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 Uh oh... Someone help me!?
I was trying to pop some pimple thing full of puss on my knee and I guess i irritated a vein and its poping out a little. I irritated it with a little thumbtack needle. I' m I going to be ok? ...

 Broken ribs - how long until swelling goes down?
My husband broke 11 ribs two months ago and, although things are slowly getting better, he still has some swelling and pain on the affected side. Is this normal? If you have experience of this I...

 Head injury?
Ok, when I was just out of 3rd grade, I fell off a horse and got a concussion. I did not black out according to the doctor or my mom, who witnessed the fall, but I do recollect a brief period of ...

 Bone bruise of the knee?
I was diagnosed with a bone bruise of the knee and was wondering if the popping and cliking i hear and feel is normal with this type of injury or wheather i should seek a second opinion. Im also in a ...

 Joint pain at night?
I've asked a few questions before but never really got much of an answer.

I'm in my fifties female.

My symptoms started off with a rash on the foot and pimples up the ...

 Tell me about your (or friend / relative) experience with a fractured heel. Looking for personal stories.?
I have fractured my heel ... seeing surgeon tomorrow. I've seen all the websites so I'm looking for some insight into personal experiences here. I'm also type 1 diabetic and we have ...

 Question About Sitting Position?
I often sit with my right ankle laid across my left knee. Is this harmful to any of my joints, like my right knee, or hip? I don't really do it with my left leg, as I am not used to it and ...

 my 4 yr old fell off the sofa and hit her head?
she went to the doctor and everything was fine now a week later she has a soft spot in head feels like jello when you touch it went back to doc.did a cat scan everything normal on scan says its built ...

 Ankle aches?
I am 37 years young, and sprained my ankle 10 weeks ago playing basketball. It has gotten so much better but I really did a number on it. I wake up every morning with my ankle aching until I have ...

 could i have broken my foot two years ago?
well i went over on it playing football and never went to the doctors for six weeks when i did she said it was a bad sprin and there wasnt much she could do ... you know the normal, well two years ...

 For a story: what would be accurate symptoms of a minor broken bone?
Let's say someone falls down and breaks a small bone... like in the wrist. For whatever reason the person decides not to seek medical help, even though he/she is in severe pain.

My ...

 I have a really painful bump on my leg
I noticed today that I had a painful bruised bump on my tibia. It hurts if you touch the bump, and it hurts a little to walk on the leg. What do you think this is. Could it be a stress fracture of my ...

 When I run my shins hurt, whats causing this?
When i run my shins hurt. I thought it was shin splints at first so i iced and rested, but everytime i run they hurt even if i take weeks off. Is it something more? The pains is on the outer shins ...

 How long does a slipped disk in your neck take to heal?
I had surgery 2 weeks ago and when they flipped me over after the surgery, they must have done it wrong b/c I ended up with a slipped disk in my neck. It is soooooooo painful and I'm not ...

 Is my wrist sprained, strained, broken, or neither?
The other day, I fell off a bike and I landed on my wrist kind of funny. My hand and arm were at a 90 degree angel and I fell on top of it where it's kind of at the palm of me hand. It really ...

 what are sclerosing polidocanol injections?
what are they , do they hurt and are there any other options that i can choose instead of these.
if is helps i hav chronic quadriceps tendinosis which wont go away i am going to meet proffesor ...

 HELP!! PLEASE PLEASE!! =(( I have a glass splinter!!! :((?
I got a piece of glass in my hand-I'm pretty sure. I got glass from a candle in my hand a few months ago and recently it started hurting and there is a tender pink spot on my hand and a little ...

 everytime i play something and really play i dont sweat but after im done i get a major migraine?
i drink gatorade as much as i can but it doesnt help
and it doesnt go away till i get home and take a shower
does this happen to anyone else?
and what can i do to prevent it?...

 Stress Fractures.........?
what is it?? how do you get it?? and do you need crutches for it or a cast??...

 I took a fall at work and injured my shoulder , hip and back at work.?
I did not tell my attorney that I had a auto accident 14 years ago but it had nothing to do with the injuries I have now does that matter?...

Sarah J
Can you reset a bone after it's been broken?
Let's say a bone is broken and it's never set, so it heals that way. Can you go back a couple years later and set it again so that it's at least slightly more functional?

Probably, it just depends on how and where it was broken and how it healed.

Yes, they just take you to surgery and re break it. Sometimes they put in pins and screws to hold in a good positin and then they remove the pins/screws so that they do not cause you pain/problems down the road. I have seen this done with collar bones, fingers, feet, legs, arms, noses, etc. Just go to the orthopaedic surgeon and they will fix you! GOOD LUCK!

Absolutely. It's called an osteotomy (surgical break) If the bone has set in the wrong position, the Dr takes a saw and rebreaks it. He then resets it in the proper position. After the bone has healed, the bone should be as good as new, with full function.

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