shud ...

 Hurt hand punching..Please help!!!?
Well I hurt my hand last month punching the wall out of anger ( I'm an idiot, i know) so i iced it, soaked it in epson salt, and bandaged it for a week. The pain was coming from not the knuckles ...

 Do you think i broke my forearm?
Ok so i was playing soccer and my friend put her leg out and it was about 2 feet of the ground and i went flying over her foot and landed with my arm straight out. It really hurt, but after maybe 3 ...

 how should i get rid of a cut on the top of my?
roof part in my mouth its right by whee my two front teeth are but its directly behind that,
any good ways to stop making it hurt or go away.

does it sound like a cold sore or maybe ...

Today I got hit with an 3VIL gardening tool. It was a rusty mini-hoe. Made a hole in my elbow. But my elbow got all puffy and the hole doesn't hurt much my the bone around KILLS! And my ulnar ...

Different colors of pus?
I apologize in advance for how gross this question is.

I have noticed that sometimes pus is yellow and sometimes it is green. Is there any significance in the color?


I think green is worse, but either way, if there is pus there is infection.

Dr. Kunz
Its not gross, its just a part of being a living organism. It could be the different kinds of acne. Usually whiteheads pus is white. Blackheads a greenish dark color. Cysts are usually brownish or redish with white. Its the different levels of acne that is the reason of different color.

I am no doctor but from my understanding a type mucus or pus is determine by its color . I know like with mucus if it is clear than is usually a sign of a virus and if its thick and yellow it bacterial infection. so basically the color is determine by what is causing the infection. Check web md!

Although both indicate infection, white pus means there are living white blood cells in it fighting infection. Green means that there are more white blood cells fighting an even bigger infection and yellow means that the white blood cells have died fighting for you and/or are dying and losing to the infection. SO... yellow is worse than green because it means the infection is winning. White pus is usually your body's first response to invasion.

Philip V
no there isnt its just that puss i infection (dead blood cells) and sometimes there is more water in it that others causing it to be a slightly different color :)

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